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Monsters created through the buildup of Geo within the earth.
They can harden the energy within their bodies into a carapace of stone that protects them and prevents damage. The legend of a "Golden Geo Slime King" once circulated among the Treasure Hoarders. They believed that since gemstones and ores have Geo energy in them, Geo Slimes, which also contain Geo energy, may also be a type of gemstone or ore.

Large Geo Slimes are Elemental Lifeforms made from condensed Geo energy. A larger version of the Geo Slime. It has a Geo armor that is weak to Geo attacks. Despite this, Large Geo Slimes are still immune to Geo damage.


Behavior and Attacks

While protected by the Geo armor they are affected by Geo and will either:

  • Spew a rock at the player which has a moderate range and deals Geo damage
  • Jump high into the air, then crush down on their target, dealing Geo damage

When their armor is destroyed, they will withdraw, and only attack if attacked by jumping into the air and crushing down on the target dealing normal damage. The armor will regenerate over time.


While Geo damage is very effective at destroying the Large Geo slimes armor, after the armor is destroyed, switch to a different character as Geo slimes are immune to Geo damage.

Their armor can also be dealt with with Claymore attacks, Plunge attacks, or the Overloaded Elemental Reaction.

When fighting multiple large Geo slimes, finish them off one at a time, so that they don't have the time to regenerate their shield.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0