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A monster created by the coalescing of Electro dispersed throughout nature.
Due to the abundant Electro within its form, it will deliver an electric shock to its surroundings from time to time. At present, some have attempted to harness this energy to aid in production activities. Perhaps some new science will be born from this...?

Large Electro Slimes are Elemental Lifeforms made from condensed Electro energy. A larger version of the Electro Slime.


Behavior and Attacks

Large Electro slimes will try to approach the player while in combat.

They can attack by:

  • Bumping the target, dealing Electro damage.
  • Jumping high into the air and crushing down on the target, dealing Electro damage.

Level 40+ Large Electro Slimes:

  • Previous attacks
  • Three orbs will occasionally appear around the player, connected by electricity, making a "cage". The player can get out by just walking into the electricity, but it will deal some Electro damage.

Each attack will cause the target to be affected by Electro, potentially causing Elemental Reactions.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0