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A monster created through the coagulation of Cryo in the natural environment.
These slimes can use the abundant Cryo energies within themselves to freeze the moisture in the atmosphere and form a protective shell around themselves. They can also utilize a similar principle to freeze the water around them. On some level, this can be considered to be the freest species of slime, as it can cross oceans and seas with ease.

Large Cryo Slimes are Elemental Lifeforms made from concentrated Cryo energy. A larger version of the Cryo Slime. It has a Cryo armor that is most effectively destroyed by Pyro attacks, although other Elemental Reactions work just as fine. Alternatively, the player could use Sword or Claymore characters to destroy the shield; but this is not recommended.


Behavior and Attacks

Cryo slimes have an ice armor protecting them. While armored, it will either:

  • Attack the player with a ranged ice shard attack, launching 3 ice shards at them, dealing Cryo damage.
  • Jump high into the air and crushes the player upon landing.

After the armor is destroyed it will try to retreat, and use the ice mist attack against the player, dealing Cryo damage over time. After it creates the mist cloud, it will retreat into the middle of the cloud, waiting for the armor to regenerate.


Pyro attacks are highly recommended as they don't just melt the armor quickly, but also deal high damage to the slime itself after the armor is destroyed. Try avoiding the Ice mist as it does quite some damage.

Like other Cryo shields, it takes about 100 units from elements other than Hydro and Cryo to destroy, except from Pyro, which takes about six units.

Note that the armor will regenerate after time, so if you fight multiple of these, take them out one at a time to keep them from regenerating their armor. Alternatively, you could use Xiangling's Guoba Attack to effect a large area of these slimes; as her Panda Guoba is great for crowd control. Additionally, the Anemo Traveler is able to control them with the Skill Palm Vortex.


  • Cryo slimes are immune to Frozen - however they can be wet - this may occur with those that are found in association with Hydro slimes, from Hydro-based attacks, and in the rain. When attacked with Anemo they will swirl Hydro (in preference) initially until that status is dispelled, after which they then swirl with Cryo as expected. The wet status only is briefly indicated together with Anemo on a Swirl.
    • Even without a shield a Large Cryo Slimes remains immune to frozen.
    • When raining it may be possible to very briefly inflict frozen on shieldless slimes.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0