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A monster created by the coalescing of Anemo dispersed throughout nature.
Owing to being comprised of a greater concentration of Anemo, their flotation abilities are stronger than that of Anemo Slimes. The hilichurls living out in the wilds have made use of this special characteristic, creating special vehicles that use Large Anemo Slimes as a form of locomotion to transport goods from unknown sources.

Large Anemo Slimes are Elemental Lifeforms comprised of condensed Anemo energy. A larger version of the Anemo Slime. When defeated, they will release a burst of wind which can trigger Anemo effects (reacts with dandelions and Windwheel Asters) and will create an updraft wind column which the player can use to glide up.


Behavior and Attacks

Unlike its smaller version, it will not move around while in combat. It has 2 attack patterns:

  • If the target is in melee range, it will momentarily inflate to hit the target, dealing Anemo damage.
  • If its target is outside melee range, it will first wobble to indicate the start of its attack sequence, then jump into the air where it will inflate about a second after reaching the height of its jump. Shortly after that it will start a barrage of Anemo projectiles at the players - one projectile per second, five projectiles in total. These projectiles deal Anemo damage and can interrupt player actions. If it is hit while in the air, it will lose control, acting like a balloon filled with air with a hole in it, defeating it. It will also push the player away if the player is close, but not dealing any damage.


The easiest way of defeating the large Anemo slime is to move outside its melee range and pop it once it inflates in the air. Again, the timing is critical as it should be hit before it starts attacking, which should be easily achievable with a Bow or AoE Skills/Bursts.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0