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Landa is an NPC in Liyue. He can be found on the front porch of Wangshu Inn in Dihua Marsh, standing next to his daughter Tia.

While he claims to be a worker for the "Morn Winery," he is actually a Fatui agent working for the Harbinger Pantalone.


Quests and Events

World Quests


Idle Quotes

  • "Hmm, this could be..."


Landa: Can I help you? As you can see I'm a merchant from Mondstadt — so in the wine business, of course!
Landa: W-Why are you looking at me like that. I'm telling the truth, I swear...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Who are you?
Landa: My name is Landa, and I'm in the wine business. That girl darting about all over the show is my daughter, Tia.
Landa: Did you know that all of Mondstadt's wine exports go via Liyue before being distributed to the rest of the continent?
Landa: And have you heard of the Morn Winery? That's where it comes from.
Landa: ...Sorry yes, Dawn Winery. Not Morn. Dawn.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg ...No true child of Mondstadt would make that mistake.
Landa: Give me a break, I just haven't been back to Mondstadt in forever is all.
Landa: Meanwhile, I've gotten to know this place like the back of my hand. I've traveled this route on business more times than I can remember.
Landa: Both the innkeeper and the boss of this place will vouch for me on that!
Landa: Isn't that right, Huai'an? Goldet? Hahahaha...
Landa: ...Come on, don't leave me hanging now...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You get cuter each time you open your mouth.
Landa: ...What a strange thing to say.
Landa: Anyway, you want to hear a secret that only someone in the wine business could tell you?
Landa: "Angel's Share" actually used to be wine brewers' slang before it was the name of a tavern.
Landa: The idea was that the air bubbles you see during fermentation carry away the angel's share when they float off into the wind.
Landa: Not bad huh? Vintage Mondstadt knowledge!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Whatever you say, I have to go.
Landa: What's that supposed to mean? I'm telling the truth!
Landa: Next time you see me re-stocking in Mondstadt, you'll know I'm the real deal!

Event Dialogue

Unreconciled Stars

Landa: It seems that these strange meteorites have also appeared in Liyue, just as they have in Mondstadt...
Landa: How may I help you? I mean, I'm just a merchant from Mondstadt who's in the wine business...
(Dialogue options and responses are the same as normal)


  • Landa may be the Snezhnayan merchant mentioned in Noelle's second Character Story, who went to Mondstadt with plans to ruin their wine industry. The merchant ultimately fled the country with his family, a daughter, out of fear of Noelle's apparent ability to read his mind — which was really just an extension of her dutiful nature.

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