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For the item, see Kurious Kamera.

Kurious Kamera is the event quest for Five Flushes of Fortune.


  1. Talk to Ji Tong


Ji Tong: How very strange... What is the matter with this Kamera?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What's wrong with your Kamera?
Ji Tong: I think it's broken... Well, maybe not broken, but it's certainly not working like it's supposed to.
Ji Tong: I ordered a batch from Fontaine a while back.
Ji Tong: The person who sold it to me said that this particular kind of Kamera features the very latest technology from Fontaine.
Ji Tong: Supposedly, it can print photos in a special hue and add in some special effects, or something. So I bought one to try it out.
Ji Tong: But try as I might, I can't get it to print out photos properly. I don't know whether I'm using it wrong, or if it's just faulty.
Ji Tong: Maybe there's some trick to it that I'm not getting...
Ji Tong: So, how about you? Much of a Kamera Konnoisseur yourself?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I dabble.
Ji Tong: I'll take that as a yes! So, could I get you to help?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Never heard of a "Kamera" in my life.
Ji Tong: Oh, I see... Well, never mind, it's simple enough to use... Would you mind giving me a hand anyway?
Ji Tong: I'm guessing you're a traveler? You must have a lot of experiences under your belt.
Ji Tong: What I'd like you to do is use this Kamera to take a picture of something with a strong color.
Ji Tong: Once you've taken a snap, if you could please bring me the photo. I want to see if I can isolate the source of the issue...
Ji Tong: And if I can't, I'll take the photos to the seller and see what he has to say. With the photos as hard evidence, he won't be able to dismiss the issue.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I'll do it.
Ji Tong: Great. Thanks!
(Gain Kurious Kamera)
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What do you mean by strong color?
Ji Tong: Oh, you know... Really bright colors, like red Jueyun Chilis, blue Mist Flower...
Ji Tong: Once you've taken a good shot, bring me the photo.
(Gain Kurious Kamera, opens Claim Fortune Trove menu)

Change History

Released in Version 1.3