The Kurious Kamera is a gadget obtained by talking to Ji Tong during Five Flushes of Fortune event. As its name implies, it allows you to take pictures. However, due to the faulty Kamera, you will receive a random Color Photo, regardless of the actual subject's color.

There is no cooldown period for using this gadget, but Kurious Kamera works with specific rules:

  • Over the first 7 days, Travelers will receive 10 sheets of film plus a color target each day.
  • You only have to aim at your subject, the Kamera will take snapshots automatically when a valid target is in the viewfinder.
  • Each object can only by photographed once, though e.g. bushes with berries will have 3-4 individual objects on them.

After the event ends on February 10, 2021 at 04:00, the Kurious Kamera is removed from the player's inventory.


  • Kamera means "camera" in German, Indonesian, Malay, Finnish, Swedish, Turkish, Czech, Polish, Tagalog, Latvian and Hungarian, and is also the romaji for the word in Japanese (カメラ).
  • The Kamera is likely inspired by the invention of the first camera on Earth, the daguerreotype.
    • The Kamera originates from Fontaine, and the daguerreotype was invented in France.
    • When playing Genshin Impact in certain languages, including French, the Kamera is called a daguerreotype. For example, in French, the Kamera is called Daguerréotype.

Change History

Released in Version 1.3


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