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Kunado's Locus is a subarea in Enkanomiya, Inazuma. It is initially hidden from the map and can be unlocked and shown on the map by starting the Erebos' Secret questline.




Common Enemies


Located in this subarea was one of the three towers that harmonized the three realms.

The people of Enkanomiya built the Towers of the Three Realms at the borders of Byakuyakoku. Because Byakuyakoku was on the border between three different realms, the Human realm, the Elemental (Vishaps) realm, and the Abyssal (Void) realm, they built these towers to stabilize the tendencies of Byakuyakoku and maintain harmony between the three realms. Since these towers are so important, they are hidden using secret arts and can only be summoned by shrine maidens, such as Eboshi, and the Vassals of Watatsumi.[1] The ancient names of these towers have been long forgotten, but have been renamed to Yachimatahiko's Locus, Yachimatahime's Locus, and Kunado's Locus.


  • Kunado's Locus can be glided to from the rocks above the Dainichi Mikoshi at any time, even if Eboshi has not been talked to.
  • Before talking to Eboshi for the first time and starting the World Quest The Three Great Martial Trials, there is nothing in this area except for some floating textures, but arriving at this area shows this area's name and difficulty rating just like other areas.
  • After talking to Eboshi for the first time and starting the World Quest The Three Great Martial Trials, Kunado's Locus is raised, and a Time Tunnel at The Emanant Skylight in The Serpent's Heart appears that teleports players to the Teleport Waypoint in Kunado's Locus.
  • After Kunado's Locus is raised by Eboshi, players can land on this area after gliding from the rocks above the Dainichi Mikoshi. However, most of this area is surrounded by a barrier until the player has sufficiently progressed through Kunado's Trial. Aside from a few errant patches of cliff and land, the only place outside of the barrier is the area around the Teleport Waypoint.
  • The area can be glided to and landed upon with 240 Max Stamina with various combinations of Stamina restoration, decreases in gliding Stamina consumption, increases in gliding movement speed, and Talents that can be used in mid-air to gain distance or height.
  • The Teleport Waypoint can be unlocked as soon as the area is raised by Eboshi, regardless of how the player reaches the area.


  • Kunado (Japanese: ) is derived from Kunado-no-Kami (Japanese: 岐の神), a Japanese local god believed to protect against disasters and evil spirits. Some believe Kunado, Yachimatahiko, and Yachimatahime to be three gods of the Dōsojin (or Sae no kami), Shinto kami who protect travelers.[2]
    • The Kunado in Kunado-no-Kami's name is derived from 来な処 kunado, "sacred place, place not to be entered", lit. "come-not-place".

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Kunado's Locus
Qí zhī Dì
Kunado's Land[• 1]
Qí zhī Dì
Japanese 岐の地
Kunado no Chi
Kunado's Ground
Korean 쿠나도의 땅
Kunado-ui Ttang
Land of Kunado
Spanish Emplazamiento de Kunado
French Locus de KunadoKunado's Locus
Russian Место Кунадо
Mesto Kunado
Thai Kunado's Locus
Vietnamese Khu Vực KunadoKunado Area
German Kunados Locus
Indonesian Kunado's Locus
Portuguese Local de Kunado
  1. ZH: is an alternate form of , which is used in the Japanese name.

Change History

Released in Version 2.4


  1. Book: The Byakuyakoku Collection, Vol. 3
  2. Aston, William George. Shinto, the Ancient Religion of Japan. Constable, 1921.