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Kujou Sara can be invited as a Companion into your Serenitea Pot after obtaining her and completing the World Quest Idle Teapot Talk.

Favorite Furnishing Sets

If a character's favorite furnishing set is placed in the same realm as the character for the first time, the character will automatically teleport to the furnishing set. Interacting with the character will initiate a special dialogue, after which the character will teleport back to their original position. Kujou Sara has 2 Favorite Furnishing Sets:

Furnishing Set Image Rewards
Court of the Upright Furnishing Set Court of the Upright Display.png
Item Mora.png 20,000 Mora
Military Exercise Grounds Furnishing Set Military Exercise Grounds Display.png
Item Mora.png 20,000 Mora

Idle Quotes

  • "Awaiting orders..."
  • "Tenryou commission..."
  • "Bow exercises..."
  • "The bow..."
  • "My duty..."

When the player is nearby:

  • "We meet again..."
  • "Not bad..."


Kujou Sara: We meet again, (Traveler).
Kujou Sara: Huh. This place seems in good order.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png How do you like it here?
Kujou Sara: Though it is not as extensive as the Kujou Clan's estate, I find it comfortable enough.
Kujou Sara: So everything here was built according to your designs? I did not know you possessed such abilities.
Kujou Sara: If we ever need to expand the Kujou Clan residence, I'll be sure to find you.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Uh, no need...
Kujou Sara: What's the matter? Are you unwilling to assist?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'm up to the challenge!
Kujou Sara: I have not yet mentioned any specifics and you already agree so readily?
Kujou Sara: Heh, either way, I'm not here to twist your arm. You needn't worry.
Kujou Sara: In fact, there is little that can be changed about the Kujou Clan residence. I mean, it would never become a place like this, at least.
Kujou Sara: I've never visited a place filled with such vitality and happiness...
(Unlocks at Friendship Level 4)
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Would you like to have a chat with me?
Kujou Sara: Seeing as I have nothing better to do, I'll comply.
Kujou Sara: I suppose I have grown accustomed to spending most of my time in solitude. I seldom have the opportunity to speak with others, so perhaps it'd be better for you to start and I answer.
Kujou Sara: Alright, ask away.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png This kinda feels like taking an exam, it's making me nervous.
Kujou Sara: Hmm?
Kujou Sara: Interesting. Your expression reminds me of my subordinates when they are giving a report.
Kujou Sara: But I should remind you that I've never viewed you as a subordinate.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Don't you have anything you'd like to ask me?
Kujou Sara: I do, but if I ask, then you must reply.
Kujou Sara: If you fail to do so, then you will receive the due punishment. Have you made up your mind?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Uh...
Kujou Sara: *sigh* It's difficult to converse with me, isn't it?
Kujou Sara: To be honest, I've been studying methods of discourse lately in hopes of altering my stern appearance.
Kujou Sara: However, there are many subtleties in communication, it is difficult to grasp in such a short time.
Kujou Sara: If mastering conversation is akin to the skill of archery, then I am confident I can improve with more practice.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Yes, you will certainly get better with practice.
Kujou Sara: Hm. Good.
Kujou Sara: In that case, I select you as my training partner! You can come talk to me as often as you like. Is that alright?
(Unlocks at Friendship Level 7)
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Anything you'd like to do?
Kujou Sara: For as long as I can remember, I've been accustomed to handling various matters myself...
Kujou Sara: Though I once did have the thought of raising pets, due to various circumstances, I was never able to...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What kind of pet are we talking about here?
Kujou Sara: Nothing in particular. I just thought it would be nice to have a companion.
Kujou Sara: The commission is a whirlwind of people and unexpected complications, so I often relish opportunities to get away for assignments in the field.
Kujou Sara: Whenever I think about it, I can only conclude that I have no time to care for a pet. Please, forget that I ever mentioned it.
Kujou Sara: But growing up without a companion is not a pleasant experience... Everyone is the same in this regard — pets, people, even tengu.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You could have a pet. Why not just keep it here?
Kujou Sara: Hah, I suppose you are right.
Kujou Sara: If I were to keep a pet here, I would certainly need to consult you first. What kind of pet do you think would be best?
Kujou Sara: I know! How about a Red Horned Lizard? It's a solitary creature and doesn't require much interaction.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Perhaps a cat would be better...
Kujou Sara: A cat? How could I tell whether it's in a good or bad mood?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Perhaps a dog would be better...
Kujou Sara: A dog? You can determine their mood just by looking at their wagging tail, right?
Kujou Sara: I have no experience in this matter. I'm not entirely sure if I'm qualified to be a pet's "master."
Kujou Sara: However, because this is a matter between the two of us, you must also hold up your end of the bargain.
Kujou Sara: Hm, to make things easier for you, I will take responsibility for the most difficult part... playing and interacting with it.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png So you mean that I'll have to take care of its...
Kujou Sara: Exactly. You will be responsible for feeding and cleaning up after it. That's all.
Kujou Sara: Oh, but first and foremost, we must come up with a memorable name for our pet.
Kujou Sara: There is no rush, we can discuss it further when we have some ideas to share.
(Between 6:00 and 19:00)
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Morning, Sara!
Kujou Sara: Morning, (Traveler).
Kujou Sara: I have already completed five sets of bow exercises. If you are up to it, I would not mind accompanying you for another five.
(Between 19:00 and 6:00)
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Good night, Sara.
Kujou Sara: Going to bed at this hour? Perhaps there is something on your mind?
Kujou Sara: If so, there is no harm in telling me. If not, then all the better. There's no reason for you to worry needlessly.
Kujou Sara: If there's nothing else, then... good night, (Traveler).

Special Dialogue

When a character is invited to or invites themselves to their favorite set for the first time, the character will provide a reward. They will provide a reward for each of their favorite sets.

Inviting them to the furnishing set again will replay the dialogue, but no further reward will be given.

Court of the Upright

Kujou Sara: Impressive. This courtyard is every bit as striking as the headquarters of the Tenryou Commission.
Kujou Sara: Maintaining an orderly residence incentivizes us to adhere also to the rules that give order to our lives.
Kujou Sara: I must commend you for your insight in having discerned this principle.

Military Exercise Grounds

Kujou Sara: At first glance, this camp seems organized along arbitrary lines. But on closer inspection, the underlying principles become clear. I would even say they are rather inspiring.
Kujou Sara: Was this an accidental achievement on your part? Or have you studied the art of war in great depth?
Kujou Sara: Either way, in accordance with established military convention, those who demonstrate outstanding capabilities ought to be rewarded.

Change History

Released in Version 2.1