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Kujou Sara (Japanese: 九条裟羅 Kujou Sara) is a playable Electro character in Genshin Impact.

A tengu, Sara is the adopted daughter of the Kujou Clan of the Tenryou Commission. Loyal to both her clan and the Shogun, Kujou Sara carries out her orders to the Shogun's will.



Leader of the Tenryou Commission's forces. A charismatic woman who acts as swiftly as a storm wind and always honors her word.
She bears the title of "Devotee of the Divine" and has sworn her allegiance to the Raiden Shogun.
The eternity that the Shogun pursues is the cause that she is willing to fight for.

Description from the Official Website[5]

Kujou Sara is a member and adopted daughter of the Kujou Clan, who serves the Raiden Shogun. She supports her Vision Hunt Decree and leads troops to seize Visions. Kujou Sara is also described as a "tengu warrior" with "wings as dark as a raven".[6]

Before the events of the game, Kazuha's friend challenged the Raiden Shogun over her Decree. Kujou Sara accepted the challenge on the Shogun's behalf and prevailed against his friend in the ensuing duel which she came out victorious. Before she could claim his Electro Vision after giving him the Divine Punishment which resulted in the passing of the brave soul, Kazuha, who had just entered to witness his friend's demise, inexplicably snatched it and fled from Inazuma.[7]


A general of the Tenryou Commission. Bold, decisive, and skilled in battle.

In-game character attributes and profile page text

Despite being an adopted member of the Kujou Clan, she is immensely loyal to the Raiden Shogun's rule and tirelessly works to create the eternity that the Raiden Shogun desires, even if she does not live to see it herself. Those who speak to her note that she has a ruthless, yet efficient and stern attitude, fitting for her position in the Tenryou Commission. She is honorable in her conduct and despises underhanded tactics and those who betray the Shogun's will.

Sara's dedication to the Shogun seems to stem from the fact that she believes the Shogun saved her from death when she was bestowed an Electro Vision before she fell to her death. This action not only led to her life being spared but to the young tengu being adopted into the Kujou Clan and an unbreakable devotion to the Electro Archon. Although Sara appreciates Takayuki adopting her, she expresses a sense of loneliness in that she can tell he doesn't truly regard her as family and doesn't treat her the same way he treats his biological children.

She enjoys quick and easy-filling foods, but dislikes sweets because they put her at ease, something which she finds unfitting for her duties.


Kujou Sara is a woman with indigo hair cut into an uneven bob. She has golden eyes.

Her attire is primarily white. She wears red and gold geta shoes. An Electro vision can be seen attached to her belt. On her head lies a red tengu mask that resembles a bird, having white accents and a black crest. Around her waist, she has a gold string attached to a yellow bow that has her vision in its middle. Her outfit, Solemn Purity, is described as prim and proper and a garment worthy of an Archon's devout servant.

Combat Info


Icon Name Type
Talent Tengu Bowmanship.png Tengu Bowmanship Normal Attack
Normal Attack: Perform up to 5 consecutive shots with a bow.

Charged Attack: Perform a more precise Aimed Shot with increased DMG. While aiming, crackling lightning will accumulate on the arrowhead. An arrow fully charged with the storm's might will deal Electro DMG.
When in the Crowfeather Cover state, a fully-charged arrow will leave a Crowfeather behind after it hits.
Plunging Attack: Fires off a shower of arrows in mid-air before falling and striking the ground, dealing AoE DMG upon impact.

Talent Tengu Stormcall.png Tengu Stormcall Elemental Skill
Retreats rapidly with the speed of a tengu, summoning the protection of the Crowfeather. Gains Crowfeather Cover for 18s, and when Kujou Sara fires a fully-charged Aimed Shot, Crowfeather Cover will be consumed, and will leave a Crowfeather at the target location.
Crowfeathers will trigger Tengu Juurai: Ambush after a short time, dealing Electro DMG and granting the active character within its AoE an ATK Bonus based on Kujou Sara's Base ATK.
The ATK Bonuses from different Tengu Juurai will not stack, and their effects and duration will be determined by the last Tengu Juurai to take effect.
Talent Subjugation Koukou Sendou.png Subjugation: Koukou Sendou Elemental Burst
Casts down Tengu Juurai: Titanbreaker, dealing AoE Electro DMG. Afterwards, Tengu Juurai: Titanbreaker spreads out into 4 consecutive bouts of Tengu Juurai: Stormcluster, dealing AoE Electro DMG.
Tengu Juurai: Titanbreaker and Tengu Juurai: Stormcluster can provide the active character within their AoE with the same ATK Bonus as given by the Elemental Skill, Tengu Stormcall.
The ATK Bonus provided by various kinds of Tengu Juurai will not stack, and their effects and duration will be determined by the last Tengu Juurai to take effect.
Talent Immovable Will.png Immovable Will 1st Ascension Passive
While in the Crowfeather Cover state provided by Tengu Stormcall, Aimed Shot charge times are decreased by 60%.
Talent Decorum.png Decorum 4th Ascension Passive
When Tengu Juurai: Ambush hits opponents, Kujou Sara will restore 1.2 Energy to all party members for every 100% Energy Recharge she has. This effect can be triggered once every 3s.
Talent Land Survey.png Land Survey Utility Passive
When dispatched on an expedition in Inazuma, time consumed is reduced by 25%.
Talent Leveling Materials


Level Icon Name Effect
1 Constellation Crow's Eye.png Crow's Eye When Tengu Juurai grant characters ATK Bonuses or hits opponents, the CD of Tengu Stormcall is decreased by 1s.
This effect can be triggered once every 3s.
2 Constellation Dark Wings.png Dark Wings Unleashing Tengu Stormcall will leave a weaker Crowfeather at Kujou Sara's original position that will deal 30% of its original DMG.
3 Constellation The War Within.png The War Within Increases the Level of Subjugation: Koukou Sendou by 3.
Maximum upgrade level is 15.
4 Constellation Conclusive Proof.png Conclusive Proof The number of Tengu Juurai: Stormcluster released by Subjugation: Koukou Sendou is increased to 6.
5 Constellation Spellsinger.png Spellsinger Increases the Level of Tengu Stormcall by 3.
Maximum upgrade level is 15.
6 Constellation Sin of Pride.png Sin of Pride The Electro DMG of characters who have had their ATK increased by Tengu Juurai has its Crit DMG increased by 60%.

Each Constellation activation requires a Stella Fortuna 4 Star Stella Fortuna.


Mora Character Ascension
0 → 1 20,000
1 → 2 40,000
2 → 3 60,000
3 → 4 80,000
4 → 5 100,000
5 → 6 120,000

Base Stats

The character's base stats before and after each Ascension:

Level Base
Specialized Stat2

1 Does not include weapon ATK value.
2 Characters get specialized stats starting at Ascension 2.


Event Wishes

Kujou Sara was promoted or featured with a drop-rate boost in 1 Event Wishes:

Image Name Featured
Wish Reign of Serenity 2021-09-01.png Reign of Serenity/2021-09-01
ElectroCharacter Kujou Sara Thumb.png Kujou Sara


Change History

Released in Version 2.1
Version 2.1
  • Kujou Sara was released as a Playable Character.

Version 2.0

  • Kujou Sara was introduced as an NPC.


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