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Krupp was a menial working for the Fatui, one of Dottore's adjutants and a character original to the Genshin Impact manga.



He first appeared in the Haeresys, a Fatui underground arena where captured test subjects are used to fight an unknown creature. Displeased by his menial, Dottore calls his work "pathetic as usual" before threatening Krupp to become one of his test subjects instead.

Desperate in avoiding the said fate, Krupp suggested to Dottore about hiring more people for their test subjects in Mondstadt after getting an invitation from the city's festival. Confidently claiming he would get decent results to please his master, the two went to the Dawn Winery. Inside the Dawn Winery, Dottore asks Diluc to bring Seamus Pegg to him, however Diluc yet doesn't know about Dottore's identity before Krupp himself humbly introduces Dottore to him, telling him about how he has defeated Ursa the Drake and being one of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers.

At the meeting chambers of the winery, Krupp eagerly discussed to some members of the Knights of Favonius about the Fatui's recruitment to some of the Mondstadt's populace, discussing about every cities in the continents agreeing to seek protection from the Fatui and believing for the Fatui to sign a treaty with Mondstadt as well. Kaeya realizes that the Fatui's plans of recruiting youths from Mondstadt is actually a "blood tax paid" with the lives of their children, Krupp circumvents by bluffing that it is not his intentions.

In the Winery's manor, Dottore expresses his anger towards Krupp for wasting his time in the meeting chamber, Dottore told Krupp to find a solution after the Knights of Favonius refused their treaty. Kaeya would once again meet Krupp in the manor, telling him about the Seneschal's decision to their proposal, making sure their friends must "properly be compensated". Inside the basement of the winery, he then plans on taking some of the wine barrels, however, Krupp got ambushed by the "Darknight Hero" (Diluc's secret identity) which was a trap Diluc set earlier. Krupp attempts to call the guards to control the situation, only for him to be bound by chains conjured by Diluc's Delusion as he attempts to flee.

Diluc interrogates him about Dottore's plans and the missing children experimented by the Fatui. Before he could provide crucial information, Dottore showed up and killed Krupp for his ineptitude and breach of confidential information. Later, Dottore transforms his corpse into an Automaton-like monster.