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"Hunt a Cocogoat. Please and thank you."
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The simple and peaceful Konda Village has long been the premier place for the Shogunate's dye production purposes.
But due to the Sakoku Decree and war, this village seems to have aged prematurely...

Expedition description

Konda Village (Japanese: 紺田村 Konda-mura) is a location in Narukami Island, Inazuma. A quaint village, it is known for its signature dish, Konda Cuisine.



Other Interactable Objects

Well Lock

The Village Well is behind Konda Densuke's house.

(Interact with the well southwest of the village; the World Quest A Strange Story in Konda must be started for the interaction prompt to appear)
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Well Lock
Well Lock: (The dry well is locked and looks like it could be opened with the corresponding key...)
(Complete the quest A Strange Story in Konda to unlock the well.)

Well Gate

Inside the well, there is a gate behind a Thunder Barrier near the torii shrine puzzle. Opening the door with the switch will initiate the following dialogue (separate from the quest):

Paimon: Looks like there's loads of stuff at the bottom of this well!
Paimon: (Traveler), let's see what other treasure we can find!

There will be 1 Old Stone Slate and 1 Rust-Worn Key in the room. There is another gate that the player can open to access the starting area below the well.

Kitsune Statue

Inside the well there will be an Earth Kitsune Statue near 3 Electro Slimes. Using the Memento Lens on it will give the following dialogue:

Someone's Voice: "We shall not fail you, Lady Saiguu. The Konda Clan will keep this key safe..."

Along the coastline west of Konda Village, there is a small enclave in the cliffs with another Earth Kitsune Statue. Using the Momento Lens on it gives:

Someone's Voice: "...Well? Not a bad place to take a break from shrine duties once in a while, hmm? When I was a servant of the tengu, I'd hide here all the time, and fall asleep listening to the waves... pure bliss."
Someone's Voice: "...How pathetic. And for someone so illustrious..."

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Change History

Released in Version 2.0