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A teahouse positioned in a prime location in the streets of Inazuma City. They seem to have strong links with the Yashiro Commission. The teahouse boss, Taroumaru, is very famous amongst dog-lovers, and they say that before the Sakoku Decree was handed down, people would flock here from overseas to look upon the... ah, glorious countenance of Taroumaru of Inazuma City.

World Map description

Komore Teahouse (Japanese: 木漏茶屋 Komore Djaya) is a location in Inazuma City.

Its boss is a Shiba Inu by the name Taroumaru, a former ninja dog in the Shuumatsuban.[1] Only people who are approved by the Kamisato Clan are allowed to enter.[2] After drinking tea, customers leave their payment in a special box.

There is a story that its employees have signed a contract with Taroumaru to work there forever.[3][4]



Komore Teahouse Advertisement Board: Sunlight leaks through wood, mottles in the courtyard.


Sangonomiya Chronicles can be found next to Nakanishi.

Precious Chest

Opening the Precious Chest in the kitchen reveals that the chest was actually being used to store food. There is 180,000 Mora inside, along with 3 Raw Meat and 3 Onikabuto. This chest does not count towards the "Lightning-Riding Treasure Hunter (I)" achievement.

Paimon: Huh? Raw Meat and Onikabuto... is this someone's private larder?



Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Komore Teahouse
Mùlòu Cháshì
Chinese reading of Japanese name
Mùlòu Cháshì
Japanese もれぢゃ
Komore Djaya[5]
Tree-Leaking Teahouse[• 1]
Korean 코모레
Komore Chatjip
Komore Teahouse
Spanish Casa de Té KomoreKomore Tea House
French Salon de thé KomoreKomore Tea Room
Russian Чайный дом «Коморэ»
Chaynyy dom "Komore"
"Komore" Tea House
Thai โรงน้ำชา Komore
Rong nam cha Komore
Komore Teahouse
Vietnamese Phòng Trà KomoreKomore Tea Room
German Teestube KomoreKomore Tearoom
Indonesian Komore Teahouse
Portuguese Casa de Chá KomoreKomore Tea House
  1. JA: "Komore" (Japanese: 木漏れ Komore) literally means "leaking through the trees." It is commonly found in the phrase 木漏れ日 komorebi, which refers to the sunlight streaming through the trees. In the Version 2.0 Special Program, the Head of the Creative Concept and Writing Team, Xiao Luohao, says that "Komore" itself means the light passing through the gaps between leaves.

Change History

Released in Version 2.0


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