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Knights of Favonius is the eighth part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests Prologue: Act I - The Outlander Who Caught the Wind.


  1. Enter the Knights of Favonius headquarters
  2. Talk to Jean


  • Gaining Adventure Rank 5 after completing this quest will unlock Wishes and the Shop.
  • The next three quests can be done in any order.


UI Quest.png Quest Description

You repelled Stormterror with some difficulty. Kaeya of the Knights of Favonius witnessed the battle, and you were invited to make a trip to the Knights headquarters.
(A cinematic begins)
???: Jean, what's the hurry? I thought we agreed to meet them here.
Jean: There have been sightings of Stormterror outside the city. Once we meet, we must...
???: Relax. I'll lend a hand when the time comes.
Kaeya: Jean, I've brought them.
(After the cinematic)
Kaeya: ...And once it was over I brought them straight here.
Jean: Mondstadt welcomes you, windborne travelers.
Jean: I am Jean, Acting Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius. This is Lisa, our resident Librarian.
Lisa: Oh! Are you sweeties here to help us out?
Lisa: You're both so adorable!
Lisa: Sadly, the timing is regrettable...
Lisa: Stormterror has caused quite a ruckus in the region since its recent resurgence.
Lisa: Simply put, Mondstadt's elemental sphere and ley lines are now akin to a yarn ball in the paws of a kitten.
Lisa: For a mage, it couldn't get much worse. My skin is one elemental particle away from a full-blown breakout.
Jean: If it weren't for this interference, the Knights of Favonius would have better ways to help you than just putting up missing person posters.
Jean: We simply ask that you repose in Mondstadt while we help you seek out your (sister/brother).
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I really should help out as well.
Paimon: Paimon will help too!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Guess we leave it up to you then. Where's the inn?
Paimon: Hey! Don't be such a slug! We should be a part of this too!
Kaeya: Good. In that case we need a plan.
Jean: With Stormterror now directly attacking Mondstadt, we may have an opportunity to cut this problem off at the source.
Jean: Lisa has revealed the sources of Stormterror's power with her detection magic.
Kaeya: Is that so?
Lisa: They're located in the abandoned Four Winds' Temples.
Lisa: Stormterror's ability to whip up these kinds of storms can be attributed to it drawing power from the temples.
Jean: Our objective is to deal with three of the four temples.
Jean: I trust everyone understands why we are only dealing with three.
Paimon: Paimon doesn't.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png It must be a local thing...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png We'll ask later...
Jean: Knights of Favonius, time is against us.
Jean: The storm is rampant. There is no point in maintaining a defensive position.
Jean: Alright. We need to take initiative and act before the situation escalates.
(Talk to Kaeya again)
Kaeya: You're not bad with that wind glider. Your gliding style seems familiar...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png How'd you get your eye patch?
Kaeya: My eye patch? Wanna hear my story, eh?
Kaeya: I didn't have time to introduce myself properly... Well, it wasn't on my mind to begin with.
Kaeya: Ehe... My apologies. I'm Kaeya, Cavalry Captain for the Knights of Favonius.
Kaeya: We can talk more after we get things sorted.
Kaeya: I know a great place more fit for a chat.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Why is Jean the Acting Grand Master?
Kaeya: The Grand Master is currently off leading an expedition, so the Master, Jean, has stepped in to oversee the Knights while he's gone.
Kaeya: Hence, you'll hear many refer to her as the Acting Grand Master.
Kaeya: When the Grand Master left, he took the vast majority of our knights with him, leaving the Acting Grand Master with far more responsibility and stress.
Kaeya: Come to think of it, it must have been difficult for Jean.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Goodbye.
Kaeya: See you later then.
(Talk to Lisa again)
Lisa: I'm Lisa, the librarian. Do you need anything, cutie?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'd like to know more about monsters.
Lisa: The monsters out in the wild? We've got many resources here in the library.
Lisa: Making good use of elemental advantages is the key to winning any battle.
Lisa: By the way, would you be interested in having a part-time job here?
Lisa: We need people to... need people for doing... We just need more people.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png How do we fight Stormterror?
Lisa: A way to fight against Stormterror...
Lisa: I'm sorry, but there's no way to do it alone.
Lisa: Judging by the level of its Anemo power, it's definitely not an ordinary creature.
Lisa: I could teach you some elemental basics, so you'll have an idea of what I'm talking about.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Goodbye.
Lisa: Heading out? See you in a bit.
(Talk to Jean again)
Jean: Thank you for accepting our invitation, traveler.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png How do we fight Stormterror?
Jean: Its change in size and power really is suspicious.
Jean: But for the Knights of Favonius, our priority is to deal with the aftermath of this attack.
Jean: The Grand Master entrusted the Knights of Favonius to me. I cannot let him or the people of Mondstadt down.
Jean: I must get to the bottom of this...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Are all the knights as... "strict" as Amber?
Jean: I heard you and Outrider Amber had a misunderstanding.
Jean: Please forgive her. She was just doing her job.
Jean: Talk to Amber sometime. I'm sure you'll like how energetic she always is.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Goodbye.
Jean: Thanks again for your help, (Traveler).
(Talk to Amber again)
Amber: Wanna team up with me? Huh, I should warn you though, I don't slow down for anyone, greenhorn or otherwise.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Jean seems to be pretty reliable.
Amber: With Jean by our side, nothing can stand in our way! ...At least, that's what I wanna say...
Amber: But I can't keep spouting that same old line.
Amber: She always dashes headlong into the heat of the battle, and we want her to take better care of herself.
Amber: I really hope that one day I can look Jean in the eye and tell her she doesn't need to worry anymore, because we have her back...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You seem pretty good with a wind glider.
Amber: As a novice within the Knights of Favonius, your understanding of the wind is absolutely crucial.
Amber: Leave the advanced wind glider training to me!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Goodbye.
Amber: Let's all do our best to defeat Stormterror!

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishKnights of Favonius
Xīfēng Qíshìtuán
West Wind Knights
Xīfēng Qíshìtuán
Sepyurosu Kishidan
West Wind (Zephyros) Knights
Korean페보니우스 기사단
Peboniuseu Gisadan
Favonius Knights
SpanishCaballeros de FavoniusKnights of Favonius
FrenchOrdre de FavoniusOrder of Favonius
RussianОрдо Фавониус
Ordo Favonius
Ordo Favonius
Thaiกองอัศวินแห่ง Favonius
Kong atsawin haeng Favonius
Knights of Favonius
VietnameseĐội Kỵ Sĩ Tây PhongWest Wind Knights
GermanDer Ordo FavoniusThe Ordo Favonius
IndonesianKnights of Favonius
PortugueseCavaleiros de FavoniusKnights of Favonius

Change History

Released in Version 1.0