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An order responsible for protecting Mondstadt and its belief of freedom. Despite its members are known as knights, none has been knighted by any royalty - knighthood is a title they earned from the noble duties they assume.

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The Knights of Favonius is the order of knights that protects Mondstadt, founded by Vennessa with the help of Barbatos 1,000 years ago, to prevent aristocrats from ruling the land, as Barbatos originally intended.

The knights act as the lawmen of Mondstadt, keeping its citizens safe and creating and upholding laws for all.

Currently, the Grand Master, Varka, is out of Mondstadt on an expedition with his squad. In his place, Jean, who holds the title of Dandelion Knight and Lionfang Knight, is filling in as the Acting Grand Master.


The Knights of Favonius are traditionally led by a single Grand Master, with a reserve stepping in to perform the Grand Master's duties as an Acting Grand Master should the Grand Master be unavailable or otherwise indisposed.

Knights of Favonius tradition dictated that the titles of 'Lion' and 'Wolf' were reserved for those of great leadership potential. Such individuals would one day assume the position of Grand Master, devoting themselves to the leadership of a multitude of knights and the safeguarding of Mondstadt.[1] As such, the Grand Master and Grand Master's Assistant are knights that have gained one of these two titles. So far it seems that 'Knight of Boreas' counts as a 'Wolf' title, but is more specialized so not everyone with a 'Wolf' title is a Knight of Boreas.

Serving under the Grand Master are the Captains, of which there are ten.[2] Albedo, Eula, Kaeya, and Hertha are currently the only known Captains.

There are other subdivisions within the Knights of Favonius, such as the Outriders.

Becoming a squire can be part of the path to knighthood. 16-year-olds are eligible to become squires[3] Further information about squires is not known.

Key Personnel

Many people have acted as key members of the Knights of Favonius over the course of the game, with each of them assigned a particular job.

The principal knights so far are listed below:


Icon Personnel Vision Position
Character Unknown Thumb.png Varka Unknown Grand Master & Knight of Boreas
Character Jean Thumb.png Jean Element Anemo.png Acting Grand Master & Dandelion/Lionfang Knight
Character Kaeya Thumb.png Kaeya Element Cryo.png Cavalry Captain & Quartermaster
Character Albedo Thumb.png Albedo Element Geo.png Captain of the Investigation Team & Chief Alchemist
Character Eula Thumb.png Eula Element Cryo.png Captain of the Reconnaissance Company & Spindrift Knight
NPC Hertha Thumb.png Hertha N/A Captain of the Intelligence & Coordinator


"The Knights of Favonius once had a formidable team of archer scouts known as the Outriders."

The Outriders were a subdivision of the Knights of Favonius, established and led by Amber's grandfather. They were trained in his style of archery and use of wind gliders, and were renowned for their skill. However, after his abrupt disappearance, the Outriders lost their discipline and skill while rumors milled that he had defected from the Knights of Favonius. Eventually, they were all but obsolete, with Amber remaining as the division's sole member.

Icon Personnel Vision Position
Character Amber Thumb.png Amber Element Pyro.png Outrider


Icon Personnel Vision Position
Character Noelle Thumb.png Noelle Element Geo.png Maid & Apprentice Knight
Character Klee Thumb.png Klee Element Pyro.png Spark Knight
Character Lisa Thumb.png Lisa Element Electro.png Librarian
Character Sucrose Thumb.png Sucrose Element Anemo.png Assistant Alchemist
Character Traveler Thumb.png Traveler None Honorary Knight[Note 1]
  1. While the Traveler is not officially in the Knights of Favonius, they have earned the title of Honorary Knight through handling the Stormterror crisis.

Other Personnel

Additionally, a few characters have been introduced as members of the knights, but not playing as large a role thus far. These characters include:

  • Godwin, member of Varka's squad (Missed the expedition)
  • Nymph, Field Officer of the 8th Company[4]

As well as many guards, including:

The knights also help manage the Church of Favonius, which is led by Seamus Pegg, Seneschal & Cardinal of Daybreak.

Former Personnel

Some characters used to be part of the knights, but have since left.

These characters include:

Icon Personnel Former Position Status
Character Vennessa Thumb.png Vennessa Founder, First Grand Master Ascended to Celestia and became the Falcon of the West
Character Unknown Thumb.png Ravenwood Knight of Boreas Deceased
Character Unknown Thumb.png Arundolyn Grand Master, Lion of Light Deceased
Character Unknown Thumb.png Rostam Grand Master's Assistant, Wolf Pup Deceased
NPC Inspector Eroch.png Eroch Inspector Removed
Character Unknown Thumb.png Amber's Grandfather Leader of the Outriders Missing
Character Diluc Thumb.png Diluc[5] Cavalry Captain Resigned, Owner of Dawn Winery


The Cavalry

This company is headed by Kaeya. They are currently on Varka's expedition. Diluc was the captain of this company before Kaeya.


This company is headed by Albedo. The Investigation company appears to provide the Knights with inventions to help aid their endeavors, and investigate interesting phenomenon, which were likely discovered by the 4th company.

The 4th Company, Reconnaissance

This company is headed by Eula. They often go into the wilderness of Mondstadt to perform reconnaissance and keep an eye on any approaching enemies or strange phenomena. They are likely one of the major sources of information for the 6th company and the Investigation company.

The 6th Company, Intelligence

This company is headed by Hertha. They gather intelligence for potential missions of the Knights, such as dangerous monsters and troubles of Mondstadt's citizens. Similar to the Intelligence department of the Adventurers' Guild.

The 8th Company

This company likely deals with Magic. Its field officer, Nymph is one of the company's only known members, with Lisa having been a potential candidate for captain. It is likely they are the elemental combatants of the Knights, as opposed to the physical damage largely utilized by the other companies and captains.


This company is headed by Amber, who is also the sole member. Outriders appear to be a mix of the Investigation and Reconnaissance companies.


  • "Favonius" is the Roman name for the Greek god Zephyrus, the god of the west wind.
    • The Japanese translation for "Favonius" is 西風セピュロス Sepyurosu, "West Wind (Zephyros)."
    • This is quite fitting as Vennessa, the Falcon of the West of the Four Winds, founded the Knights.
  • The official English translation of the manga translated the Knights of Favonius as Ordo Favonius, Latin for the "Order of Favonius."
    • Therefore, the Knights of Favonius may have been inspired by the Teutonic Order.
  • The Favonius Series include various lore and history pieces about the Knights of Favonius.
  • Similar to knighthood training in real life, training to become a member of the Knights of Favonius can start at a young age and last for many years. The exact path to knighthood is not known, but it can be gleaned from dialogue and history of various characters who attained knighthood or are looking to attain knighthood.
    • Guy began training at age 8, learned how to wield a sword at age 10, and became a squire at age 16 before becoming an official Knight at an unknown age.
    • Ellin, who is young enough to "have some imagination left"[6] and is also not yet old enough to sign up with the Knights of Favonius,[7] is also training hard so that she can pass the tryouts.
    • Several years ago, Noelle failed her seventh selection test.[8] The selection test is likely the exam that Noelle studies for in her second hangout, Knightly Exam Prep. Given that the exam is half a year away at the time of her second hangout, it could be an exam that can only be taken yearly.
    • Diluc became the youngest ever Cavalry Captain[9] at the age of 14.[10] As captaincy is generally not an entry-level position, Diluc was likely already a Knight for some time, and he must have begun training at a young age like Guy did.
  • The sword that most of the Knights use resembles the Traveler's Handy Sword.