The insignia of the Knights of Favonius, on the swords and shields decorating their halls.

The Knights of Favonius (a.k.a Ordo Favonius) is the order of knights that protects Mondstadt, founded by Vennessa with the help of Barbatos 1000 years ago, to prevent aristocrats from ruling the land, as Barbatos originally intended.     

The knights act as the lawmen of Mondstadt, keeping its citizens safe and creating and upholding laws for all.     

Currently, the Grand Master, Varka, is out of Mondstadt on an expedition with his squad. In his place, Jean, who holds the title of Dandelion Knight and Liontooth Knight, is filling in as the Acting Grand Master.     

Key Personnel

Many people have acted as key members of the Knights of Favonius over the course of the game, with each of them assigned a particular job. According to the "More About Kaeya - II" voice line, there are ten captains. The principal knights so far are listed below:


Vision Position Status
Jean Anemo Acting Grand Master Active
Kaeya Cryo Cavalry Captain Active
Amber Pyro Outrider Knight Active
Klee Pyro Spark Knight Active
Noelle Geo Apprentice Knight Active
Barbara Hydro Deaconess Active
Lisa Electro Librarian Active
Sucrose Anemo Alchemist Active

Other Personnel

Additionally, a few characters have been introduced as members of the knights, but do not play as large a role thus far.

These characters include:


Position Status
Varka Grand Master Active (Out on an expedition)
Godwin Varka's Squad Active (Pretending to be on an expedition)
Swan Guard Active
Aramis Active
Lawrence Active
Otto Active
Huffman Active
Mack Active
Miles Active
Bruce Active
Gettlinde Holy Sister Active
Nymphy Field Officer of the 8th Company Active

Former Personnel

Some characters used to be part of the knights, but have since left.

These characters include:


Former Position Status
Vennessa Founder Ascended to Falcon of the West
Diluc[1] Cavalry Captain Resigned, Owner of Dawn Winery


  • The Manga explains how the group was founded by a red-headed warrior, Vennessa. They are also referred to as the Ordo Favonius.



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