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Knightly Exam Prep is the second act in Noelle's Hangout Event. In order to unlock this quest line, the player needs 2 Story Keys and must have completed all endings in Act I Chivalric Training, and Archon Quest Chapter I, Act III.


Noelle is usually brimming with energy, but recently she has been cooped up in the library, worrying about something or other...


Emergency Exam Prep
(Studious Maid)
Levity in Liyue
(Journey to Liyue)
Liyue Local Weaponry
(Journey to Liyue)
Crook-catching Commission
(While the Millelith Stands Guard)
Ending: Rest Amidst the Rocks
Emergency Story-Sourcing (A Knight's Journey Through Liyue) Ending: "The Maid-Knight's Tale"
Can-do Katheryne
(Adventurer's Entrance Exam)
Adventurer's Entrance Exam Immaculate Examination Ending: Perfect Score
Imperfect Examination Ending: Points Deducted
Outrider 101
(Noelle Rides Out)
In the Master's Image (Substitute Acting Grand Master Noelle) Ending: The One and Only Noelle
Copying the Cavalry Captain (Noelle the Intelligence Operative) Ending: Work Made for a Maid


16 Characters appear (or are mentioned) in this Hangout Event:


Notice Paimon.png
"How about we explore the area ahead of us later?"
This page contains unmarked story spoilers. Read this at your own risk.
Branch Description Reward Photo
Aether Lumine
Rest Amidst the Rocks Wherever a Knight may go, the resolve to defend others goes with them.
Knightly Exam Prep Ending1-Aether.png
Knightly Exam Prep Ending1-Lumine.jpg
"The Maid-Knight's Tale" "The Knight went west from Stone Gate with her sword in hand, and scaled the mountains of a vast new land. A legend from the moment she set foot in Liyue, tales of the adventures of the Maid-Knight would be talked about for hundreds of generations!"
Knightly Exam Prep Ending2-Aether.png
Knightly Exam Prep Ending2-Lumine.jpg
Perfect Score Perfect score or not, now is not the time to be thinking about joining the Adventurers' Guild...
Knightly Exam Prep Ending3-Aether.png
Knightly Exam Prep Ending3-Lumine.jpg
Points Deducted "... What if this topic comes up in the exam?!"
Knightly Exam Prep Ending4-Aether.png
Knightly Exam Prep Ending4-Lumine.png
The One and Only Noelle Someday, Noelle will become a knight like no other.
Knightly Exam Prep Ending5-Aether.png
Knightly Exam Prep Ending5-Lumine.png
Work Made for a Maid Sometimes, it's best to stick to what you know.
Knightly Exam Prep Ending6-Aether.png
Knightly Exam Prep Ending6-Lumine.jpg


There are 3 Achievements associated with Knightly Exam Prep:

  • Stress Relief - Complete Knightly Exam Prep and unlock all 6 endings.
  • Invulnerable Maid-Knight - Listen to "A Knight's Journey Through Liyue" with Noelle.
  • Mondstadt's Note-Taker General - Read Noelle's study notes.

Change History

Released in Version 1.5