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A sly, prideful creature that has incredible intelligence and a long-lasting memory — or so the urban legends say.
They pay no attention when someone approaches, seemingly used to living alongside mankind.
The kitsune have a long history in Inazuman culture. Some legends say that they were family to the Kitsune Saiguu in ages past. After she disappeared, the mightier Sky Kitsune and Earth Kitsune turned into stone statues to await her return. As their kind slowly dwindled, the Kitsune lost their mystical might, and now no longer speak.

Kitsune is a type of fox in Inazuma which can be found both as Wildlife and as a pet for the Serenitea Pot.

Outdoor creatures, as the name implies, can only be placed in outdoor spaces within the Housing system.


Unlike other foxes in Teyvat, kitsunes cannot be killed. They are passive to the player and will bark then run away and disappear if the player attempts to hurt them, behaving much like dogs.

Just like cats and dogs, approaching one for the first time will add this creature's entry into your in-game archive.

Powers and Abilities

Kitsune possess mythical abilities such as shapeshifting.


According to Toki Alley Tales, the kitsune came to the archipelago of Inazuma from mainland Teyvat, fighting a war against the island's native tanuki for the land. Although the war is claimed to have ended in a draw, the tanuki had to cede the Sacred Sakura and Mt. Yougou to the kitsune.

A prominent kitsune clan was the Hakushin Clan, named after its matriarch Hakushin. She dwelt on Mt. Yougou and had six apprentices, the eldest of whom was the troublemaking "Black Fox" Itaru.[1] The Kitsune Saiguu, who was worshipped as a kitsune goddess, was a member of the Hakushin Clan. She was Ei's companion for a time, up until she was absorbed and killed by the dark forces during the cataclysm.[2] The unsullied parts of her memories coalesced into Kazari.[3]


According to Yae Miko, the kitsunes are divided in grades, the highest being the Sky Kitsunes (such as herself), while two grades lower than them there are the Yakan kitsunes [4]

Known Members

Unknown Time Period

500 years ago

Present Day


  • Kitsune (Japanese: ) is Japanese for "fox," or more specifically, the red fox (binomen: Vulpes vulpes). Since the Japanese folklore has a variety of fox legends, the English word "kitsune" mainly refers to Japanese fox spirits to emphasize this aspect, although the original Japanese word kitsune does not have such a connotation.
  • The original Chinese version uses a word that simply means "fox," as well as Japanese and Korean versions. Thus in Teyvat, the most common sense of "fox" may be the kitsune (rather than the crimson fox), just as in the real world, the word "fox" usually refers to the red fox.



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Other Languages

Language Official Name
English Kitsune


Japanese きつね
Korean 여우
Spanish Kitsune
French Kitsune
Russian Кицунэ
Thai Kitsune
Vietnamese Hồ Ly
German Kitsune
Indonesian Kitsune
Portuguese Kitsune

Change History

Released in Version 2.0