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Kazari, Yougou Cleansing

Kazari (Japanese: 花散里 "Village Where Blossoms Fall") is a quest-exclusive NPC in Inazuma, first appearing at a shrine near Konda Village as "???". Interacting with her will initiate the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual World Quest.


Kazari is a shrine maiden that describes herself as condensed "filth" originating from inherited memories of the late Kitsune Saiguu. Unable to completely disperse, they manifested into the earth and rotted.

Her purpose while present in Inazuma included carefully watching over Narukami Island and purifying these festering evocations through the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual.[1] After Kazari completes her aforementioned tasks alongside the Traveler, she solemnly dematerializes and leaves behind her mask; a forging blueprint for the Hakushin Ring.

She also refers to the Traveler as the "Destined One", eventually entrusting them with the Memento Lens during her quest.


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Kazari has brown, bobbed hair and wears a white, smiling fox mask on her face. She is dressed in a white kimono with a pair of bright red hakama, the traditional attire of shrine maidens. Her footwear consists of a pair of white tabi socks and okobo (Japanese wooden sandals) with red straps.

Quests and Events

World Quests


  • Her name in Japanese 花散里 is also the name of a character in the Japanese classic The Tale of Genji (Japanese: 源氏物語 Genji Monogatari).[2] But in The Tale of Genji, the name 花散里 is read as Hanachirusato (Japanese: はなちるさと) rather than the on-reading Kazari. The Korean version follows the reading in The Tale of Genji. Since the game lacks the audio for her quest line, it is not clear which reading is assumed in the Japanese version.
  • The kanji characters of her name means "Village Where Blossoms Fall." In the case of the particular poem of The Tale of Genji, which the name of the female character Hanachirusato was derived from, they are the blossoms of a kind of orange (Citrus tachibana). However, since hana ("blossom") often refers to sakura blossoms in poetic contexts,[3] her name can also specifically mean "Village Where Sakura Blossoms Fall," which is more fitting for the lore of the game.

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