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Karpillia is an NPC located in Ritou, Inazuma. She hails from Mondstadt, although she moved abroad as she was unable to compete in the alcohol business against Angel's Share.


Item Item Mora.png Stock Total
Dandelion Seed Dandelion Seed 60,000 5 300,000 Every 3 Days
Total cost for all items


Idle Quotes

  • "Look for the Sailing Breeze..."
    • "If you want to taste Mondstadt's great wines, then look no further than Sailing Breeze!" (Voiceline)


Karpillia: Hey, how about trying some fine wine from Mondstadt? It's the real deal, authenticity guaranteed!
Icon Dialogue Shop.svg Do you only sell liquor? (Only available after completing Chisato's Letter)
Karpillia: Um, too young to drink, are you? Well, we do sell other stuff too, like Mondstadt's famous Dandelion Wine...'s brewing ingredients!
Karpillia: That's a Mondstadt specialty. It's not supposed to be in the inventory list. But since you're also an outlander like me, I will make an exception and sell you those.
(Opens shop menu)
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg About this shop...
Karpillia: This shop is the exclusive seller of fine liquor from Mondstadt.
Karpillia: Our ciders are all brewed from the purest water of Cider Lake and the freshest fruits from Mondstadt. We make sure that even here in Inazuma, our customers shall have the finest and most authentic Mondstadt drinks!
Karpillia: So if you choose the finest liquor from Mondstadt, choose Sailing Breeze!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg How's business been?
Karpillia: It's not bad. After all, liquor from Mondstadt is the best in Teyvat.
Karpillia: But the Sakoku Decree has really created some difficulty in the transportation of supplies. That's a headache...
Karpillia: I have no idea what will happen if we use local ingredients. Ugh...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Would your liquor be better than the Dawn Winery's?
Karpillia: Well, I'm sure we'd...
Karpillia: Ah, never mind. As a drinker myself, I can't go against my conscience in this matter.
Karpillia: I have to admit that Dawn Winery's drinks are better. Even I prefer them.
Karpillia: Our store was actually forced to sell here because we couldn't compete with Angel's Share.
Karpillia: But the businesses under Dawn Winery have practically monopolized the liquor industry in Mondstadt. I... don't really think that's a good thing.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Goodbye.
Karpillia: Goodbye! See you next time!

Change History

Released in Version 2.0