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Kannazuka (Japanese: かんづか Kanna-dzuka) is an area of Inazuma. Behind the rocky outcrops lies Mikage Furnace, the largest smelting facility in Inazuma and is also home to the battlefront fortress of the Shogunate's forces.

It is considered to be disputed territory between the Inazuma Shogunate and the Sangonomiya Resistance. The area neither belongs to both armies and neither Inazuman faith nor Sangonomiya faith has any influence.[1] For this reason, this area is called Kannazuka, which means "the hill where no gods reside."[2]


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Unlocking Shakkei Pavilion

To unlock Shakkei Pavilion, do the quest Tatara Tales (Quest). This will eventually unlock the use of Kamuijima Cannons. Use the cannon on an island located east of Tatarasuna. It will be near a Teleport Waypoint and Waverider Waypoint.

Aim the cannon at some rocks to the left of the screen. Blasting these rocks will unveil the entrance to the domain and can grant an achievement: Jackpot.


  • Kannazuka was first seen in the Version 1.5 Special Program.
  • Even though Kannazuka was "the hill where no gods reside", it seems to be housing a powerful entity beneath the land, sealed by the Thunder Sakuras.[1]


  • Kannazuka is derived from Japanese Kannadzuka (Japanese: かんづか), which can mean "the mound where gods are absent."

Change History

Released in Version 2.0