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The Kanjou Commission (Japanese: 勘定奉行 Kanjou-bugyou) (also referred to as Kanjobugyo[1]) is the authority who manages Inazuma's finances, customs, and borders and is one of the three organizations that comprise the Tri-Commission.[2][3] They work with the Inazuma Shogunate under the rule of the Raiden Shogun. It is led by the Hiiragi Clan, who are based in Ritou.[3]

The Kanjou Commission have been said by Atsuko to conduct very difficult assessments to any who wish to leave or enter Inazuma. They have a strong and authoritarian grip over Inazuma's border; Bibo has called the Inazuma border "simply impenetrable" because of the Vision Hunt Decree and the Sakoku Decree. They are also abusive towards the foreigners that reside in Ritou.

Following the events of Omnipresence Over Mortals, like the Tenryou Commission, the Kanjou Commission has lightened up towards foreigners. The Kanjou Commissioner, Hiiragi Shinsuke was arrested due to his role in the Fatui plot in Inazuma, which utilized Crystal Marrow that was collected by the Kanjou Commission. Following his arrest, Hiiragi Chisato, his daughter, became the acting head of the Clan.[Note 1]



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Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishKanjou Commission
Chinese reading of Japanese name
Bugyou of Finance
Korean간조 봉행(勘定奉行)
Ganjo Bonghaeng
Kanjou Bugyou
SpanishComisión KanjouKanjou Commission
FrenchCommission économiqueEconomic Commission
RussianКомиссии Кандзё
Komissii Kandzyo
Kanjou Commission
Thaiสำนัก Kanjou
Samnak Kanjou
Kanjou Office
VietnameseHiệp Hội KanjouKanjou Association
GermanKanjou-VerwaltungKanjou Administration
IndonesianKanjou Commission
PortugueseComissão KanjouKanjou Commission

Change History

Released in Version 2.0


  1. During the events of Cypressus Custos Chapter: Act I, Kujou Kamaji and Hiiragi Chisato were both stated to be the Proxy Clan Heads of their respective Commissions in a wedding announcement. While the wedding announcement was questionable, the positions stated were not. Since Kamaji is the acting head of the Kujou Clan as stated in both Cypresses Custos Chapter: Act I and Imperatrix Umbrosa Chapter: Act I, "Proxy Clan Head" likely indicates that Chisato is currently the acting head of the Hiiragi Clan.


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