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Kamuna Harunosuke (Japanese: 惟神晴之介) was a historical figure in Inazuma who lived 500 years ago. He was an onmyouji who was dual-trained by the Adepti of Liyue and Inazuma's Tengu as part of The Yougou Three.[1] He was the person who petrified Ioroi into a statue, and the last person to perform the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual before the Traveler's arrival.

He appears as the Mysterious Man during certain Earth Kitsune Statues' flashbacks in the "Sacrificial Offering" World Quest.


Harunosuke was an onmyouji from the Kamuna Clan, which developed the Kamuna arts utilized in modern times by the Kairagi.[2] The arts include paper seals that can coat weapons with elemental energy, even when the users have no Visions. Other developments he is responsible for include the art of Onmyoudou and the creation of Shiki Taishou.[1]


Harunosuke is described by the Kitsune Saiguu as an "easygoing young man,"[3] and he had a rather playful personality even into his older age. While sealing Ioroi away into a stone statue, he told the bake-danuki to "strike a nice pose so that I can become nice scenery."


Harunosuke, alongside Asase Hibiki and Mikoshi Nagamasa, went to Mt. Yougou to learn the Yougou Tengu's arts.[4] The three thereafter became known collectively as The Yougou Three.[1] He also became familiar with Takamine the Mistsplitter,[5] after he became a servant of the Great Tengu in exchange for ownership of Thundering Pulse.[6]

During the cataclysm, the Raiden Shogun, Baal, led a campaign against the dark forces of the Abyss,[7] accompanied by Chiyo, the Great Tengu, the Kitsune Saiguu, and Takamine. Harunosuke expresses his worry over Takamine to Hibiki.[5] Over the course of the cataclysm, Chiyo was corrupted and turned against Baal,[8] while both Takamine[9] and the Kitsune Saiguu disappeared.[3] In the "fury of his mourning," after helplessly watching Kitsune Saiguu sacrifice herself, he left for Liyue to learn the "more powerful 'way of the adepti.'"[3][1]

Some decades later, the bake-danuki Ioroi, unaware of the reason for the Kitsune Saiguu's disappearance and believing she had left him hanging during a game of hide-and-seek, ended up raising trouble in order to try and lure her out. By this point, Harunosuke had returned and was dispatched by the Shogunate to address the issue. He did so by sealing away many of the bake-danuki, including Ioroi, into stone statues.[4][10]

He also met Kazari, a manifestation of the Kitsune Saiguu's memories, and performed a Minor Purification[11] on Narukami's Sacred Sakuras. During their first meeting, Harunosuke initially mistook Kazari for Saiguu before quickly realizing her true nature as "filth." Nevertheless, he decided to not purify her as well, as she did not pose a danger to Inazuma.[12] After finishing his work, he left locked the ward he used near Saiguu's abandoned shrine, and summoned three Shikigami (the Mysterious Shadows) to guard the ward.


  • In the third line of the sacred words Harunosuke used, his use of "fried tofu" was a nod to inarizushi, which in Japanese culture is traditionally thought to be a favorite food of foxes, the messengers of the Shinto god Inari.
    • "Bring forth the fried tofu!" was also something Saiguu used to say a lot when she was alive.[citation needed]
  • When Harunosuke refers to "Mr. Takamine" in the Chinese and Japanese versions, he uses the honorific "Uncle" (Chinese: 大叔 dàshū; Japanese: おじさん oji-san),[5] indicating that Takamine was probably almost a generation older than Harunosuke.

Change History

Released in Version 2.0
Version 2.2
  • Kannagara Harunosuke was renamed to Kamuna Harunosuke.

Version 2.0

  • Kannagara Harunosuke was released.


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