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Kamuijima Cannon (Japanese: 神居島崩砲) is a device found in Kannazuka, Inazuma. It is unlocked while completing the Tatara Tales Quest. Kamujima Cannons can be operated to fire projectiles that deal AoE Electro DMG.


The DMG dealt by Kamuijima Cannon Projectiles is calculated as . This DMG is considered True DMG and is unaffected by DEF, RES, or DMG Reduction. Element Level Multipliers for each level can be found in Level Scaling/Reaction#Level Multiplier.

Level Damage
1 429
5 566
10 854
15 1344
20 2015
25 2710
30 3407
35 4228
40 5185
45 6402
50 8090
55 9965
60 12262
65 15197
70 18004
75 20773
80 23659
85 26666
90 30070
95 35293
100 41870


It is powered by Electro and was installed by the Shogunate on Kannazuka in their war against the Watatsumi Army. However, it had limited range and was hard to move, making it easy for the Sangonomiya rebels to make it past the cannons and take down the guards at Mikage Furnace. Because of this, over time, the cannons mostly went out of use.[1]


  • Tatara Tales: Involves firing 3 Kamuijima Cannons situated in the locations on the Kamuijima Cannon Map to destroy the protective barrier around Mikage Furnace.



  • The southernmost cannon is required to break the rockface to gain access to the Shakkei Pavilion domain.
  • The Central and Southern cannons can be used to destroy patches of terrain to reveal chests etc.
    • There is no real visual indication that terrain is breakable, excluding that there is a solid patch of rock wall. Upon impact, the terrain will glow brightly for a few seconds if something was revealed.
  • The cannons can be used against other players in Co-Op Mode, dealing AoE Electro DMG per cannonball.
    • The same principle can be used to damage enemies, although none of them are in range to be hit apart from a pair of ronin by the southern cannon.


Tutorial Adventure Kamuijima Cannon 1.pngA giant and powerful cannon. Normally, it requires a special kind of ammunition to fire, but you can also charge it using Electro energy...
Tutorial Adventure Kamuijima Cannon 2.pngCharacters carrying an Electrogranum or affected by Electro in proximity to the Kamuijima Cannon can charge it.
Tutorial Adventure Kamuijima Cannon 3.pngThis kind of cannon does not have a point-and-shoot aiming facility. You must adjust the elevation and orientation in order to fire on target.

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Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishKamuijima Cannon
"Shénjū-dǎo Bēng Pào"
"Kamuijima Blast Cannon"
"Shénjū-dǎo Bēng Pào"
"Kamuijima Houhou"[!]
God's Island Demolishing Cannon[• 1]
Korean「카무이섬 붕괴포」
"Kamuiseom Bunggoepo"
"Kamui Island Demolishing Cannon"
SpanishCañón de Kamuijima
FrenchCanon de KamuijimaCannon of Kamuijima
RussianПушка Камуйдзима
Pushka Kamuydzima
Thai"ปืนใหญ่ Kamuijima"
VietnamesePháo Kamuijima
German„Kamuijima-Kanone“Kamuijima Cannon
IndonesianKamuijima Cannon
PortugueseCanhão Kamuijima
  1. Japanese: 神居島 Kamuijima literally means "island where god resides"

Change History

Released in Version 2.0


  1. World Quest, Tatara Tales: Tatara Tales