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The Kamisato Estate (Japanese: 神里屋敷 Kamisato Yashiki) is the residence of the Kamisato Clan and a point of interest in the Inazuman Archon Quests.

Inside the main building is the Yashiro Commission Headquarters, which is marked with the Icon Kamisato Estate.svg map icon.


One of the three great Commissions of Inazuma, the Yashiro Bugyo overseen by the Kamisato Clan is ostensibly charged with managing the ceremonial affairs and cultural lives of the people. In truth, its duties and responsibilities are so pervasive that even the Shogunate officials can't make heads or tails out of it. Notably, the Shirasagi Himegimi, the younger sister of the head of the household, is more popular amongst the people.

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Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Kamisato Estate
Shénlǐ Wūfū
Chinese reading of Japanese name
Shénlǐ Wūfū
Japanese 神里屋敷
Kamisato Yashiki[!]
Kamisato Estate
Korean 카미사토 저택
Kamisato Jeotaek
Kamisato Residence
Spanish Hacienda KamisatoKamisato Hacienda
French Domaine KamisatoKamisato Estate
Russian Имение Камисато
Imeniye Kamisato
Kamisato Estate
Thai Kamisato Estate
Vietnamese Lãnh Địa KamisatoKamisato Domain
German Kamisato-AnwesenKamisato Estate
Indonesian Kamisato Estate
Portuguese Mansão KamisatoKamisato Mansion

Change History

Released in Version 2.0