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The Kamisato Clan is an Inazuman clan that serves the Inazuma Shogunate, with the current head being Kamisato Ayato, who's in charge of the Yashiro Commission, the Shuumatsuban and Komore Teahouse. It is the clan that Kamisato Ayaka hails from. They reside in the Kamisato Estate.


It is currently unknown when this clan was founded. However, it appears that the clan is highly skilled in martial arts, as all of Ayaka's skills appear to be learned from clan techniques. Ayato also appeared skilled enough to defeat another Vision bearer in a duel. They are seemingly trained in elemental magic as well as swordsmanship, as Ayaka's alternate sprint is said to be a Kamisato Art known as Senho. This implies that the bloodline is tied to elemental magic.

Additionally, the title of "Princess" (大小姐 "an unmarried woman from a powerful and noble family, including the imperial house" in the Chinese version) given to Ayaka implies the clan is some sort of high nobility or even royalty.

As the eldest son and clan successor, Ayato deals with governmental affairs within the Yashiro Commission, as well as having absolute control over the Shuumatsuban. In contrast, Ayaka watches over the internal and external affairs of the clan. With the nature of Ayaka's duties involving more societal interactions as well as her kindness, she is well loved and fondly nicknamed as the Shirasagi Himegimi. Thoma is her attendant, and chief retainer of the clan.

Known Members


  • Kamisato ??? (former head, Ayato and Ayaka's father, deceased) & Kamisato Kayo (Japanese: 神里華代) (Ayaka and Ayato's mother, deceased)




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