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Kamisato Ayato (Japanese: 神里綾人) is the current head of Kamisato Clan and serves as the Yashiro Commissioner.


Kamisato... One of the most distinguished clans in all of Inazuma. Despite Ayato's trickery in regard to the Tri-Commission's affairs, he is nevertheless a loyal subject. His past misdeeds shall be excused.

Raiden Shogun, "About Kamisato Ayato"

Ayato is the elder brother of Kamisato Ayaka. When their parents died, Ayato and Ayaka knew that they would need to work together as they were both fairly young at the time. Ayato would deal with government duties, while Ayaka would serve as the face of the Kamisato Clan.[1]


Ayato is a person that does not like to show his face in public often, preferring to work on his duties as the Yashiro Commissioner.

While he is not particularly well known due to his preference to remain behind the scenes, those who are familiar with him note that he is incredibly kind. Hirotatsu states that he continues to serve the Yashiro Commission to repay the generosity that he showed him and his master. Some people consider Ayato to be far more mature and determined than his age suggests, even moreso than his sister Ayaka, who is universally beloved by many Inazumans.

Ayato is also known to be cunning and mischievous, as the Raiden Shogun states that he tends to find loopholes frequently during Tri-Commission affairs. Hiratsuka notes that whenever he hangs out with Thoma, he ropes him into eating strange food, causing Thoma to become terrified whenever he sees him. Likewise, he is also able to find Sayu with ease despite not appearing to have much ninja training, even though the rest of the Shuumatsuban have difficulty finding her.

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