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The Kamera is a gadget obtained for completing the World Quest "Snapshots." As its name implies, it allows you to take pictures.

On all platforms, the Kamera can be used to take pictures in many situations where Photo Mode is unavailable, such as while Elemental Sight is active or while battling, gliding, falling, or swimming. In addition, since pictures are taken instantly once the Quick-Use button is pressed, the Kamera can be used to take pictures of certain actions that are difficult to capture with Photo Mode, such as combat talents. However, the Kamera lacks the fine-tuning features found in the regular version, such as camera adjustment and options for expression and pose.

There is no cooldown period for using this gadget.

The Kamera cannot be used in Domains.

Screenshots taken on PCs are saved to a ScreenShot folder in the main Genshin Impact folder, which can be found where the user installed Genshin Impact. By default, the path to the ScreenShot folder will be this or something similar:

C:\Program Files\Genshin Impact\Genshin Impact Game\ScreenShot


  • Kamera means "camera" in Czech, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Latvian, Malay, Polish, Swedish, Tagalog and Turkish, and is also the romaji for the word in Japanese (カメラ).
  • The Kamera is likely inspired by the invention of the first camera on Earth, the daguerreotype.
    • The Kamera originates from Fontaine, and the daguerreotype was invented in France.
    • When playing Genshin Impact in certain languages, including French, the Kamera is called a daguerreotype. For example, in French, the Kamera is called Daguerréotype.
    • The Kamera's method of producing instant photos may be inspired by the Polaroid instant cameras.
    • Physically, the Kamera resembles a twin-lens reflex film camera, which has two lenses (one for viewfinder and another for taking pictures). Unlike the Kamera, it does not produce instant images.

Change History

Released in Version 1.2
Version 1.5
  • Removed additional sound effect upon use.

Version 1.4

  • Added additional sound effect upon use. The additional sound effect is the same as what was added to other Quick-Use Gadgets upon use.

Version 1.3

  • Kamera now works as expected on PS4. Previously, the Kamera on PlayStation4 pulled up the regular Photo Mode and was subject to all the rules that apply to it.

Version 1.2

  • Kamera was released.