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Samurai who have fallen into banditry.
They practiced martial arts since they were young, but lost the opportunity to serve the people due to certain reasons and turned from the righteous path. Their blade's edges are not cold like ordinary steel, but instead burn with a bitter flame. They seem to have used paper seals, created from a lost Kannagara art, to set the blades afire.

The Kairagi: Fiery Might (Japanese: 海乱鬼・炎威 Kairagi - En'i) are wandering samurai. They ignite their blade using an ancient paper seal — an art thought lost to history. They are the Pyro variant to their Electro counterpart; Kairagi: Dancing Thunder.


Base Resistance

  • Elemental: 10%.
  • Physical: -20%.
  • Other: None.

Abilities and Attacks

Note: All attack and ability names are unofficial.

  • Slash: The Kairagi slashes at the player three times. When the blade is infused with Pyro, there is a possibility that the final strike may be substituted for a Spin Attack instead.
  • Dodge: The Kairagi jumps backwards, away from the player.
  • Pyro Infusion: The Kairagi infuses its blade with Pyro and performs a ground slam. This Pyro infusion will last for 30 seconds and will cause all other attacks to be imbued with Pyro as well. Note that this weapon infusion cannot be neutralised by any Elemental Reactions.
  • Taunt: The Kairagi will clench and raise their fist to taunt their opponents, said taunt is identical to that of the Maguu Kenki. They will not perform this move if they are in an Avenger state.
  • Avenge the Fallen: When an ally Kairagi dies in battle, the other Kairagi will attempt to avenge their fallen comrade. The Kairagi imbues itself with a fiery-orange aura, as well as infusing its blade with Pyro. While in this state, the Kairagi is also immune to all stun skills, including Frozen elemental reactions and Planet Befall. The Kairagi will then gain a 30-second 50% max HP increase (this will also heal the Kairagi if it is under its max HP) and will then enter the Avenger state permanently. While in this state the Kairagi has increased interruption resistance and will always prioritize infusing their blade if their blade's infusion ends. Note that the Kairagi can also perform three different attack combos while in this state:
    • The first attack combo consists of a Pyro Infusion, followed by a Charged Attack and another Charged Attack as the combo finisher.
    • The second attack combo consists of a Pyro Infusion, followed by a Jump and Strike and a Charged Attack to end off the combo.
    • The third attack combo consists of a Pyro Infusion, followed by a Charged Attack and a Jump and Strike, with the final attack being another Charged Attack.
  • Charged Attack: The Kairagi will point its blade towards the player and charge towards them once.
  • Spin Attack: The Kairagi performs a spin attack.
  • Jump and Strike: The Kairagi will jump towards the player's location and perform a downwards strike. In the Avenger state, It is possible for the Kairagi to perform a double slash after this attack.
  • Block: The Kairagi enters a stance with its blade held downwards, pointed diagonally, during which it will block player attacks from the direction they're facing, similarly to shield-using Mitachurls.


On their own, Kairagi are typically not a problem. However, like their Nobushi counterparts, Kairagi are particularly sturdy and hard to stagger and drag. Prior to their elemental infusion, their attacks are somewhat weak, but once they do so, it is important to evade or use a shield as the Kairagi can inflict extremely high damage and often performs a tri-combo attack consisting of their sword swing, lunge then slash in that order.

If Kairagi are encountered in pairs, it is important to defeat them at the same time or the remaining Kairagi will enter a vengeful state in which they automatically imbue their swords if they haven't already, and gain increased health. They also heal themselves in the process if their health is below half. Freezing, petrifying, or being in the middle of an attack delays the process slightly, but it is not recommended to rely on these.


Change History

Released in Version 2.0