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Kageroumaru is a Canine Bunshin and Furnishing item that can be used in the Serenitea Pot. He can be placed either indoors or outdoors.

One copy of Kageroumaru is obtained after completing Bantan Sango Case File: Recognition during the Bantan Sango Case Files: The Warrior Dog event.

Unlike the other animals in the Serenitea Pot, Kageroumaru does not flee when attacked. Instead, he deflects them with his tantō in his mouth.


Kageroumaru is a ninken, a dog trained to be a ninja's companion. When he was young, he was weak and behaved noticeably differently compared to other dogs trained by his clan, which caused him to be left out when ninja arrived to make contracts with their ninken. Kageroumaru's trainer refused to give up on him, and continued to train him to grow stronger. During this time, he had no wish to make a contract with any ninja.

However, due to being occupied with urgent expeditions from the Police Station, Kageroumaru's trainer became unable to take care of him and left behind a letter for any future adopters in Higi Village.[1] Due to the leaking of Tatarigami on the island by fanatic Orobashi zealots, the village was mostly abandoned and no one came for him.

Following a series of missing animal cases, the Bantan Sango Detective Agency put a commission with the Adventurers' Guild for assistance as Ryuuji was knocked out by what he believed was a dog when he saw the animals. This caught the Traveler's attention, who were able to rescue the animals. Kageroumaru later spotted the Traveler and Ryuuji rescuing one of the stolen animals from the Treasure Hoarders and became more friendly, leading them to a Dilapidated Old House and challenged the Traveler to a fight. The Traveler bested Kageroumaru, who then happily barked; Ryuuji interpreted it as Kageroumaru agreeing to become the Traveler's ninken despite them not being a ninja. Returning to the agency, Sango believed that Kageroumaru had been trying to train the animals to protect themselves, something which he implied to agree with another bark.



Kageroumaru wished to protect animals and bring out their full potential just like his trainer had done for him. After seeing the Traveler fight off the Treasure Hoarders, he challenged them to test their strength and virtue; after losing to them, he voluntarily became their ninken.


Kageroumaru is a black Shiba Inu wearing a kasa hat, a shuriken collar, and protective guards on each of his legs. He has a scar on his left cheek which he sustained when he was young. He is also capable of standing on his hind legs, and is armed with a tantō that he wields in his mouth.

The Canine Bunshin are based on his appearance.



Other Languages

Language Official Name
English Kageroumaru
Japanese 影狼丸
Korean 카게로마루
Spanish Kageroumaru
French Kageroumaru
Russian Кагэромару
Thai Kageroumaru
Vietnamese Kageroumaru
German Kageroumaru
Indonesian Kageroumaru
Portuguese Kageroumaru

Change History

Released in Version 2.3