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They say that the adepti dwell somewhere within these countless towering, cloud-ringed peaks. Few mortals may set foot here.

Where Mountains Peak Beyond the Clouds
Jueyun Karst is considered the realm of the adepti of Liyue, usually unreachable by mortals.
However, there are special "Herb Gatherers" who make their living by collecting valuable natural resources found only in Jueyun Karst.

Expedition description

Jueyun Karst (Chinese: 绝云间 Juéyún-jiān, "Cloud-Terminating Place") is a subarea in Minlin, Liyue. It is said to be the place where the adepti live. Normally no one dares to try to set foot here, but some brave or desperate people still try to seek the adepti for good fortune.

There are two Teleport Waypoints in this area: southwest of the domain Taishan Mansion, and another to the west leading towards Guili Plains.




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Common Enemies

Elite Enemies

Local Specialties


  • Someone's Poetry
    • Located on the bridge over the lake at Jueyun Karst
Someone's Poetry: "Here the flowing waters reach their wondrous end, with fond farewell into dreams of gods ascend. As cascades split cliffs and into the air splash, I stand at peace beneath soaring eaves vast."
  • Stone Tablet
    • Located along the main road to Qingyun Peak
Read: "Walk to the view of the changing tide, arrive to the sight of a misty shroud. Ascend to Jueyun Karst up in the skies, sit and gaze at the unfurling clouds."


Taishan Mansion Puzzle

Monument in the Taishan Mansion Puzzle

Right above Taishan Mansion is a stone tablet hinting at the puzzle, although interacting with this tablet is not necessary.

Read: "Here stood Taishan Mansion, established by royal decree. ...But the Geo Lord wished for his residence to remain among the people of Liyue, hence, all trace of the path to that divine place was lost in the mortal realm. Now, the hidden treasure of Taishan is engulfed in water. At the sight of these words, people should leave immediately, as they should at the sight of the adeptus."
Paimon: So this inscription means... Well, Paimon didn't get all of it... but it seems like there's treasure hiding somewhere in a body of water!
Paimon: So is there anywhere around here that water might come out?

Near the steps leading to Taishan Mansion is a glowing monument. To break the seal around it, defeat the three waves of enemies guarding the monument.

Paimon: This mechanism looks kinda suspicious.
Paimon: Those people over there look totally suspicious. There's definitely some big mystery to uncover here!

Climb up to the monument and "Start" it. The water covering Taishan Mansion will drain partway, exposing the second glowing monument down the stairs.

Break the glowing Geograna ores and lead the Geograna to the stone lanterns surrounding the monument. After lighting all three lanterns, the seal around the monument will break, allowing you to "Start" it. More water will drain away to expose the entrance of Taishan Mansion.

Paimon: The water level has gone right down.


  • Some English character voice-over lines use "Jueyun Jian," which is a directly taken from the location's Chinese name, instead of "Jueyun Karst" as written in-game and in their voice-overs' official transcriptions.


5 Soundtracks play in Jueyun Karst:

No. Soundtrack Name Album Played In
48 Adeptus' Solace Jade Moon Upon a Sea of Clouds Jueyun Karst
50 Emerging Clouds Jade Moon Upon a Sea of Clouds Jueyun Karst (Day)
37 Faint Tracks Jade Moon Upon a Sea of Clouds Jueyun Karst
54 Red Leaf on the Chessboard Jade Moon Upon a Sea of Clouds Jueyun Karst (Day)
36 Wandering Flight Jade Moon Upon a Sea of Clouds Jueyun Karst, Floating Abode

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Jueyun Karst
Cloud-Terminating Place[• 1]
Japanese 絶雲の間
Zetsu'un no Ma[1]
Jueyun Space[• 2]
Korean 절운간
Cloud-Terminating Place[• 3]
Spanish Desfiladero JueyunJueyun Defile
French Karst JueyunJueyun Karst
Russian Заоблачный предел
Zaoblachnyy predel
Sky-High Limit
Thai Jueyun Karst
Vietnamese Tuyệt Vân GiánCloud-Terminating Place[• 4]
German Jueyun-KarstJueyun Karst
Indonesian Jueyun Karst
Portuguese Relevo de JueyunJueyun Relief
  1. ZH: Refers to the fact that the mountains peak above the clouds.
  2. JA: From Sino-Japanese reading of Chinese name.
  3. KO: Sino-Korean reading of Chinese name
  4. VI: Sino-Vietnamese reading of Chinese name

Change History

Released in Version 1.0


  1. Archon Quest, Chapter I, Act I: Rite of Descension (Japanese Voice-Over)