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"Hunt a Cocogoat. Please and thank you."
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A group of broken isles at the northernmost tip of Inazuma, swallowed by the shadow of mighty Mt. Yougou.
In a less peaceful time, this land was crawling with deserters who fell into banditry.

Expedition description

Jinren Island (Japanese: 刃連島 Jinren-jima) is an island in Inazuma.




Next to the dog's cage, there is a Thunder Sakura Bough that can be used to summon an Electrogranum. The Thunder Spheres above can be used to fly up to the Wormhole leading to the Perpetual Mechanical Array's arena.


There are some cages on Jinren island:

  • There is a cage containing a Shiba named Toratarou. The player has the option to open the cage or feed it 1 Fowl. Opening the cage will grant the Wonders of the World achievement "Who Let the Dogs Out?". If you follow the dog, it will lead you to a Precious Chest buried halfway under the sand.
  • There is a cage further west containing a chest.
  • There is a cage hanging from a vine containing a Seelie. Opening the cage and following the seelie will spawn a chest.
  • There is another cage hanging from a vine containing an "Enigmatic Page." Picking it up will give a part of the Torn Page: Toki Alley Tales (Prologue) series.
  • There is a cage on top of the little mountain containing a person (Saimon Jirou).


There are several Metal Keys on the island that can be used to unlock the cage:

Saimon Jirou's cage

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"Wind... hear me!"
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Initially, the cage containing the person will be surrounded by Nobushi. Getting close to and interacting with the cage will initiate a dialogue sequence.

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???: Hey! You there! You look like a pair of stout hearts! Save me, please!
(Interact with the cage)
???: Finally, someone's here... Please, kind souls, get me out of here! I've been stuck here for several days now...
Paimon: Sure! C'mon, let's bust this thing open in one go!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Great idea!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Stand back.
???: Hey! Stop right there, stop!
???: C—Can you guarantee that this won't hurt me?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Not at all.
Paimon: Oh come on, we're gonna save you first — everything else can wait!
???: No! Don't! It's... it's too scary!
???: And you don't have to be so reckless, I know where the key is!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg And you didn't think to tell us that first?
???: You didn't ask!
???: *sigh* If you're here to help, you should listen to what people have to say, at least!
???: That key's in that tree over there. Just help me get it and open this cage.
???: See that thing glittering over in that tree? That's where the key is.
???: I'll thank you all properly once I'm out of here.
Paimon: Hmm, you threw it pretty far, huh?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg How did you end up in here?
???: It's... a long story, and this isn't the place to chat about that. Get me out of here first and then we'll talk.
(If you talked to his father)
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Do you know where Saimon Jirou is?
???: I—I do, yes! I'll tell you once I'm out!
(Unlocks "Open" prompt when approaching the cage)
(Talk again to ???)
???: I mean, the key's right there! What's stopping you from getting it.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Well, stay in that cage a moment, will you?
Paimon: Young lad, the world outside your cage has changed greatly since you last saw it...
???: What?
Paimon: We must continue to observe you. We must see if you have the qualities necessary to save this world.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg This is a "trial."
Paimon: This "trial"... of perseverance!
Paimon: Wait, Paimon recognizes you! Lord, this is the very person you saw in your dreams!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg (Keep silent for dramatic effect.)
???: Ugh, are you both done yet? Help me get that key already!
(Talk again ×2)
???: Is this another "trial"?
Paimon: We were just discussing the matter...
???: Do you outlanders need to hold a meeting just to get a single key?
Paimon: Ah, but what if you are some sort of great bandit?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Perhaps it would be safer if you remained inside that cage.
Paimon: That's true... What if he starts growing super huge all of a sudden once we let him out, and he tears us to pieces and eats us, all snicker-snack-like?
???: Hey! That's not what a bandit does!
???: Also, what on earth is "snicker-snack"?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg He might be a werewolf.
Paimon: Oh no! A werewolf! So scary...
???: Are you two playing me for a fool here?
???: What a fierce werewolf!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg So ferocious!
???: What are you two, children?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg A snickery-snackery werewolf.
(Talk again ×3)
???: The key is in that tree, so stop playing around already!
Paimon: Come on, haven't you heard of "mental strength"?
???: I just know that it has nothing to do with this cage.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg And that's where you'd be wrong!
Paimon: First, you need to create an imaginary space.
Paimon: Then focus your attention on the cage around you, and imagine it disappearing... and disappearing...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Follow along, if you please...
???: ...
???: ...
???: ...
???: ...I've got it.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Speak, young man.
???: Talking to you is bad for my mental health.
???: So, starting from now, I'm just not going to speak to either of you.
Paimon: Aw, come on, don't be like that!
???: ...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Did we say something wrong?
???: ...
Paimon: What a weirdo...
(Talk again ×4 or more)
???: ...
Paimon: Wow, he's really ignoring us...
(After interacting with the "Open" prompt and using the Cage Key to open it)
???: Phew, finally, someone's here to rescue me!
???: Thank you, thank you so much!
???: But we can't stay in this place. Let's split up and get out of here!
???: Ah, right. I know of a safe spot. Let me just mark it out for you over... here.
???: Just look for me there, got it? Okay. Great. Bye!
The strange person ignores everyone and leaves.
Paimon: Hey, wait a—
Paimon: Ugh, he's gone off on his own. So rude!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Well, we are a bit too close to the open sea.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg The bandits will spot up any moment now.
Paimon: That's true. Let's get out of here first, then!
(Teleport cutscene)
???: If you hadn't gotten me out of that cage, those fellows would have turned me into a blood urchin...
Paimon: What's a blood urchin?
???: Hahaha. Oh right, the two of you are outlanders. You wouldn't know our local parlance.
???: It's a very scary, ancient method of punishment. A very, very scary one...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Very, very, very scary...
Paimon: Alright, alright, Paimon doesn't wanna hear it! Ugh, why did Paimon even ask!?
Paimon: No, wait. Actually, how did you know all this weird stuff, huh, (Traveler)?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Hehe. Why don't you try to guess?
Paimon: Hey—!
(If you haven't met his father yet)
???: Hahaha, alright.
Saimon Jirou: So you're called (Traveler). My name is Saimon Jirou. Pleased to meet you.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg The pleasure is all mine.
Paimon: Hmm. That's right, we still don't know how you ended up in that cage.
Saimon Jirou: Well, this is a bit embarrassing... But I was just trying to get some peace of mind from my naggy old father...
Saimon Jirou: Never thought I'd wander right into a nest of bandits and get myself kidnapped!
Saimon Jirou: If not for you, I'd be in mortal danger for sure!
Saimon Jirou: Ah, yes, I forget. I should probably give you some reward for this deed. My apologies.
Paimon: Hehe, you're too polite...
Saimon Jirou: So, as for the reward...
Paimon: Yep, yep?
Saimon Jirou: I'm sorry, but I can't give it to you right now.
Paimon: Come on, then why did you leave us hanging like that?
Saimon Jirou: Whoa, no need to rush. Just slow down a bit and let me talk.
Saimon Jirou: Well, I—I'm a professional treasure hunter.
Paimon: Professional treasure hunter? Never heard of that...
Saimon Jirou: Uh, I mean, I'm someone who looks for treasure for a living.
Paimon: Ooh, Paimon's got it now!
Saimon Jirou: After some lengthy investigation, I've discovered the location of some treasure nearby.
Saimon Jirou: It's just that the treasury gate requires four stone slates to open.
Paimon: Eh...?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg So you want us to run your errands for you?
Saimon Jirou: C'mon, don't be so hard up! If you bring the stone slates to me, and let me open the treasury door for you, I won't take a single Mora. The treasure will all be yours.
Paimon: That's so fishy...
Saimon Jirou: I mean, you did save my life! What's some treasure compared to that?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I can't be sure if we can trust you...
Saimon Jirou: Hehe, ah, see I knew you'd be too kind to take it all.
Saimon Jirou: How about this, then? We'll split it thirty-seventy. Seventy for me, twenty for you, and we'll give that last ten to the Ogosho in taxes. How about that?
Paimon: Hey! Why do we have to split the loot with the Shogun?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You're not making any sense...
Saimon Jirou: It's a huge treasury, you know? Even twenty percent is a sizable amount!
Saimon Jirou: And it's better than getting nothing, am I right?
Paimon: Didn't you say that you weren't going to take a single Mora?
Saimon Jirou: Hehe, that was a limited-time offer — you snooze, you lose!
Paimon: This guy—!
Paimon: We'll settle this score once we find that treasure, mark Paimon's words!
(If you have met his father)
???: Hahaha, alright, alright. Don't argue.
???: Ah, so (Traveler)'s your name. Pleased to make your acquaintance.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg The pleasure is all mine.
Paimon: We want to ask you about a couple of things.
???: Ask away.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg So we're looking for a certain Saimon Jirou...
???: Oh... him...
???: Why'd you want to know where he is?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Ah, so you know him.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Why are you so concerned?
???: I—It's nothing! I'm just asking.
???: I... I've heard on the grapevine that the Tenryou Commissioner's sent out lots of ninjas to capture deserters in secret.
???: Looking at you ask about this and that, I was starting to wonder if the things I heard were true.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I know that I'm a ninja?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I said nothing about looking for deserters.
Paimon: (This guy's story is just full of holes...)
Paimon: (Let's just play along and see if we can make those holes any bigger!)
???: Ugh...!
???: I— Well, I was just saying that, you know? But yeah, what a coincidence, am I right? Haha... Ha...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg (Paimon, you're up.)
Paimon: A coincidence, you say...
Paimon: Hehe, did you think that our saving you was a coincidence, then?
Paimon: There's a fine reward for providing information on deserters. And if none can be provided, it's no loss as long as we can catch one.
???: What do you mean "no loss"?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg "No loss" to us, of course.
Paimon: Oh, you've got a good head on your shoulders, don't you? Shame about that...
???: Wh—What do you mean...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg (Actually, where'd you learn that line, Paimon?)
Paimon: (Hehe! From all the people we've met on this journey, of course!)
Paimon: Alright, (Traveler). We've wasted enough words on him. Time to execute this deserter.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Kneel!
???: W—W—Wait!
???: My life is unimportant but before I die can I please ask to please look at your identification papers please lords can I just know your names please!
Paimon: What in the world is he talking about?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg He wants to see our papers.
Paimon: Hah! What nonsense.
Paimon: A man who fled the army, trying to beg for the name of loyal samurai?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Indeed, preposterous!
???: Please don't kill me I'll tell you were the treasure is just don't kill me Ogosho's tears please just don't kill meeee!
Paimon: (This guy's scared out of his wits...)
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Come again?
Paimon: Calm down. One sentence at a time.
???: You're... not going to kill me anymore?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Mmhmm.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Perhaps.
Paimon: Hmph.
Paimon: But before that, we'd like to ask you another question...
???: Please ask.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Are you Saimon Jirou?
???: I... maybe...
Paimon: Hmm?
Saimon Jirou: I—I—I am! I am! I'm Jirou, alright?
Paimon: Whoa, look at him grovel...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg (Well, whether it's true or not...)
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg (His parents will know for sure.)
Paimon: (That's true, his identity is hard for us to ascertain. But if we send him to his parents, they'll know in a heartbeat.)
Paimon: Alright, Saimon. On account of your coming from a samurai line, we'll give you one chance to redeem your errors.
Paimon: Now, tell us again, what... treasure were you talking about earlier? Speak clearly!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Indeed. Speak clearly!
Saimon Jirou: Well, I—I'm a professional treasure hunter...
Paimon: Is he?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg That's one I've never heard.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Doesn't look like it.
Saimon Jirou: S—Sorry! I'll get to the point.
Saimon Jirou: After some lengthy investigation, I've discovered the location of some treasure nearby.
Saimon Jirou: It's just that the treasury gate requires four stone slates to open.
Saimon Jirou: If you could, my lords, please help me find these stone slates, that I may investigate them—
Paimon: Are you taking us for fools?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg (Paimon, don't press him too hard, now.)
Saimon Jirou: I—I wouldn't dare...I just mean that I've investigated it for a while, and have a good deal of experience.
Paimon: Well, if you do, then you'll know better than to try to play us false.
Saimon Jirou: Once all the stone slates are in place, the treasury door should open. Then we can split the treasure... uh, thirty-seventy...
Paimon: Hmm!?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Want to die, do you?
Saimon Jirou: You'll get seventy, I'll get thirty!
Paimon: Relax, relax. This is just business. And we're definitely amenable to price negotiations.
Paimon: Once we've settled on something everyone can agree on, everyone will be happy, right?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Only thirty-seventy?
Paimon: True, that seems somewhat unacceptable, how about twenty-eighty?
Saimon Jirou: That's great! Twenty-eighty it is!
Paimon: Sounds good, (Traveler).
Paimon: Let's send twenty percent of his fingers to the Tenryou Commissioner. We'll split the remaining eighty.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Agreed.
Saimon Jirou: Eh!? W—Wait, no! Stop! I thought...!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Hands out!
Paimon: ...Halt!
Saimon Jirou: Ah, as I thought, we can still discuss things, right...!
Paimon: There's no need to dirty your blade, Paimon's will do!
Paimon: It's smaller, so this'll go slower.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Oh, yes. True, true.
Saimon Jirou: ...!
Saimon Jirou: S—Stop! Please stop torturing me!
Saimon Jirou: I'll give you everything. Everything, alright?
Saimon Jirou: Just take all of it... *sobs*
Paimon: (Wow, we made him cry...)
Saimon Jirou: I'm quite big now... but no one has bullied me like this before... Waaah...
Paimon: (We played the part a little too well, huh...?)
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Weakling.
Paimon: (Hey! Aren't we done here already!?)
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg (We should leave.)
Paimon: (Okay. Let's go.)
(Talk to him again)
(If you did not torture him)
Saimon Jirou: Oh, you're back!
Paimon: So, you've been quite idle here, huh?
Saimon Jirou: Haha, there's no need to put it like that.
Saimon Jirou: Sit as you please and have something to eat. This tent of mine isn't too bad, I hope!
Saimon Jirou: Ah yes. How goes the search for the stone slates?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Alright.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg We've found a few!
Saimon Jirou: So quickly? Ah, I should have expected no less from travelers from abroad who move as they please through Inazuma!
Saimon Jirou: No need to rush. At this rate, the day I get rich is not far off, I'd wager!
Saimon Jirou: Uh... *cough*, I mean, "we."
Saimon Jirou: Aye, what say we all get rich together, eh?
Paimon: Hmph. What a fishy guy...
(If you tortured him)
Saimon Jirou: Ah, my lords! You've returned.
Saimon Jirou: How is it? How goes your search.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Be quiet, whelp.
Paimon: (How are you this experienced...)
Saimon Jirou: Y—Yes, I'm sorry! I spoke out of turn, out of turn!
Saimon Jirou: Please, my lords, rest your weary feet here, and continue on your way once you are rested as you please...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Mm.
Paimon: Mm~

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