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A group of broken isles at the northernmost tip of Inazuma, swallowed by the shadow of mighty Mt. Yougou.
In a less peaceful time, this land was crawling with deserters who fell into banditry.

Expedition description

Jinren Island (Japanese: 刃連島 Jinren-jima) is an island in Inazuma.




Next to the dog's cage, there is a Thunder Sakura Bough that can be used to summon an Electrogranum. The Thunder Spheres above can be used to fly up to the Wormhole leading to the Perpetual Mechanical Array's arena.


There are some cages on Jinren island:

  • There is a cage containing a Shiba named Toratarou. The player has the option to open the cage or feed it 1 Fowl. Opening the cage will grant the Wonders of the World achievement "Who Let the Dogs Out?". Following the dog will lead to a Precious Chest buried halfway under the sand.
  • There is a cage further west containing a chest.
  • There is a cage hanging from a vine containing a Seelie. Opening the cage and following the seelie will spawn a chest.
  • There is another cage hanging from a vine containing an "Enigmatic Page." Picking it up will give a part of the Torn Page: Toki Alley Tales (Prologue) series.
  • There is a cage on top of the little mountain containing a person (Saimon Jirou).


There are several Metal Keys on the island that can be used to unlock the cage:

Saimon Jirou's cage

Initially, the cage containing the person will be surrounded by Nobushi. Getting close to and interacting with the cage will initiate a dialogue sequence for the Hidden Exploration Objective "Searching for Saimon Jirou." Completing this hidden exploration objective will unlock the World Quest "The Farmer's Treasure."

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Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Jinren Island
Chinese reading of Japanese name
Japanese 刃連島
Blade Gang Island
Korean 진렌섬
Jinren Island
Spanish Isla JinrenJinren Island
French Île de JinrenJinren Island
Russian Остров Дзинрэн
Ostrov Dzinren
Jinren Island
Thai Jinren Island
Vietnamese Đảo JinrenJinren Island
German Jinren
Indonesian Jinren Island
Portuguese Ilha JinrenJinren Island


  • Saida Tadayoshi is unaffected by commissions and world quests that take place on the island.

Change History

Released in Version 2.0