The Jade Chamber was an airborne palace above the skies of Liyue from which the Qixing monitored all the happenings in the region. It becomes inaccessible after completing "A New Star Approaches", where it was sacrificed to defeat the ancient god Osial.


Items Dialogue

Jade Chamber Intel Wall

(Interact with the intel wall)
Jade Chamber Intel Wall: Ningguang's famed wall of business intelligence, densely packed with pages of information pulled from countless sources.
Jade Chamber Intel Wall: There are reams of information here: shipping schedules, profit and loss accounts, warehouse inventories, road safety reports, diplomatic intel... The scope is breath-taking, as is the level of detail, and all the information is up to date.
Jade Chamber Intel Wall: Only the sharpest and most meticulous mind would be able to cut through the clutter and discern the connections between all these disparate strands of information.

Ningguang's Porcelain Antique

(Interact with the blue vase on a shelf)
Ningguang's Porcelain Antique: A slender-necked, aquamarine-colored porcelain vase. It has a pristine, glossy finish and is clearly a top-of-the-range item. It does not seem to have come from an official kiln. The faint iridescent shine it gives off, somewhat similar to that of mother-of-pearl, would seem to suggest that it has had a long history.
Ningguang's Porcelain Antique: On the body of this delicate ornament, there are some words written in bold strokes:
Ningguang's Porcelain Antique: "From the Crux Fleet"

Neatly-Stacked Scrolls

(Interact with the scrolls on Ningguang's desk)
Neatly Stacked Scrolls: A neatly stacked pile of scrolls. Each sheet of paper is as thin as an insect's wings.
Neatly Stacked Scrolls: Perhaps these are just... calligraphy works?


(Interact with the scale on Ningguang's desk)
Scale: "Though mountains be razed and the ground beneath our feet crumble, never may the contract change"
Scale: "For it alone is the bedrock on which Mt. Tianheng stands firm against the tides of ingenious machinations"

Strange Notebook

(Interact with the Strange Notebook)
Strange Notebook: "...The order for one copy of Customs of Liyue: Receiving God placed two days ago has now been fulfilled, item has been delivered to the Jade Chamber, could Ms. Ningguang kindly confirm all is in order..."
Strange Notebook: "... 3:2:1|2|3; 8:5:1|2; 9:1:1; 5:62:4|5; 8:20:1|2|3|4; 6:3:5|6|7|8; 8:23:3|4 ..."
Strange Notebook: "... 1:3:1|2|3; 4:16:1|2; 10:9:5|6|7; 2:3:5; 10:11:2|3|4; 3:16:6|7; ..."
Strange Notebook: The signature line has been scrubbed out, and is impossible to read.


  • The Jade Chamber can be freely accessed via Bu'yun between the quests Equilibrium and Heart of Glaze.
  • The Jade Chamber was not stationary and could be moved at will by Ningguang. It was destroyed in order to defeat Osial, Overlord of the Vortex in Turning Point.
  • As revealed in Fishing For Jade, the Millelith are still cleaning up the remains of the chamber from the sea.
  • It's revealed in Return of the Jade Chamber? that the Jade Chamber is planned to be rebuilt some day, though finding the building materials has been difficult.
  • Attempting to visit the Jade Chamber on another player's world while your copy is destroyed will cause you to spawn where it was and fall.
    • Co-op is fully functional within the interior of the Jade Chamber.
    • The host is able to enter and exit the Jade Chamber at will.
    • After joining the host's world while within the Jade Chamber and leaving the Jade Chamber, you will immediately fall. Some of the Jade Chamber's particles may appear when looking up.
  • If you decipher the series of numbers in the Strange Notebook you get "The Fatui will strike the Golden House". The text can be deciphered by referring a book about Rex Lapis's death that can be found on Ningguang's desk. The code numbers are a modified Book Cipher, written in the format, [sentence] : [word]: [letter] | [letter]. The letters from these codes will spell out the message.


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