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For the Story Domain encountered during A New Star Approaches, see Jade Chamber (Story Domain).

The floating palace of the Tianquan Ningguang.
It once sunk into the Sea of Clouds after being used to suppress the Overlord of the Vortex, and it rose high above Liyue Harbor once more to combat other threats. Today, some people regard the Jade Chamber not only as a symbol of Ningguang's might, but also as a sign of Liyue Harbor's adamantine will.

The Jade Chamber (Chinese: 群玉阁 Qúnyù-gé, "Chamber of Many Jades") is an airborne structure above the skies of Liyue from which the Qixing monitored all the happenings in the region. It becomes inaccessible after completing A New Star Approaches, where it was sacrificed to defeat the ancient god Osial, but is reconstructed during The Crane Returns on the Wind and becomes accessible again.

It is marked on the Map by the Icon Jade Chamber.svg icon.


  • Baishi — Secretary, Jade Chamber
  • Baiwen — Secretary, Jade Chamber
  • Baixiao — Secretary, Jade Chamber
  • Zhenhai — Guard, Jade Chamber


Jade Chamber Intel Wall

Jade Chamber Intel Wall

(Interact with the intel wall)
Jade Chamber Intel Wall: Ningguang's famed wall of business intelligence, densely packed with pages of information pulled from countless sources.
Jade Chamber Intel Wall: There are reams of information here: shipping schedules, profit and loss accounts, warehouse inventories, road safety reports, diplomatic intel... The scope is breath-taking, as is the level of detail, and all the information is up to date.
Jade Chamber Intel Wall: Only the sharpest and most meticulous mind would be able to cut through the clutter and discern the connections between all these disparate strands of information.

Ningguang's Porcelain Antique

Ningguang's Porcelain Antique

(Interact with the blue vase on a shelf)
Ningguang's Porcelain Antique: A slender-necked, aquamarine-colored porcelain vase. It has a pristine, glossy finish and is clearly a top-of-the-range item. It does not seem to have come from an official kiln. The faint iridescent shine it gives off, somewhat similar to that of mother-of-pearl, would seem to suggest that it has had a long history.
Ningguang's Porcelain Antique: On the body of this delicate ornament, there are some words written in bold strokes:
Ningguang's Porcelain Antique: "From The Crux"

Neatly Stacked Scrolls

Neatly-Stacked Scrolls

(Interact with the scrolls on Ningguang's desk)
Neatly Stacked Scrolls: A neatly stacked pile of scrolls. Each sheet of paper is as thin as an insect's wings.
Neatly Stacked Scrolls: Perhaps these are just... calligraphy works?



(Interact with the scale on Ningguang's desk)
Scale: "Though mountains be razed and the ground beneath our feet crumble, never may the contract change"
Scale: "For it alone is the bedrock on which Mt. Tianheng stands firm against the tides of ingenious machinations"

Strange Notebook

Strange Notebook

(Interact with the Strange Notebook in the first Jade Chamber)
Strange Notebook: "...The order for one copy of Customs of Liyue: Receiving God placed two days ago has now been fulfilled, item has been delivered to the Jade Chamber, could Ms. Ningguang kindly confirm all is in order..."
Strange Notebook: "... 3:2:1|2|3; 8:5:1|2; 9:1:1; 5:62:4|5; 8:20:1|2|3|4; 6:3:5|6|7|8; 8:23:3|4 ..."
Strange Notebook: "... 1:3:1|2|3; 4:16:1|2; 10:9:5|6|7; 2:3:5; 10:11:2|3|4; 3:16:6|7; ..."
Strange Notebook: The signature line has been scrubbed out, and is impossible to read.


Plaustrite and a Scarred Green Plant

(Observe the green plant in the second Jade Chamber)
Observe: (The pot contains a very old piece of Plaustrite and a scarred green plant.)
Observe: (...It does seem like something from the first Jade Chamber.)


  1. The Jade Chamber had already existed when the Traveler started their journey in Teyvat. It is unknown when the chamber was first built.
  2. During The Floating Palace, the Traveler attempts to get to the chamber via Mt. Tianheng but found no way forward. Paimon then had the bright idea of using the Guizhong Ballista to shoot the Traveler up to the chamber.
  3. At the Guizhong Ballista, the Traveler meets Keqing who informs the Traveler of the correct path to chamber and gives the secret code: "Excuse me, do you sell the moon here?" The Traveler submits the secret code to Bu'yun at the Yuehai Pavilion and is allowed onto the Jade Chamber.
  4. In the Jade Chamber, the Traveler finds out about a secret Fatui plot and, after fighting Childe, discovers their plan to unleash Osial, Overlord of the Vortex.
  5. During Turning Point, the Jade Chamber was destroyed in order to defeat Osial.
  6. In Fishing For Jade, it was revealed that the Millelith had to clean up remains of the chamber from the sea. In Return of the Jade Chamber? the Traveler learns that the Jade Chamber is planned to be rebuilt someday, though finding the building materials has been difficult.
  7. During Jade Chamber Rising, Ningguang announces a competition to find materials to rebuild the chamber. The Traveler, Shenhe, Yun Jin and Beidou team up to find materials.
  8. In The Crane Returns on the Wind, Ningguang reveals she expedited her plans to rebuild the chamber in order to lure out Beisht, Osial's wife and was prepared to sacrifice it again. But this time, the Jade Chamber had survived the battle.
  • The Jade Chamber is able to float due to a large chunk of Sunset Vermillionite inside of it. Sunset Vermillionite is a type of large Plaustrite, and the unique floating properties of Plaustrite give the chamber its airborne status.
  • The control compartment of the Jade Chamber is responsible for allowing aerial movement the chamber. By combining Adepti Sigils and Wonder Cores and inserting them into the control compartment, the Jade Chamber can be controlled.
  • The Jade Chamber holds a tremendous amount of energy within it and is extremely heavy. According to Ningguang in Auction Games, it was able to defeat Osial due to the combined effects of its great weight hitting him with incredible force, while the energy within it triggered the spectacular explosion.
Co-Op Mode
  • Attempting to visit the Jade Chamber on another player's world while your copy is destroyed will cause you to spawn where it was and fall.
  • Co-Op Mode is fully functional within the interior of the Jade Chamber.
  • The host is able to enter and exit the Jade Chamber at will.
  • After joining the host's world while within the Jade Chamber, then leaving the Jade Chamber, you will immediately fall. Some of the Jade Chamber's particles may appear when looking up.
Strange Notebook
  • If the series of numbers in the Strange Notebook are deciphered, it will read "The Fatui will strike the Golden House". The text can be deciphered by referring the book Customs of Liyue: Receiving God which can be found on Ningguang's desk. The code numbers are a modified Book Cipher, written in the format, "[paragraph]:[word]:[letter]|[letter]". The letters from these codes will spell out the message.
    • The pattern of code numbers in the Chinese version is comparatively more simple and traditional, written in the format, "句[sentence],[character]、[character]". The deciphered code reads 愚人众将在黄金屋作乱 "The Fatui will cause unrest at the Golden House."


  • The Chinese name "Chamber of Many Jades" (Chinese: 群玉阁 Qúnyù-gé) may be a reference to Jade Mountain (Chinese: 玉山 Yùshān), also called the Mountain of Many Jades (Chinese: 群玉山 Qúnyù-shān) in the Chinese classic Tale of King Mu, Son of Heaven. According to the Chinese mythology, it is the residence of the goddess Queen Mother of the West, who is worshipped especially in the Taoist religion as the goddess of immortality.
    • As a derivation of the above mythology, the Chinese term "many jades" (Chinese: 群玉 Qúnyù) came to refer to an imperial library that collects rare books.[1] It may have inspired Ningguang's use of the chamber as the headquarters of intelligence.
  • "Red jade tower and (green) jade chamber" (Chinese: 琼台玉阁 qióngtái yùgé) is also a poetic expression for the Moon Palace, where the Chinese moon goddess Chang'e is said to live.[2]
    • This may also be alluded to in the Jade Chamber's secret entrance code, "Excuse me, do you sell the moon here?".





Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishJade Chamber
Chamber of Many Jades
Chamber of Many Jades[※]
Chamber of Many Jades[※]
SpanishCámara de JadeJade Chamber
FrenchChambre de JadeJade Chamber
RussianНефритовый дворец
Nefritovyy dvorets
Jade Palace
ThaiJade Chamber
VietnameseQuần Ngọc CácChamber of Many Jades[※]
GermanJadegemachJade Chamber
IndonesianJade Chamber
PortugueseCâmara de JadeJade Chamber

Change History

Released in Version 1.1
Version 2.4
  • Added Jade Chamber as permanent location.

Version 1.1

  • Jade Chamber was released.


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