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The Irminsul is a type of silver-white tree whose roots stretch down into the Abyss[1] and who are connected to the Ley Lines of the world.

Aboveground, it takes the form of Petrified Trees (Domains), Ley Line Outcrops and Ley Line Blossoms, and their roots can be vitalized with Original Resin or Condensed Resin[2][3] but the petrified trees that we can come across in domains aren't that ancient.[4]

Truly ancient Irminsul trees usually grow to around one or two miles in height and a kind of large spider lives around their roots.[4]

The Irminsul trees and blossoms in the world are intertwined at the deepest, most hidden place in the earth, and the pattern the root system makes defines the Ley Lines of the world.[2]

The Hexenzirkel organization conducts Irminsul explorations.[5]

Notable Irminsul Trees

  • The Frostbearing Tree in Sal Vindagnyr (Dragonspine)
    • For reasons unclear, Celestia sent the Skyfrost Nail to destroy the tree long in the past, an event that turned the region's climate into that seen in modern-day Dragonspine. During the cataclysm five hundred years ago, Durin was slain over the region and its blood revived the tree.


  • The Prototype Crescent bowstring is made of Irminsul branches.
  • In Germanic paganism, an Irminsul is a sacred pillar-like object, typically made of wood.


  • The proper noun "Irminsul" appears only in English texts among the four major supported languages. The three East Asian languages do not have proper nouns or consistent terms for these ancient silver-white trees. See the table below for comparison.
    • The lore for the catalyst Frostbearer translates "silver-white tree" in Chinese (Chinese: 银白之树) literally instead of localizing it as "Irminsul." This may be due to the fact that the tree was not referred to as an "ancient tree" (Chinese: 古树).
    • All instances of "Irminsul" in the Energy Amplifier Initiation event were instead expressed as "Ley Line" in the East Asian languages.
Source English Chinese Japanese Korean
Original Resin Irminsul trees and blossoms 银白的古树与银白的花
"silver-white ancient trees and silver-white blossoms"
"silver-white ancient trees and blossoms"
은백 고목과 은백의 꽃
"silver-white ancient trees and silver-white blossoms"
Condensed Resin silver-white Irminsul trees and blossoms 银白的古树与花 銀白の古樹と花 은백의 고목과 꽃
"silver-white ancient trees and blossoms"
Lisa's Voice-Over: About Mona Irminsul 古树 古樹 고목
"ancient trees"
Albedo's Voice-Over: Interesting Things petrified trees 石化古树 石化古樹 석화 고목
"petrified ancient trees"
Prototype Crescent Irminsul branches 银白树枝 銀白の枝 은백 나무 가지
"silver-white branches"
"silver branches"
"silver branches"
은백나무 가지
"silver-white branches"
Frostbearer silver-white tree 银白之树 銀白の樹 은백 나무
"silver-white tree"
Energy Amplifier Initiation Irminsul Fruit 地脉之果 地脈の実 지맥의 열매
"Ley Line Fruit"
Mr. Melancholy Irminsul energetics 地脉能量
"Ley Line energy"
"Ley Line Fruit energy"
지맥 에너지
"Ley Line Energy"



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