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Involuntary Sacrifice is the first part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests Chapter I: Act IV - We Will Be Reunited.


  1. Go near the Adventurers' Guild Bulletin Board
  2. Go to the ruins
  3. Follow the Treasure Hoarders
  4. Check out the depths of the ruins
  5. Flee the ruins
  6. Negotiate with the Abyss Herald
  7. Talk to the Abyss Herald
  8. Leave the ruins



(Approach Lan)
Lan: Yes, yes. They have the audacity to go after anything.
Lan: The Seven, dragons, gods... no ancient artifacts that relates can escape their greedy ambitions.
Lan: Still, this time is different... Who do they think they are going after the Abyss Orders treasures...?
Lan: Oh, Traveler, it's you.
Paimon: Huh? Ganyu, what are you doing here with Lan? Do you have a commission you need to post?
Ganyu: Hello, (Traveler).
Ganyu: We were just discussing the Treasure Hoarders.
Lan: Yes, we were just saying how even the audacious Treasure Hoarders should know better than to mess with the Abyss — it's just too evil.
Ganyu: But we recently received intel from the Ministry of Civil Affairs that two big-time Treasure Hoarders in Liyue and Mondstadt are planning some big joint operation.
Paimon: "Two big-time Treasure Hoarders"?
Lan: Yes, they're known as "Big Sis of the South" and "Raptor of the North."
Paimon: Ahh! Raptor! Paimon remembers he tried to run away from Amber in Mondstadt... But who is "Big Sis of the South"?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Does "Big Sis" mean she bosses people around?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Is she the "Boss" the Treasure Hoarders refer to?
Lan: You already know something then. I guess you must have crossed paths with the Treasure Hoarders many times before.
Lan: You are correct. She is the head of the Treasure Hoarders in Liyue. As I understand it, the Treasure Hoarders all call her "Boss."
Lan: Some say that the God of Thieves even bestowed a gift upon her for her exploits, making her the "Big Sis of the Gods." ...But that's probably just a wild rumor.
Ganyu: Anyway, the Treasure Hoarders discovered some previously unexplored ruins that the Abyss Order has been secretly guarding in the shadows.
Ganyu: Despite how dangerous that makes it, all the Treasure Hoarders can think about is what kinds of treasure could be inside...
Ganyu: They have already devised a plan: they will send out a decoy to divert the Abyss Order's forces away from the ruins, then send an expert thief inside to steal the treasure.
Lan: To this end, Big Sis and Raptor have reportedly recruited a certain "Grand Thief" from Fontaine...
Paimon: "Grand Thief"? That's quite an impressive-sounding title.
Lan: Indeed. He is an extraordinary individual.
Lan: The Grand Thief is highly respected in the Treasure Hoarders, in the same way that we adventurer's look up to great adventurers.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Just like the famous adventurer, Alice?
Lan: Ah, so you're familiar with the author of the Teyvat Travel Guide, then? Correct, the Grand Thief is someone as renowned as her.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Just like the great adventurer, Stanley?
Lan: Ah, you met the living legend himself while you were in Mondstadt? Correct, the Grand Thief is someone just as renowned as him.
Lan: So, despite being relative big-timers in Liyue and Mondstadt, Big Sis and Raptor had to put in a lot of work to convince a thief of his status to come and personally oversee this operation.
Ganyu: With the major changes in Liyue recently, the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the Millelith already have their hands full. They don't have time to investigate rumors about Treasure Hoarder activity.
Ganyu: But anything related to the Abyss makes me feel like there is some unknown danger lurking beneath the surface.
Ganyu: So, I decided to come to the Adventurers' Guild to post a commission.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Well, since I'm here....
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I, too, understand the dangers of the Abyss.
Paimon: Mm-hmmm! Leave this commission to us!
Ganyu: Oh, thank you so much.
Lan: Good to see this in the hands of a reliable Guild member. Well then, good luck. The Guild will take care of the details for this commission.

Following the Treasure Hoarders' trail, you enter the ruins Ganyu and Lan spoke of.
(Approach the camp near the first door)
Paimon: There are signs of Treasure Hoarder activity here! They must've come to these ruins.
Paimon: Let's go deeper inside... Paimon sure hopes Ganyu's information is reliable...
(Approach the hilichurls)
Paimon: There aren't many guards here...
Paimon: Looks like their plan to draw away the Abyss Order's forces really worked!
(Approach the camp near the hallway with bubbles)
Paimon: More signs that a Treasure Hoarder was here! This should be the right direction, but...
Paimon: Why does it feel stranger and stranger the deeper we make it into these ruins?
Paimon: Hehe, um... Be careful, now! Paimon's right behind you...

(Enter the depths of the ruins)
Paimon: Th—This looks like a person!
Paimon: Could it be the Grand Thief?
Paimon: Why is he in that position? Is he praying to something?
(The Statue of the Seven explodes with Abyssal energy)
Paimon: !?
Paimon: That's...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png A... Statue of the Seven?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Some strange thing that I've never seen.
Paimon: Wh—Why is this Statue of The Seven... hanging upside-down...?
Paimon: And the Statue's hands... Paimon remembers they are normally holding an orb, right?
Paimon: But, this statue is holding... What is that?
Paimon: Uhh... Paimon has a really bad feeling about this...
Paimon: And the Grand Thief hasn't moved an inch. D—Do you think he's...?
(Paimon approaches the Grand Thief)
Paimon: Um... hello...? Are you okay mister?
Observe the "Grand Thief": (There's no reaction, nor any sign of breathing.)
Paimon: ...H—He's dead.
Paimon: Paimon doesn't feel so good, (Traveler).
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What a terrible place...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png How did he die...?
Paimon: Let's get out of here, and fast! We should report back to Ganyu and Lan...
(The ground shakes)
Paimon: Aaaah, now what!?
(After the cutscene)
Paimon: We can't stay here. Quick, run!

(Approach the Abyss Herald)
???: You cannot spy on the secrets of the Abyss.
???: You have come here, you have seen our secrets. For this, you must pay the price.
Abyss Herald: As a Herald, I will mete out your punishment.
Paimon: An Abyss Herald!?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png The one Dain spoke of...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png The monster we were tracking with Dain...
Abyss Herald: Dain... Dainsleif? Oh, I thought you were just a couple of pests that stumbled in here by mistake... So, you are with Dainsleif, that constant annoyance in our affairs...
Abyss Herald: Did he send you here to die? His resistance against the Abyss has gone nowhere for a long time. There is nothing you can do to change the tide...
Abyss Herald: The Abyss... is unstoppable!
(After the cutscene)
Paimon: What is this power...? Paimon's never seen it before...
Paimon: Careful, please don't get cocky...

(After defeating the Abyss Herald)
Abyss Herald: This power... It seems familiar...
Abyss Herald: Hmph...!
Abyss Herald: I see... So, it's you... you are the one!
Abyss Herald: In that case, I shall stay here no longer...
(The Abyss Herald summons a portal and disappears)
Paimon: Whew... what a tough battle. Are you okay, (Traveler)?
Paimon: Such a strong enemy. Who knew the Abyss Order had monsters this powerful among them?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png (It seemed to... know me.)
Paimon: Huh? What is it? What are you thinking about?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Nothing, let's just get out of here.
Paimon: Oh, right, yeah... We're near the exit now. Let's get outta this scary place before something even more dangerous shows up!
The Traveler and Paimon swiftly leave the ruins...

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishInvoluntary Sacrifice
Fēi Zìyuàn de Jì Xiàn
Involuntary Sacrifice
Fēi Zìyuàn de Jì Xiàn
Nozomarenai Kugi
Undesired Sacrifice
Korean본의 아닌 제헌
Bonui Anin Jeheon
Undesired Sacrifice
SpanishSacrificio involuntarioInvoluntary Sacrifice
FrenchSacrifice involontaireInvoluntary Sacrifice
RussianПринудительное жертвоприношение
Prinuditel'noye zhertvoprinosheniye
Involuntary Sacrifice
VietnameseHiến Tế Không Tự NguyệnInvoluntary Sacrifice
GermanUnfreiwilliges OpferInvoluntary Victim
IndonesianPengorbanan yang Tidak DisengajaInvoluntary Sacrifice
PortugueseSacrifício InvoluntárioInvoluntary Sacrifice

Change History

Released in Version 1.4