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This content is no longer available.
This page contains information about a past event that may or may not return in a future version.
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Duration: March 19, 2021 10:00:00 AM – April 05, 2021 03:59:59 AM

Invitation of Windblume (German for "Wind Flower") is an in-game event released in Version 1.4. This event celebrates Mondstadt's Windblume Festival.

Event Details


  • Gameplay Duration: 2021/03/19 10:00 – 2021/04/05 03:59
  • Event Shop Duration: 2021/03/19 10:00 – 2021/04/12 03:59


Event Rules

Take part in challenges during the Windblume Festival to obtain two currencies: Festive Tour Ticket Festive Tour Ticket and Peculiar Collab Coupon Peculiar Collab Coupon. Spend these currencies at the Event Shop to purchase the event-exclusive weapon Windblume Ode and its exclusive refinement material "The Visible Winds" as well as the Crown of Insight and more.

Festive Anecdotes

A series of Windblume Festival quests will become available during the event period. Four acts of "Festive Anecdotes" will unlock over the course of the event, each bringing new quests. Complete these quests to win rewards including Primogems, Character EXP Materials, and Mora.

Act Name Start Time End Time
I Ode to Flower and Cloud
- Those Hard-to-Reach Places
- "Quiet, please, this is a library!"
2021-03-19 10:00 2021-04-05 03:59
II Missive of Cloud and Fog
- Flavor of the Month
- Windbrew
2021-03-22 04:00
III Realm of Fog and Wind
- The Sound of Discord
- Adventurers in Windblume
2021-03-25 04:00
IV Dream of Wind and Flowers
- Windblumes and Snowflakes
- Windblume Research Report
2021-03-28 04:00

Festive Challenges

Travelers can participate in three types of Festive Challenges during the event: Bullseye Balloons, Floral Freefall, and Ballads of Breeze. Complete the challenges to obtain Festive Tour Tickets.

  • A new stage will be unlocked for each Festive Challenge during each act. In single player mode, beat certain scores to win prizes off the corresponding characters.
  • In Co-Op Mode, you can try to best your friends in Bullseye Balloons and Floral Freefall challenges.
  • Festive Tour Tickets can only be obtained by completing Festive Challenges in single player mode.


Peculiar Wonderland

During the event, complete the quest "Peculiar Wonderland" to unlock the Peculiar Wonderland. After the Windblume Festival begins, more activities will appear in the Peculiar Wonderland as the event progresses, including Peculiar Challenges, Peculiar Trials, and Peculiar Conqueror tasks. Travelers can complete the challenges to obtain Peculiar Collab Coupons.

  • Each round of the Peculiar Wonderland is made up of three Peculiar Challenges and one Peculiar Trial. Up to three blessings can be activated according to your performance in the Peculiar Challenges. Travelers can use blessings in the Peculiar Trial to aid them in completing the challenge more quickly.
  • Different Peculiar Conqueror tasks will be unlocked when each act opens, and Peculiar Trials will also change. Peculiar Trials of previous acts will no longer appear.
  • Complete designated Peculiar Conqueror tasks to obtain Primogems, Character Talent Materials, Mora, and other rewards.


Event Shops

Note: After 2021/04/12 03:59:59, any remaining Festive Tour Tickets and Peculiar Collab Coupons will automatically disappear. Please make sure to exchange them for rewards in time.

Festive Tour Ticket

Item Item Festive Tour Ticket.png Stock Total
Crown of Insight Crown of Insight 400 1 400
Windblume Festival Commemorative Balloon Windblume Festival Commemorative Balloon 280 1 280
Windsong Lyre Windsong Lyre 280 1 280
Guide to Freedom Guide to Freedom 20 6 120
Philosophies of Freedom Philosophies of Freedom 60 2 120
Guide to Resistance Guide to Resistance 20 6 120
Philosophies of Resistance Philosophies of Resistance 60 2 120
Guide to Ballad Guide to Ballad 20 6 120
Philosophies of Ballad Philosophies of Ballad 60 2 120
Guide to Prosperity Guide to Prosperity 20 6 120
Philosophies of Prosperity Philosophies of Prosperity 60 2 120
Guide to Diligence Guide to Diligence 20 6 120
Philosophies of Diligence Philosophies of Diligence 60 2 120
Guide to Gold Guide to Gold 20 6 120
Philosophies of Gold Philosophies of Gold 60 2 120
Total cost for all items


Peculiar Collab Coupon

Item Item Peculiar Collab Coupon.png Stock Total
Windblume Ode Windblume Ode 700 1 700
"The Visible Winds" "The Visible Winds" 500 4 2,000
Chains of the Dandelion Gladiator Chains of the Dandelion Gladiator 15 6 90
Debris of Decarabian's City Debris of Decarabian's City 15 6 90
Boreal Wolf's Cracked Tooth Boreal Wolf's Cracked Tooth 15 6 90
Lustrous Stone from Guyun Lustrous Stone from Guyun 15 6 90
Mist Veiled Mercury Elixir Mist Veiled Mercury Elixir 15 6 90
Piece of Aerosiderite Piece of Aerosiderite 15 6 90
Hero's Wit Hero's Wit 10 30 300
Mystic Enhancement Ore Mystic Enhancement Ore 5 20 100
Mora Mora ×10000 10 30 300
Dust of Azoth Dust of Azoth ×6 3 20 60
Total cost for all items

Battle Pass Missions

This event added additional "This BP Period" Battle Pass missions to the Windborne Blossoms Battle Pass. The Battle Pass EXP (BP EXP) obtained from these missions do not count towards the weekly experience limit of 10,000 BP EXP.

MissionsBattle Pass EXP BP EXP
[Event] Reach 2,600 points in Bullseye Balloons: Tower Waltz1,500
[Event] Reach 3,000 points in Floral Freefall: Windrise1,500
[Event] Reach 2,200 points in Ballads of Breeze: Fondest Strength on Pro Mode1,500
[Event] Complete all Peculiar Conqueror tasks in Peculiar Wonderland2,250

Video Guides

How to avoid falling in the Shimmering Path
How to dodge the bubbles

Total Rewards

Item Primogem.png 1,000 Primogem
Item Mora.png 1,220,000 Mora
Event Items that expire at the end of the Event:

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishInvitation of Windblume
Fēnghuā de Yāoyuē
Invitation of the Wind Flower
Fēnghuā de Yāoyuē
Windoburuumu no Shoutai[!]
Invitation of Windblume
Korean윈드블룸의 초대
Windeubeullum-ui Chodae
Invitation of Windblume
SpanishEncuentro con las flores de vientoEncounter With the Wind Flowers
FrenchInvitation des alizéesInvitation of the Trade Winds Flowers[• 1]
RussianПриглашение ветряных цветов
Priglasheniye vetryanykh tsvetov
Siang Krasip Chak Dokmai
VietnameseLời Mời Của Hoa GióInvitation of the Wind Flower
GermanWindblumeneinladungWindblume Invitation
IndonesianUndangan WindblumeWindblume's Invitation
PortugueseConvite da Brisa Florescente
  1. French: Here, the word alizée (feminine) is a coined word that comes from the word alizé (masculine) meaning "trade winds." In the context of the game, the word alizée (the feminine form) refers to a flower, so it can be translated to "trade wind flower" or "east wind flower."

Change History

Released in Version 1.4