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This page is about community-derived information, concepts, or terminology.
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The term invincibility frames, or simply i-frames refers to frames where characters or enemies cannot receive certain damage, either by temporarily disabling their hitbox, or by being granted temporary full invulnerability.


Hitbox Removal

Hitbox-removing i-frames work by temporarily disabling your character's hitbox (invisible model used for collision detection) to most attacks, making them unable to hit the character. Some attacks however cannot be avoided using hitbox-removing i-frames, such as Azhdaha's Body Slam attack.

Hitbox-removing i-frames can be granted to players by:

Although some Normal Attacks and Elemental Skills can make the character briefly disappear, they do not grant i-frames.

Damage Nullification

Damage-nullifying i-frames temporarily grant your character full invulnerability, nullifying all incoming damage, including those that cannot be avoided using hitbox-removing i-frames, and those from status effects such as Sheer Cold and Corrosion. However, due to your character's hitbox still being present, certain status effects, such as Corrosion, Azhdaha's Ley Line Disorder, and Childe's Riptide will apply as normal on hit.

Damage-nullifying i-frames can be granted to players by:

  • Casting an Elemental Burst
  • The phase of Azhdaha's boss fight where he absorbs a new element



Certain enemies can also grant themselves invincibility frames, while performing certain attacks or transitioning to a new phase.

When enemies are in an invincible state, characters can still generate Energy particles by casting their Elemental Skills, or trigger certain weapon passives that require hits to land, such as that of The Black Sword. However, you will not be able to score Critical Hits, therefore passives such as that of the Favonius Series weapons cannot trigger. Exceptions to this rule include all Ruin Machines while waking up from their idle state, during which hits on them will not register at all.

Enemies that utilize invincibility frames include:

Common Enemies

Elite Enemies

Normal Bosses

Event Bosses

Weekly Bosses

Other Enemies

Change History

Released in Version 1.0
Version 2.1
  • Shields no longer receive damage during damage-nullifying i-frames.

Version 1.0

  • Invincibility Frames were released.