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Certain spots around Teyvat can be investigated for Artifacts, Cooking Ingredients, Forging Materials, Weapons, or Mora. Bloatty Floatties can also be investigated, but do not have any drops.



Artifact investigation spots drop 1-2 units of 1-star and 2-star artifacts. Some artifact investigation spots will also drop Mora Mora.

Cooking Ingredients

Cooking Ingredient investigation spots can drop 1-3 units of the following Cooking Ingredients:

Forging Materials

Forging Material investigation spots can drop 2-3 units of the following Forging Materials:


Weapon investigation spots drop 1-star weapons or 2-star weapons.


Respawning Mora Investigation spots can drop Mora Mora ×100/200/300 and one energy particle.

Non-respawning Mora Investigation spots (can be taken only once) can drop Mora Mora ×500/1000/1500/2000.

Daily Cap

The number of investigations a player can conduct in a day in the open world, is limited to 100. That is, after conducting 100 investigations, every investigation spot that the player gets close to, will not spawn. Investigation spots that already were in the player's vicinity when they reached the 100 limit, will not disappear (unless the player teleports away and then comes back). For example, if a player investigated 99 spots, and then entered an area with 30 investigation spots, the player will be able to take all 30, as long as they stay in that area.

The investigation points that may contain Mysterious Conch in the coast near Takashi do not count towards the daily cap, and will be available even after the player reached their daily cap.


Some Investigation spots can be found on the Teyvat Interactive Map.

Video Guides

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Change History

Released in Version 1.0