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Inu Shoushou is a quest-exclusive NPC that appears in Thoma's Hangout Event, Act I: A Housekeeper's Daily Chores.



Inu Shoushou is a member of the Shuumatsuban. He was paired with his owner and they went on missions together until one day when he was given a top-secret mission and went alone, without Shoushou. Shoushou remained by the shores near Konda Village ever since in the hopes that his owner would return from his mission.

During Thoma's Hangout event, Thoma spots Shoushou during his walks and tries to befriend it to no avail, even despite bringing the Traveler along. However, the Traveler recalls that if he is a member of the Shuumatsuban, he must have had a partner. Thoma contacts Kazuaki, who informs the two that Inu Shoushou's owner has been dispatched on a mission but is never coming back, likely having been assassinated. Kazuaki promises to have the Shuumatsuban cover Shoushou's expenses and Thoma brings back his partner's shuriken. He was still familiar with his owner's scent on the shuriken, and softened up to him and the Traveler.


Inu Shoushou is shown to be very loyal, remaining at the beach near Konda Village where he last he saw his owner, only moving a few paces when the tide comes in. Thoma mentions to the Traveler that Shoushou's fur was soaking wet from the elements the last time he saw him.

Shoushou does have a guarded and stubborn side, however, as he in the past has bit Thoma when approached by him. His hostility is implied to stem from his misconception that Thoma is attempting to take him away from the beach where he is waiting for his owner. Upon being presented with his owner's old kunai, however, Inu Shoushou lets his guard down and warms up to Thoma and the Traveler, who accompany him as he waits for his master.


A red Shiba, with a scar on its eye, dressed in black stealth wear...


Inu Shoushou is described by Thoma as a red Shiba inu in ninja attire. His appearance is similar to that of Taroumaru, but with a slightly darker coat and scarring on his left eye. His ninja attire consists on a dark blue headband with a paw print emblem, a black top, and a dark blue hanten with a paw print emblem on his left sleeve. His four paws are wrapped in white bandages.

Quests and Events

Story Quests



  • Inu Shoushou's story resembles that of Hachikou, a dog born in the early 1920s who would always meet his owner, Hidesaburou Ueno, at Shibuya Station after he came back from work. On May 21, 1925, Ueno passed away while at work, from then until his own death, Hachikou would come back to Shibuya Station every day, waiting for his owner's return.
    • Regulars at the train station grew attached to Hachiko and provided him with food. Similarly, Thoma attempts to provide Shoushou with food after seeing him at the same spot every day.
  • Inu Shoushou will not spawn unless Thoma's hangout event is in progress. However, players are able to spawn him at anytime by repeating his branch of Thoma's quest, where he will spawn on the beach until the quest "Ninken by the Shore" is completed.

Change History

Released in Version 2.2