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This page is about community-derived information, concepts, or terminology.
This page contains unofficial information, concepts, or terminology derived from or based on community discussion, invention, or knowledge. This page may be subjective and contain information or terminology that is not used by miHoYo or in official Genshin Impact communications, and may not be an officially recognized concept.

Interruption Resistance is a hidden attribute related to the Poise system.

Poise is a hidden mechanic that determines the resistance to being staggered as an effect of taking hits from opponents.[1]

In-game, the term "resistance to interruption" refers to hyperarmor, a multiplier that reduces incoming Poise Damage and therefore increases the amount of hits that a unit can take before being staggered.


All characters and enemies in the game have an invisible poise bar. This bar starts full, but will drain as the defender is attacked.

Once the poise bar is reduced to 0, the defender is considered poise-broken and can be staggered by attacks.


Poise Bar[]

The poise bar's length determines the amount of poise damage that a character or enemy can take before being poise broken. The longer the poise bar length, the more poise damage is required. The length varies between different enemies and characters.

When the bar is partially drained, it will start to slowly refill until full.

If the defender is poise broken, the bar will stop draining. After a few seconds, the bar will reset to empty and the defender will recover from the poise broken state.

Poise Damage[]

Poise Damage is a hidden attribute that determines an attack's efficiency at draining the poise bar. The higher the poise damage from an attack, the more gauges of the poise bar it will drain. This attribute varies depending on the attack.

The following factors affect the amount of poise damage taken from an attack:

  • Endurance from the initial stat.
  • Ability Hyperarmor (a.k.a. Interruption Resistance) from abilities.
  • Motion Hyperarmor during the corresponding motion.
  • Level Coefficient determinded by the level difference between the defender and the attacker

Increasing Interruption Resistance[]

Character Ability Hyperarmor[]

Caster Target Condition Poise DMG Multiplier
Characters Self Dash (Pre-Cast) 0
Team Crystallize Shield 0
Self In Frozen State 0
Team Talent or Constellation Shield 0
Alhaitham Alhaitham Self Universality: An Elaboration on Form Elemental Skill (During Rush Attack) 0
Arataki Itto Arataki Itto Self Arataki Ichiban 1st Ascension Passive (Arataki Kesagiri Charged Attack: Pre-Cast; Mid-Cast; Post-Cast) 0
Arlecchino Arlecchino Self All Is Ash Elemental Skill (Pre-Cast; Mid-Cast) 0
Self "All Reprisals and Arrears, Mine to Bear.. Constellation 1 (Converted Normal/Charged Attack) 0
Beidou Beidou Self Tidecaller Elemental Skill (Pre-Cast; Mid-Cast; Post-Cast) 0
Team Stormbreaker Elemental Burst (Thunderbeast's Targe Effect) 0.5
Clorinde Clorinde Self "Now, As We Face the Perils of the Long Night" Constellation 2 (3 Stacks) 0.3
Self "And So Shall I Never Despair" Constellation 6 (Night Vigil State) 0
Cyno Cyno Self Sacred Rite: Wolf's Swiftness Elemental Burst (Pactsworn Pathclearer State) 0.5
Dehya Dehya Team Molten Inferno Elemental Skill (Fiery Sanctum Field) 0.7
Team Unstinting Succor 1st Ascension Passive (Fiery Sanctum Field) 0
Eula Eula Self Icetide Vortex Elemental Skill (Grimheart Effect) 0.5
Self Glacial Illumination Elemental Burst (Lightfall Sword Present) 0
Hu Tao Hu Tao Self Guide to Afterlife Elemental Skill (Paramita Papilio State) 0.5
Self Butterfly's Embrace Constellation 6 0
Fischl Fischl Self Midnight Phantasmagoria Elemental Burst (While in Oz's Form) 0
Freminet Freminet Self Shadowhunter's Ambush Elemental Burst (Subnautical Hunter) 0.5
Gaming Gaming Self Suanni's Gilded Dance Elemental Burst (Wushou Stance) 0.5
Gorou Gorou Team Inuzaka All-Round Defense Elemental Skill or Juuga: Forward Unto Victory Elemental Burst (Impregnable or Crunch State) 0.5
Kamisato Ayato Kamisato Ayato Self Kamisato Art: Kyouka Elemental Skill (Takimeguri Kanka State) 0.5
Kaveh Kaveh Self Painted Dome Elemental Burst (State) 0.5
Keqing Keqing Self Stellar Restoration Elemental Skill (While Teleporting to Airborne Stiletto) 0
Klee Klee Self Pounding Surprise 1st Ascension Passive (Charged Attack With Spark: Pre-Cast; Mid-Cast; Post-Cast) 0
Lisa Lisa Self Electromagnetic Field Constellation 2 (Hold: Pre-Cast) 0.5
Lyney Lyney Self Wondrous Trick: Miracle Parade Elemental Burst (Grin-Malkin Cat State) 0
Neuvillette Neuvillette Self Venerable Institution Constellation 1 (Charged Attack: Equitable Judgment) 0
Nilou Nilou Self Dance of Haftkarsvar Elemental Skill (Attacking While Under Pirouette/Lunar Prayer State) 0.5
Raiden Shogun Raiden Shogun Self Secret Art: Musou Shinsetsu Elemental Burst (Musou Isshin State) 0
Razor Razor Self Lightning Fang Elemental Burst (The Wolf Within Effect) 0.5
Sangonomiya Kokomi Sangonomiya Kokomi Self Nereid's Ascension Elemental Burst (Ceremonial Garment Effect) 0.25
Sigewinne Sigewinne Self Rebound Hydrotherapy Elemental Skill (While Holding) 0.5
Self Super Saturated Syringing Elemental Burst (While Spraying) 0
Tartaglia Tartaglia Self Foul Legacy: Raging Tide Elemental Skill (Melee Stance) 0.5
Traveler (Anemo) Traveler (Anemo) Self Cherishing Breezes Constellation 4, Palm Vortex Elemental Skill (Pre-Cast; Mid-Cast; Post-Cast) 0.5
Traveler (Geo) Traveler (Geo) Team Invincible Stonewall Constellation 1, Wake of Earth Elemental Burst 0.7
Traveler (Hydro) Traveler (Hydro) Self Aquacrest Saber Elemental Skill (Aiming Mode) 0.5
Wanderer Wanderer Self Hanega: Song of the Wind Elemental Skill (Activation) 0
Wriothesley Wriothesley Self Icefang Rush Elemental Skill (Chilling Penalty State) 0.5
Xiao Xiao Self Bane of All Evil Elemental Burst (Yaksha's Mask Effect) 0.5
Xingqiu Xingqiu Team Guhua Sword: Fatal Rainscreen Elemental Skill or Guhua Sword: Raincutter Elemental Burst (Rain Sword Effect) 0.3
Yanfei Yanfei Self The Law Knows No Kindness Constellation 1 (Charged Attack With Seal: Pre-Cast; Mid-Cast; Post-Cast) 1 - 0.1 × Seal Count
Yun Jin Yun Jin Self Opening Flourish Elemental Skill (Pre-Cast; Mid-Cast; Post-Cast) 0
Ferrous Shadow Ferrous Shadow Self Charged Attack Under 50% HP 0.5

Character Motion Hyperarmor[]

Motion Hyperarmors are attached to certain character animations, instead of being applied as an independent buff status.

Caster Condition Poise DMG Multiplier
Characters Plunging Attack (Pre-Cast; Falling) 0
Most Characters Elemental Skill (Pre-Cast; Mid-Cast) 0.6
Elemental Skill (Manual Aiming Mode) 0.6
Elemental Skill (Charging) 0.6
Elemental Skill (Switching States) 0.6
Elemental Burst (Pre-Cast; Mid-Cast) 0
Some Characters Elemental Skill (Post-Cast) 0.6
Elemental Burst (Post-Cast) 0.6
Alternate Sprint (Pre-Cast; Mid-Cast; Post-Cast) 0.6
Dehya Dehya Molten Inferno Elemental Skill (Ranging Flame Mid-Cast) 0
Leonine Bite Elemental Burst (Flame-Mane's Fist; Incineration Drive) 0
Jean Jean Favonius Bladework Charged Attack (Mid-Cast) 0.6
Kaedehara Kazuha Kaedehara Kazuha Chihayaburu Elemental Skill (Press: Pre-Cast; Airborne) 0.4
Chihayaburu Elemental Skill (Hold: Pre-Cast; Charging; Mid-Cast) 0
Garyuu Bladework Plunging Attack: Midare Ranzan (Pre-Cast; Falling; Landing) 0
Lisa Lisa Violet Arc Elemental Skill (Charging) 0.2
Lynette Lynette Enigmatic Feint Elemental Skill (Pre-Cast, Pilfering Shadow State, Enigma Thrust) 0.2
Neuvillette Neuvillette As Water Seeks Equilibrium Charged Attack: Equitable Judgment (Pre-Cast; Charging; Mid-Cast; Post-Cast) 0.5
Nahida Nahida All Schemes to Know Elemental Skill (Pre-Cast; Aiming Mode) 0
Sayu Sayu Yoohoo Art: Fuuin Dash Elemental Skill (Pre-Cast; Mid-Cast) 0.3
Yoohoo Art: Fuuin Dash Elemental Skill (Fuufuu Windwheel: Switching States; Rolling) 0.3
Shenhe Shenhe Spring Spirit Summoning Elemental Skill (Pre-Cast) 0
Spring Spirit Summoning Elemental Skill (Hold: Mid-Cast) 0
Venti Venti Skyward Sonnet Elemental Skill (Mid-Cast) 0
Yelan Yelan Lingering Lifeline Elemental Skill (Pre-Cast; Hold State) 0.2
Lingering Lifeline Elemental Skill (Post-Cast) 0.6
Zhongli Zhongli Dominus Lapidis Elemental Skill (Pre-Cast) 0
Dominus Lapidis Elemental Skill (Hold: Mid-Cast) 0


Certain enemies can also increase their Interruption Resistance while using certain attacks. Enemies with the ability to increase their Interruption Resistance(excluding shielding abilities) include:

Common Enemies

Elite Enemies

Other Languages[]

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishInterruption Resistance
Kàng-dǎduàn Nénglì
Anti-Interruption Capability
Kàng-dǎduàn Nénglì
Chuudan Taisei
Interruption Resistance
Korean경직 저항력
Gyeongjik Jeohangnyeok
Stiffening Resistance Power
SpanishRES a interrupciónInterruption RES
FrenchRÉS à l'interruptionInterruption RES
RussianСопротивление прерыванию
Soprotivleniye preryvaniyu
Interruption Resistance
VietnameseKhả năng kháng gián đoạn
GermanUnterbrechungs-WDSInterruption RES
IndonesianKetahanan terhadap interupsiInterruption Resistance
PortugueseResistência contra interrupção
TurkishMüdahale direnci
ItalianResistenza alle interruzioniResistance to Interruptions


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