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The International Trade Association is a group formed in Inazuma by foreigners in Inazuma to help conduct trade in Inazuma by importing foreign goods such as Silk Flowers. Kurisu the current president.

The association also serves as a place to help new foreigners in Inazuma, as the Kanjou Commission at the time treated them harshly; coupled with the Sakoku Decree, trade was extremely limited.[1] Following the arrest of the Kanjou Commissioner after the events of Omnipresence Over Mortals, the group continues to maintain their devotion to helping foreigners and conducting trade in Inazuma.

During the Irodori Festival, the International Trade Association provided housing for the foreign guests of honor.

Known Members

Former Members

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English International Trade Association
Wànguó Shānghuì
Chinese reading of Japanese name
Wànguó Shānghuì
Japanese 万国商会
Bankoku Shoukai[citation needed]
All-Country Trading Company
Korean 만국 상회
Manguk Sanghoe
All-Country Store
Spanish Cámara de Comercio InternacionalInternational Commerce Chamber
French Association du commerce internationalInternational Trade Association
Russian Международная торговая ассоциация
Mezhdunarodnaya torgovaya assotsiatsiya
Thai สมาคมการค้านานาชาติ
Vietnamese Thương Hội Vạn Quốc
German Internationale HandelsvereinigungInternational Trade Association
Indonesian Asosiasi Perdagangan InternasionalInternational Trading Association
Portuguese Associação de Comércio InternacionalInternational Commerce Association


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