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Inside the Teapot is a Quest Domain during Archon Quest Chapter I: Act II - Farewell, Archaic Lord quest "The Realm Within". The Traveler enters Madame Ping's teapot.


Search for the Cleansing Bell inside the domain

  1. Kill the Spider and the Electro Slimes.
  2. Activate the device to create a bridge.
  3. Kill the Geo Slime and the Spider.
  4. Activate the device to create a wind current and glide up to the next platform.
  5. Cross the disappearing platforms.
    • There is an Exquisite Chest here.
    • In the part with disappearing stone platforms, you will see a lone island to the left. Glide down towards the island and climb up to open the chest
  6. Kill the Electro/Hydro Slimes.
  7. Kill the Spider to destroy the cobwebs.
  8. Kill the Cryo/Hydro Slimes, then the Cryo/Electro Slimes.
    • There is a Common Chest here.
    • Destroy the thorns next to the wall and the chest will be seen after turning right
  9. Activate the device to create a wind current and glide up to the next platform.
  10. Activate the device to create a bridge.
  11. Take the bell on the final platform.



(After touching the teapot and being teleported into a Domain)
Paimon: Ehh? Where are we? What... just happened?
Madame Ping: Youngsters, this is where this old woman keeps all her things. Quickly now, go fetch that bell.
Paimon: Whoa! That sounds like granny's voice. So... this is her teapot?
Paimon: What's going on...
Madame Ping: Oh dear, so many cobwebs. It seems I really haven't cleaned it in a long while.
Madame Ping: Sorry to trouble you, children. Please help an old lady clean up.
(Upon reaching the platform with the large Geo Slime and the black spider)
Paimon: Did you notice? The cobwebs were made of elemental energy.
Paimon: How long has it been since granny last swept this place?
(Upon gliding up to the next platform)
Paimon: You know... with such a special teapot, and the Cleansing Bell...
Paimon: Do you think this old granny could also be an adeptus?
Paimon: Paimon's more and more convinced that she's an adeptus.
Paimon: But don't they all live in Jueyun Karst?
Paimon: Why would she stay in the city?
(Upon triggering the next wind current mechanism)
Paimon: Um, how many levels does this teapot have?
Paimon: It would be nice if we had one of these too.
Paimon: Or at least, we wouldn't have to camp outside...
(After taking the Cleansing Bell)
Madame Ping: Oh, you've found it? Youngsters are so quick on their feet.
Madame Ping: Now, let me see... How did this opening work again? Oh dear...
Madame Ping: Alright, that'll do. Come on out now, children.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0