A strange little life-form who claims to have traveled here from the nation of Water.

Endora's Education, Event description page

The Inquisitive Endora is a limited time Gadget obtained from the Wishful Drops Event. It is used to capture Oceanid Creatures when exploring during Endora's Education. It expires on 2021/04/16 04:00.

Endora's Educational Notes

Endora's Educational Notes are expanded and completed by capturing mer-creatures in the Wishful Drops event.

Want to grow quickly. Want to find Rhodeia.

A child. New life, like Endora. A child's mission is to grow. To grow? I thought it was to see the world.

Love. For Oceanids, this is to meld together as one. There will be no division then. That is why Oceanids need no learning or thoughts of their own. All that is needed is love.

It seems that Oceanids cannot love others, for others will only drown in the embrace of pure waters. So they disguise themselves as the dreams of young children, and withdraw from the lives of all other people.

Every day, a child takes a stumbling step forward. Every day, a stream flows into the sea.

Love, that is our destiny. But I still have a whole world left to see.



Tutorial Wishful Drops 1.png

If you equip Inquisitive Endora from your Inventory, you can summon her when in an exploration area. However, if you are not in an exploration area, Inquisitive Endora will not answer your summons.

Tutorial Wishful Drops 2.png

At this time, the player's Elemental Skill will be replaced with Endora's Bubble Spit ability.

Tutorial Wishful Drops 3.png

Bubble Spit can be used to restrain opponents. Defeating Oceanid Creatures by other means will not increase exploration progress. Endora can only absorb Oceanid Creatures after restraining them with Bubble Spit. When this happens, area exploration progress will increase accordingly. Once exploration is complete, you will receive a reward for the current area.


Change History

Released in Version 1.4


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