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The Shogunate

The Inazuma Shogunate (Japanese: 稲妻幕府 Inazuma Bakufu), also simply called the Shogunate, is the entity that rules Inazuma. It is led by the Electro Archon, who is also known as the Raiden Shogun. Under the Inazuma Shogunate is the Tri-Commission, the group of three commissions that oversee every matter in Inazuma.[1]


Name Image Title
Raiden Shogun Character Raiden Shogun Thumb.png Shogun (Japanese: しょうぐん Shougun)
Hiiragi Shinsuke NPC Hiiragi Shinsuke Thumb.png Kanjou Commissioner (formerly)
Kujou Takayuki NPC Takayuki Thumb.png Tenryou Commissioner (formerly)
Kamisato Ayato Character Kamisato Ayato Thumb.png Yashiro Commissioner
Takatsukasa Tomohide NPC Takatsukasa Tomohide Thumb.png Tax Secretary
Matsukawa Souzen NPC Matsukawa Souzen Thumb.png Government Official
Nagaoka Hidemitsu NPC Nagaoka Hidemitsu Thumb.png Reserve Officer

Other Personnel

Other personnel serving under the Inazuma Shogunate can be found in these pages:


Name Leading Clan Commissioner Responsibility
Tenryou Commission Kujou Clan Kujou Kamaji (acting/proxy)
Kujou Takayuki (formerly)
Head of Public Security
Handles military and police affairs
Enforces the Vision Hunt Decree
Enforces the Sakoku Decree (illegal entry and exit)
Kanjou Commission Hiiragi Clan Hiiragi Chisato (acting/proxy)
Hiiragi Shinsuke (formerly)
Financial Arm of Inazuma
Manages the finances of nation[2]
Supervises the borders of Inazuma
Handles mercantile and bureaucratic affairs[1]
Enforces the Sakoku Decree (legal entry and exit)
Yashiro Commission Kamisato Clan Kamisato Ayato Cultural Representative of Inazuma
Responsible for ceremonial affairs, celebratory events, and public festivals
Manages shrines and temples
Considered to be the commission closest to the Raiden Shogun[2]


Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishInazuma Shogunate
Dàoqī Mùfǔ
Inazuma Bakufu
Dàoqī Mùfǔ
Inazuma Bakufu
Inazuma Bakufu
Korean이나즈마 막부
Inajeuma Makbu
Inazuma Bakufu
SpanishShogunato de InazumaShogunate of Inazuma
FrenchShogunat d'InazumaShogunate of Inazuma
RussianСёгунат Инадзумы
Syogunat Inadzumy
Shogunate of Inazuma
ThaiInazuma Shogunate
VietnameseInazuma Shogunate
GermanBakufu von InazumaBakufu of Inazuma
IndonesianInazuma Shogunate
PortugueseShogunato de InazumaShogunate of Inazuma


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