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The Inazuma Commercial Street Bulletin Board is a message board located in the market district of Inazuma City. The messages randomly cycle through every time it is interacted with. The first set of messages is replaced after completing Sangonomiya Kokomi's first Story Quest, Warriors' Dreams Like Spring Grass Renewing.

Messages (Set 1)

Commercial Street Bulletin Board: This Commercial Street bulletin board was set up by the Shogunate. Notices of all kinds will be posted here. Do not post without authorization.

About Miss Kozue

Message: "Ms. Kozue of the Komore Teahouse is very lovely."
Message: "Although she has a sharp tongue, a bad temper, and it really hurts when she hits you with the back of her sword..."
Message: "But she is really lovely."
Reply: The local Police Station has already opened a file based on a lawsuit lodged by Miss Kozue. Please report any leads that you may have.
Reply: This message will be used for handwriting recognition. Removing or defiling it is prohibited.

Arrest Warrant: Midorikawa Shirou

Arrest Warrant: Bounty: Midorikawa Shirou
Arrest Warrant: Crimes committed: Absconding, riotous assembly, piracy, robbing officials, ambushing samurai, holding family members as hostages in an attempt to rebel against the Shogunate.
Arrest Warrant: This person and his accomplices are wanted dead or alive with a generous bounty!

Arrest Warrant: The Yoshinos

Arrest Warrant: Bounty: Yoshino Koheiji, Yoshino Koheita
Arrest Warrant: Crimes committed: Absconding, robbery, night-time assaults, conspiring against officials, distributing belongings to innocent villagers to incite rebellion.
Arrest Warrant: Wanted dead or alive with a generous bounty!

Grand Narukami Shrine Notice: Food Aid

Grand Narukami Shrine Notice: With the permission of Guuji Yae Miko, the Grand Narukami Shrine will provide help to those businesses and families affected by the war in the form of aid loans and food aid.
Grand Narukami Shrine Notice: We ask that those in need of help visit the Kamisato Clan to file the required paperwork.
Grand Narukami Shrine Notice: As the war continues and public funds become more tight, food aid will be reduced by half. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Message: "I'd just like to say a big thank you to Lady Yae and the Yashiro Commissioner for their consideration. It's just that there are way too many people here everyday for food aid..."
Message: "People are not receiving the daily allotment of food aid that they are supposed to. What should we do..."
Grand Narukami Shrine Notice: I am sorry, but we don't have a better way. Lady Yae and the Commissioner are doing their best to handle the situation.

Grand Narukami Shrine Notice: Yae Publishing House

Grand Narukami Shrine Notice: "The Yae Publishing House's reader's forum will take place as planned. All are welcome, regardless of whether they come from territories controlled by the Shogunate or the rebels!"
Grand Narukami Shrine Notice: Even though the ongoing war is a bitter one, Lady Yae Miko ensures equal treatment for all on account of sharing a common hobby.
Reply: As a major publishing house, isn't welcoming rebels to a leisure activity a bit much?
Grand Narukami Shrine Notice: So long as our great Shogun doesn't forbid it, then it's perfectly fine. Shouldn't the Tenryou Commission refrain from making controversial remarks?
Grand Narukami Shrine Notice: Besides, it seems a little out of order to label those who merely live under the dictatorship of the rebels "traitors."

Tenryou Notice: Posting Notices

Tenryou Notice: Please do not post notices everywhere!
Tenryou Notice: Anyone found posting notices without authorization will be punished!

Tenryou Notice: Vision Hunt Decree

Tenryou Notice: The Vision Hunt Decree operation is coming to an end, but those who conceal their Visions still remain.
Tenryou Notice: Following the orders of the Tenryou Commissioner, and in compliance with the command of Madam Kujou Sara, pursuit operations will avoid using force or disrupting the public as much as possible.
Tenryou Notice: Please don't worry. The Tenryou Commission will not use its public duties as an excuse to intrude on your daily lives.
Tenryou Notice: The Tenryou Commissioner guarantees this in his own name, and that of the Kujou Clan.

Tenryou Notice: Fight Against Rebels

Tenryou Notice: The fight against the rebels proceeds apace. Only one more strike, and they shall be destroyed completely.
Tenryou Notice: We hope that all young samurai will join together and fight to accomplish this great work!
Tenryou Notice: Come join the army! Or you may regret not having done anything for your country when the war is over!
Tenryou Notice: Please visit the Tenryou Commission for information about joining the army.
Tenryou Notice: Attention! Families that have received draft orders must send at least one adult to join the military.
Message: "This war is a monster that devours people..."
Tenryou Notice: What right do those who haven't joined the army have to criticize the war effort? It's because the rebels have been defeated that you are able to sit here and whine!
Message: "Is that so? My husband wounded my younger brother on Yashiori Island. He may never walk again."
Message: "I haven't heard anything from my husband since then... Perhaps he was killed by some rebel? And who's to say that that rebel was never once an honorable samurai?"
Message: "Forgive me, but I do not see the point of this war. I will no longer send people to join the army."
Tenryou Notice: Just because these posts are anonymous doesn't mean you are free to spread slander. Such anti-war sentiment is naught but part of the Sangonomiya rebel's propaganda campaigns!
Tenryou Notice: Defacing of military draft notices is prohibited! Anyone caught will face severe punishment!

Agent Advertisement

Agent Advertisement: "Thanks to the careful consideration of Tenryou Commissioner Kujou Takayuki, the Vision Hunt Decree was implemented swiftly, preventing those who opposed it from fleeing."
Agent Advertisement: "The real estate assets of the fugitives will be rented out or sold today. The Tenryou Commission guarantees the legitimacy of these transactions!"

About Kamisato Ayato

Message: "I visited Kamisato Ayato earlier and was surprised at how young he is."
Message: "Compared to his sister Kamisato Ayaka, he is a lot more determined and mature. With a family head like him, the Kamisato clan surely has a bright future."
Reply: "Thank you for your kind words about my brother."

War Stories

Message: "I have taken a short break from the frontline on Yashiori Island to come home. My parents seem to have gotten a lot older, while my wife looks very exhausted."
Message: "I feel very guilty about not spending more time with my family because of the war..."
Message: "Inazuma seems to have become a lot more quiet. Friends who used to be talkative are now mostly silent."
Message: "Strange. I thought my family would enjoy the war stories that I had sent home."

Arataki "The Strongest" Itto

Arataki "The Strongest" Itto: "Kujou Tengu! I'm here on the Commercial Street. Stop hiding!"
Arataki "The Strongest" Itto: "Crawl out of whatever hole you're in and fight me fair and square!"
Arataki "The Strongest" Itto: "This one's for taking my Vision away! An eye for an eye!"
Reply: Everyone, no need to worry! This fellow is just a small-time hooligan.
Reply: Madam Kujou Sara promises that she has nothing to do with this person and that she will handle these messages immediately.

Ogura Textiles & Kimonos

Message: "Due to the current situation, Ogura Textiles & Kimonos is going through some tough times. We can't just sit here and do nothing."
Message: "Miss Ogura's father was once a relative of the Kujou Clan. If we don't help each other, that would put the samurai name to shame."
Message: "Please don't worry, Miss Ogura. We'll round up some old friends, and we'll help you get through this tough time."
Reply to Message: "I really appreciate your kindness on my late father's account, but I am afraid I must decline."
Reply to Message: "I don't want to trouble everyone over such a small matter. I am sure that my brother and I can make it through."
Message: "Miss Ogura, you really are just like your father."

Outlanders in Ritou

Message: "If it were up to me, I would expel all the outlanders in Ritou!"
Message: "The war just won't end, and the Vision Hunt Decree remains in effect. I find it hard to believe that the outlanders have no hand in this at all!"
Message: "Those outlanders must have some way of smuggling Visions and rebels into our country..."
Message: "If only we could make the Sakoku Decree more strict. All these problems would be gone!"
Reply: Please don't spread rumors and defame outlanders!
Reply: The Vision Hunt Decree and the suppression of the rebels are also going very smoothly!


Message: "Despite this long period of peace, it seems that few are altogether willing to fight on behalf of our lords..."
Message: "But if the eldest son of Lord Kujou is already on the frontline, then what have we to complain about?"
Message: "And I've heard that Lord Masahito is an honorable man who looks after his soldiers. I wish I could be assigned to his command."
Message: "Madam Kujou Sara is also a good commander... although she is famously strict with her soldiers, at least she is fair and no selfish motives."
Message: "Leaders like them are rare in the Tenryou Commission..."
Message: "I will stop talking about my superiors now, I think. Dear parents, please don't worry. I will come home triumphant soon, and I will bring our family honor!"

Shogun's Decisions

Message: "I am about to leave my parents and sister. Though I come from a martial family, the thought of war still makes me uneasy."
Message: "Is the war really necessary? Will Her Excellency the Ogosho really take responsibility for the war and for every one of us?"
Message: "As a samurai, perhaps now is not the time for doubt."
Reply: A samurai should never have cold feet before a battle, nor should they doubt our Shogun's decisions.
Reply: I urge you to turn yourself in for posting inappropriate messages in public. You will receive a lighter sentence of detainment and re-education.
Reply: Removing or defiling this message is prohibited.

Tenryou Notice: Suspicious Outlanders

Tenryou Notice: A number of suspicious outlanders have entered Inazuma lately, wandering around with seemingly sinister motives.
Tenryou Notice: The Shogunate hereby notifies everyone: those who report suspicious persons will be rewarded, while those who harbor them will be punished!
Tenryou Notice: Glory to the Shogun and her everlasting reign!

Hiratsuka's Message

Hiratsuka, Yae Publishing House: "Though this is not a serious matter, I still hope that it will become more common knowledge."
Hiratsuka, Yae Publishing House: "The other day, I accidentally lost the only extant copy of the famous 'Toki Alley Tales,' written by Takizawa Kyouden."
Hiratsuka, Yae Publishing House: "Though it's nothing major, Lady Yae still insisted that I post a lost book notice to look for it. Ah, what a headache..."
Hiratsuka, Yae Publishing House: "That poor book has probably had its pages scattered to the winds by now... I don't suppose it would be possible to find it at this point."
Hiratsuka, Yae Publishing House: "It really is nothing of note, but if anyone could help recover it, you will have the Yae Publishing House's thanks."

General Gorou

Message: "General Gorou was here."
Reply: Please don't make such terrible jokes!

Military Strategy Dojo

Message: "I, Tatsunosuke, hereby announce that the military strategy dojo will be permanently shut down starting today."
Message: "The Path of the Sword is an art meant to protect others. It should not be used to kill our brothers."
Message: "Lately, I have witnessed a lot of my disciples fighting against each other. Though I am no saint, my conscience was still pricked by it."
Message: "It's time to put a stop to all this."
Message: "This is why I am shutting the military strategy dojo down, and why I shall never reopen it. I've also forbidden my disciples from serving the Kujou Clan."

Messages (Set 2)

Commercial Street Bulletin Board: This Commercial Street bulletin board was set up by the Shogunate. Notices of all kinds will be posted here. Do not post without authorization.

General Gorou II

Message: "General Gorou was here again."
Reply: Ah, to think that I was not present to receive such fine guests from faraway Watatsumi. You have my most sincere apologies for my failings.
Message: "Uh, wow, that's kinda formal... How am I supposed to reply?"
Another Person's Message: "Eh, you can just take that to be the Narukami way. All roundabout and longwinded-like, not like us Watatsumi folk!"
Reply: What that guy above means is: None of my business.

Grand Narukami Shrine Notice: Post-War Counseling

Grand Narukami Shrine Notice: Returning, demobilized samurai can report to the Yashiro Commission estates to receive subsidies and indicate their preferred avenues of future employment.
Grand Narukami Shrine Notice: Additionally, the Grand Narukami Shrine will hold sharing sessions for samurai who took part in the war and their families to help heal the traumas caused by the war.
Message: "Thank you, Lady Miko, for your painstaking efforts, but I fear that some of our hurts may never be healed."
Reply: It is "companionship" that gives "eternity" meaning. The past may have been cruel, but the future shall be longer still.
Reply: It is alright to harbor inescapable hurts, for in this, no one is forever alone.
Reply: In my own name and that of the Grand Narukami Shrine, I, Yae Miko, await your arrival.

Kamisato Clan

Message: "The Kamisato siblings of the Yashiro Commission have been in higher spirits lately."
Message: "It seems that the recent changes have seen the Kamisato Clan's prestige grow significantly. I suppose that's the unpredictability of life for you, huh?"
Another Person's Message: "Ah, are you feeling a little sour about our Commissioner's rise, my friend?"
Reply: "No, no, I wouldn't dare... I'm just saying that it's going to be tough times for the other two major Commissions."

Kujou Clan

Message: "The previous Clan Head was remiss in his duties, resulting in a crisis for the clan. But thanks to the Shogun's clemency, the clan was spared capital punishment."
Message: "As such, we retainers of the Kujou Clan have in turn been spared the agony of watching this venerable house's extinction. We must redouble our efforts from this day forth to atone for our failures..."
Message: "We must support Young Masters Kujou Kamaji and Kujou Masahito in setting our affairs in order and in defending the reign of our Almighty Shogun."

Missing Person Poster

Missing Person Poster: I'm searching for my husband, Inaba Tousaburou Kyuuzou. He is a tall man without any facial hair and has a scar on the side of his forehead. He has yet to return home despite the ceasefire.
Missing Person Poster: If any returning samurai or old friends and acquaintances know of his whereabouts, please inform me. You will be duly thanked for your help!
Missing Person Poster: Yours Respectfully, Inaba Shizuko.

New Publisher

Message: "I, Tatsunosuke, have found a new hobby after closing my military strategy dojo for good!"
Message: "My grandson has introduced me to Mr. Hiratsuka of the Yae Publishing House. Starting today, I'm a contracted writer, too!"
Message: "My pen name shall be Houjou Noriko. I look forward to working with you all!"
Another Person's Message: "Uh, Master... Can I ask why you've chosen to use a lady's name?"
Message: "Silence, you!"

Ogura Textiles & Kimonos II

Message: "Thanks to your aid and support, Ogura Textiles & Kimonos has weathered the worst of this storm."
Message: "Word is that the Kanjou Commission is currently negotiating with Liyue's mercantile guilds and that the import of silks and ready-to-wear clothes will soon resume..."
Message: "Once my brother returns from his duties, we shall refurbish this store together."
Message: "Once again, I, Ogura Mio, would like to thank all our neighbors and friends for lending a helping hand. I will find a way to repay you all in turn."
Reply: "No, no, it was what we should've done. You're too polite, Miss Ogura!"
Reply: "Well, the war's over in any case, so don't mind if I engage your services again the next time I need a custom-made kimono!"

Post-War Thoughts

Message: "We fought to the death against the folks from Sangonomiya, and now we need to rebuild an island together with them..."
Message: "I mean, I know that it's an arrangement that comes down from the top and that everyone acknowledges that this is the right thing to do, but it just leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, you know?"
Reply: The time for peace has come, so don't think about it too much. Our cooperation now is also meant to build a better nation for future generations.

Shikanoin Heizou

Message: "I am currently seeking my foolish younger brother, Shikanoin Heizou. He names himself a detective and behaves arrogantly and disrespectfully."
Message: "He has gone missing again in recent days — if anyone has seen or heard of him, please let me know about his whereabouts."
Another Person's Message: "He's gone again, is he?"
Message: "He's gone off to investigate again, yes... I can only hope that no one else gets hurt in the process."
Another Person's Message: "...Oh, so you were just worried about other people, huh..."

Shogunate Announcement

Shogunate Announcement: We urge all citizens to remain calm. The Tenryou Commission's stability and its management of Tenshukaku's defense are now in Madam Kujou Sara's capable hands.
Shogunate Announcement: Rest assured that Kujou Takayuki's militant brutality, forced seizure of Visions, and suppression of the citizenry is now being reversed post-haste!
Arataki "The Unbeaten Troublemaker" Itto: "Hah! No wonder I couldn't find you anywhere, Kujou Tengu! Guess you're moving up in the world, huh!"
Arataki "The Unbeaten Troublemaker" Itto: "Well alright then! Guess I'll just march right up to Tenshukaku's gates and challenge you to—"
Scrawls: (The words here cannot be made out, almost as if the person who wrote them suddenly had a fall. Or perhaps...)
Tenryou Notice: The rude lout who has been harassing Madam Kujou Sara has been arrested. Please be at ease, citizens.

Shogunate Announcement - Jade Steel

Shogunate Announcement: Due to revisions in relations with Sangonomiya, Tatarasuna has temporarily ceased production of Jade Steel.
Shogunate Announcement: All smiths, please take note that logistics and transportation departments will not carry Jade Steel or any products derived from it.

Tenryou Notice: Kujou Takayuki

Tenryou Notice: Former Tenryou Commissioner Kujou Takayuki has presently been relieved from his post. He faces charges of dereliction, corruption, endangering the nation and its people, among others, and is awaiting judgment.
Tenryou Notice: Due to his age and in consideration of his accomplishments, he has been confined to his quarters indefinitely, and will not be released on bail.
Tenryou Notice: If he commits any treasonous acts during this time, his judgment will be executed with great prejudice and without mercy.
Tenryou Notice: While the Tenryou Commission discusses matters of reformation, its duties shall be performed by a personal deputy of Her Excellency.
Tenryou Notice: There will be no adjustment in Doushin and Yoriki ranks. Overall command has been ceded to Madam Kujou Sara.

Tenryou Notice: Tanuki

Tenryou Notice: Citizens of Inazuma, please stay alert while traveling at night. A monster in the form of a tanuki has been spotted around the city lately.
Tenryou Notice: This monster appears to be infant-sized. It moves very quickly and is quite fierce!
Tenryou Notice: Please report to a nearby Doushin or to the Tenryou Commission upon seeing it!
Childishly Written Message: "I've told you, it's not a tanuki! Not a tanuki! Not. A. Tanuki. You hear!?"
Childishly Written Message: "It's a mujina! A. Mujina! How many times do I have to say this!?"


Message: "They say that the insanely talented author from Liyue, Zhenyu, is also a chivalrous hero."
Message: "Ever since I read one of his books, I've always wondered what sort of person he might be."
Another Person's Message: "Don't think about it too much. Maybe he's just like most authors from Inazuma. You know the type: some sickly, thin, glasses-wearing middle-aged man."
Someone Else's Message: "He could also be some rotund scholar who speaks weirdly and stuff, you know..."
A Third Person's Message: "You know what I think? I think he's got to be some mountain of martial muscle! A powerful body and a sharp mind, all rolled into one!"
Yet Another Person's Message: "You're all wrong! I mean, just look at that lovely handwriting! It's gotta be a beautiful young woman, one who knows her way around books and scholarly tomes of all kinds!"
Reply: Please control yourselves! This is a public notice board, not someplace to endlessly jabber about personal matters!


  • The "Mujina" in the Tanuki monster notice is likely referring to Sayu, who is known as the Mujina Ninja.
  • The "Outlanders in Ritou" message is hinted to be written by Heihachi, an NPC the most opposed to outlander presence on Inazuma.


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