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Inazuma City (Japanese: いなずまじょう Inazuma-jou) is the main city in Inazuma.

Points of Interest


Viewpoint Suburbs, Inazuma City.png

The outskirts of Inazuma City exude a time-worn and leisurely atmosphere as you make your way up the old paths. It seems that the prosperity of the city has not influenced the scenery here. The power and grace of the Shogun can also be observed here, bringing a quiet and different kind of vitality.


Hanamizaka occupies the outskirts of Inazuma City between Byakko Plain and Tenryou. Within Hanamizaka, one can find:


Viewpoint Tenryou, Inazuma City.png

The many streets and lanes of Tenryou intersect and cross paths, and finally gather in front of the Tenshukaku - the undisputed center of power in Inazuma. Under the eternal and silent gaze of Her Highness the Ogosho Shogun, the people living in the hustle and bustle of the city will finally be free from the worries of obsession, and move to a paradise where they no longer need to chase and compete for their aspirations — but what is the view of the eternal paradise that the Shogun sees?


Among the streets of Tenryou is the famous Commercial Street — the busiest street in all of Inazuma. There are several stores and restaurants home to these streets:



The Tenshukaku compound occupies the southern half of Inazuma City. It is the highest point in the city and serves as the residence of the Raiden Shogun and as the headquarters of the Tenryou Commission. Also, within Tenshukaku, one can find:


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Tenryou NPCs

Tenshukaku NPCs

Message Boards

Other Interactable Objects

Billboard (in front of Naganohara Fireworks)

Naganohara Fireworks Bulletin Board: Fire Brigade Notification!
Naganohara Fireworks Bulletin Board: This is a fire hazard warning! Miss Yoimiya, please refrain from any further risky behavior!
Naganohara Fireworks Bulletin Board: Otherwise, we will have to report you to the Yashiro Commissioner again!

Advertisement Board (in front of Amenoma Smithy)

Amenoma Smithy Advertisement Board: Due to my old age, only orders for forging exquisite Jade Steel swords and knives will be accepted.
Amenoma Smithy Advertisement Board: If you are looking to forge everyday ironware or ordinary weapons, please visit my disciple Hajime instead. Do not disturb me!

Kiminami Restaurant New Dish Notice (in front of Kiminami Restaurant; available after completing Food From Afar)

Kiminami Restaurant New Dish Notice: The all-new Mushroom Pizza is now part of our menu! An exotic delicacy that will bring the flavors of another country right to your doorstep! Don't miss out!
Kiminami Restaurant New Dish Notice: If you like the dish, please thank our good friend, who helped bring it to us.

Advertisement Board (in front of Bantan Sango Detective Agency)

Bantan Sango Advertisement Board: Bantan Sango will investigate anything on your behalf.
Bantan Sango Advertisement Board: Missing persons, missing pets, marital investigations, commercial commissions, procurement services, delivery services... we do it all!

Advertisement Board (in front of Yae Publishing House)

Yae Publishing House Advertisement Board: Yae Publishing House's "This Novel Is Amazing!" contest is in full swing!
Yae Publishing House Advertisement Board: Preorder "A Legend of Sword" — the long-form work of Liyue's best-selling author, Zhenyu, is being serialized this summer!
Yae Publishing House Advertisement Board: Hiring editors. Candidates passionate about light literature are preferred.
Yae Publishing House Advertisement Board: Sign up for a chance to have an interview with editor-in-chief Lady Yae. Don't miss out!

Advertisement Board (in front of Tsukumomono Groceries)

Tsukumomono Advertisement Board: Tsukumomono Groceries — we've got everything here!
Tsukumomono Advertisement Board: (Excluding merchandise prohibited by the Sakoku Decree)

Advertisement Board (in front of Shimura's)

Shimura's Advertisement Board: Day 1: The drinks are good
Shimura's Advertisement Board: Day 2: The drinks are good
Shimura's Advertisement Board: Day 3: The drinks are super good!
Shimura's Advertisement Board: Day 4: The drinks are good
Shimura's Advertisement Board: Day 5: The drinks are really, really good
Shimura's Advertisement Board: Day 6 & 7: Still Open!

Advertisement Board (in front of Yayoi Lacquerware)

Yayoi Lacquerware Advertisement Board: We only make lacquerware here. Please order in advance.
Yayoi Lacquerware Advertisement Board: If you need to borrow the Crafting Bench, just check with the owner, Yayoi Nanatsuki first, and you may use it for free.
Yayoi Lacquerware Advertisement Board: Asking about the coating formula is prohibited. Thank you for understanding!

Advertisement Board (in front of Komore Teahouse)

Komore Teahouse Advertisement Board: Sunlight leaks through wood, mottles in the courtyard.

Message Board (in front of Uyuu Restaurant)

See Uyuu Restaurant Message Board

Bulletin Board (in front of Ogura Textiles & Kimonos)

Ogura Textiles & Kimonos Bulletin Board: I apologize, but imported Silk Flowers are currently out of stock due to the Sakoku Decree.
Ogura Textiles & Kimonos Bulletin Board: Please let us know in advance if you want to place any custom orders. We will take note and start work as soon as the silk is back in stock.

Advertisement Board (in front of Netsuke no Gen Crafts)

Netsuke no Gen Crafts Advertisement Board: Our shop specializes in netsuke handed down through the generations. They can be quite pricey, and the owner is not very talkative, so we do not accept bargaining. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused!
Netsuke no Gen Crafts Advertisement Board: Other than netsuke, we also make custom paper umbrellas, Shogi sets, Go sets, masks, daruma and household pottery. Prices are reasonable, and quality is guaranteed!
Netsuke no Gen Crafts Advertisement Board: We also buy Electro Sigils all year long. Customers can use Electro Sigils to redeem their desired merchandise in our store.

Public Safety Notice (in front of the police station)

Hanamizaka Public Safety Notice: Some hostile people have recently appeared in Inazuma City. We urge all citizens to stay alert!
Hanamizaka Public Safety Notice: If you notice any suspicious outsiders entering the city, please report what you've seen immediately!

If you approach the police station or Tenshukaku after you complete Amidst Stormy Judgment:

Patrol Soldier: You! The warrant is for your arrest! Freeze!
Paimon: Oh no — run!

If you approach the Statue of the Omnipresent God after you complete Amidst Stormy Judgment:

Patrol Soldier: Stop! I have orders to search for a wanted criminal!
Paimon: Yikes! Hide — quick!


Change History

Released in Version 2.0