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In the Name of the Resistance is the second part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests Chapter II: Act II - Stillness, the Sublimation of Shadow.


  1. Gather intel at Tatarasuna
  2. Continue exploring
  3. Hurry to the front line
  4. Rescue the surrounded resistance soldier
  5. Talk with members of the resistance
  6. Go and meet Gorou, the resistance general
  7. Follow Teppei and help the wounded resistance soldiers
  8. Give materials that can be used as medicine
  9. Follow Teppei and help the resistance
  10. Demonstrate archery techniques to the resistance
  11. Defeat the Shogunate Army squad attempting a sneak attack
  12. Collect nearby repair materials (0/1)
    • It will be labeled "Plank and Rope"
  13. Repair the walls around the encampment
  14. Go back and report the situation to Gorou
  15. Go to the front lines
  16. Defeat the Shogunate forces
    • The player will fight 3 rounds of combat against single soldiers


  • This quest will be blocked if the International Travel Log has been accepted but not completed.
  • It is recommended to do at least Orobashi's Legacy: Part I so that the weather is clear and no lightning interferes with the archery.
  • The fight against the Shogunate forces is in an area with a barrier
    • Fight #1: Fujita Sanshirou - "Spear Demon Fujita"
    • Fight #2: Kayama Tadao - "Bamboo-Breaking Tiger"
    • Fight #3: Takasaka Izumi - "Kujou's Right Hand"


(After escaping from Raiden Shogun)
Paimon: Wh—Why have we stopped here?
Thoma: In case you've forgotten, the Komore Teahouse is the safest place for me to hide in this area.
Thoma: The only thing is, I probably won't be able to leave again for some time. I'll have to leave the next steps to you.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What do you need us to do?
Thoma: Go to Tatarasuna and find the resistance.
Thoma: The Shogun's Army is almost certainly about to issue a warrant for our arrest. There are very few parties that will be willing to shelter us... but the resistance is an exception.
Paimon: Paimon's pretty sure Ayaka mentioned them before... Oh yeah! Sangonomiya's group! The ones who came together to fight the Vision Hunt Decree!
Thoma: That's right. The resistance was founded by Sangonomiya Kokomi, the Divine Priestess of Watatsumi Island. Currently, it's her subordinate, Gorou, who leads them in their war against the Shogun's Army.
Thoma: However, the Yashiro Commission is not on especially close terms with the resistance. So your dealings with us would normally be frowned upon.
Thoma: But you're different, so that shouldn't work against you... As far as I can see, the resistance shouldn't have any reason to turn you away.
Thoma: The only issue is that we can't be sure of the resistance forces' current location. You'll have to ask around along the way.
Thoma: You'll likely pass through territory occupied by the Shogun's Army at some point. So, be sure to stay on your guard at all times.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Be sure you do the same.
Thoma: Don't worry about me, I can remain hidden when I want to. I won't make it easy for them.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I should head off right away.
Thoma: Me too, well, I should probably head inside the teahouse now. I'll see you when I see you, whenever that is... In the meantime, stay safe.
Paimon: We gotta hurry up, the Tenryou Commission could be right around the corner!
Paimon: Let's get outta here!

(If you approach the Patrol Officer near the Tenshukaku Teleport Waypoint)
Patrol Officer: You! The warrant is for your arrest! Freeze!
Paimon: Oh no — run!
(If you approach one of the two Patrol Officers below the Statue of the Omnipresent God)
Patrol Officer: Stop! I have orders to search for a wanted criminal!
Paimon: Yikes! Hide — quick!

(Upon arriving at the location)
Takayama: *yawn* ...I heard they added a couple more people to the wanted list. They're high-priority targets, apparently.
Ishihara: But most of our forces are out on the front line. How are we supposed to effectively prioritize them? We'll just have to make sure we keep our eyes peeled when we're out on patrol.
Takayama: *sigh* I wonder how they're faring on the front line.
Takayama: The last thing I heard was that we'd pushed the resistance back to just northwest of Musoujin Gorge. I don't know if that's true.
Ishihara: I doubt it. Their rearguard isn't far from there. We're gaining ground at the moment, but I don't think we've pushed them back that far.
Ishihara: Anyway, we should focus on patrol. Come on, we're up.
Takayama: Eh, fair point... *sigh* Time to go to work.
Paimon: The northwest of Musoujin Gorge... So that's where the resistance forces are based. We should keep asking around though, just to be safe.

(Upon arriving at the location)
Sakamoto: Oh, hey. You managed to escape too?
Jiichirou: Yeah. Where are you headed?
Sakamoto: Higi Village. I've heard the rumors, but it's still gotta be a safer place than a warzone.
Sakamoto: What about you?
Jiichirou: Ugh, don't get me started. I was recuperating on Nazuchi Beach — it's complete chaos over there.
Jiichirou: The resistance aren't having an easy time of it. They don't have the manpower for an all-out confrontation, so they can't contend with the Shogun's Army.
Jiichirou: The front line used to be further forward, but they had to retreat a couple of times. Now they're back to Nazuchi Beach.
Jiichirou: That's where I've just come from — I was lucky to get out. It's much too dangerous... their forces are so scattered that no one knows who's who, and anyone you run into pulls their weapon... I just dropped my luggage and ran here.
Jiichirou: I think we need to keep moving — things are changing so fast. The further away we can get, the better.
Sakamoto: Agreed... Why don't we stick together? Can't hurt to team up with someone.
Paimon: Nazuchi Beach... Sounds like that's where the resistance and the Shogun's Army are battling it out right now. Let's head over and take a look.

(Upon arriving at the location)
Paimon: Hey, look! D'you think that's a resistance fighter?
Paimon: Looks like he's in a tight spot... Let's go help him out!
(Talk to Teppei)
Teppei: Phew... You saved me. I thought I was about to die.
Teppei: Thank you so much for your help. I'm Teppei of the Gobious Platoon. I'm with the resistance.
Teppei: I was sent to the front line just recently — I was looking forward to doing my part... Instead, it seems I fell at the first hurdle.
Teppei: So, uh... You aren't dressed like resistance fighters — have you come here looking to sign up?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Yes.
Teppei: Great! Just the other day I heard General Gorou complaining about how desperate we are for more people. Your support will make a big difference.
Teppei: I'll escort you back to our camp... But first, let me bring you up to speed on our current situation.
Teppei: As you can see, the resistance are at a constant disadvantage when it comes to open confrontation.
Teppei: The goal of the Shogun's Army is to uphold "eternity." To this end, they have the support of the Tenryou Commission's general, Kujou Sara, who commands an exceptionally strong force.
Teppei: As for us... Vision bearers are few and far between as it is, and because of the Vision Hunt Decree, they're rarer than ever.
Teppei: The fact we're even able to hold out is thanks to the brilliant strategic mind of Her Excellency, Sangonomiya. We're also indebted to the great courage shown by General Gorou and the resistance troops.
Teppei: *sigh* If only I had a Vision myself... Not only would I be better placed to share Her Excellency and General Gorou's burden, but I'd be able to hold my own on the battlefield, too...
Teppei: I couldn't help but notice that you used elemental energy when saving me just now. You must have a Vision yourself?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png No.
Paimon: (He/She)'s a special case! (He/She) doesn't have a Vision, but (he/she) can control the elements anyway.
Teppei: Are you serious!? That's... incredible. And I guess that means you're immune to the Vision Hunt Decree?
Teppei: You have to let me introduce you to General Gorou! He'll welcome you with open arms!
Teppei: Perhaps I can also make a worthy contribution, this way... Of course, I'd much rather prove my worth by the sword. If only taking down Shogunate Samurai was as easy as you make it look.
Teppei: Anyway, we shouldn't delay. Let's head off!

(Talk to Gorou)
Teppei: This is what happened, General Gorou.
Teppei: I was surrounded by Shogunate Samurai, and they came to my rescue.
Teppei: They can use the elements without a Vision! The resistance could really use people with that kind of skill. We should bring them in!
Gorou: Hmm... *clears throat*
Gorou: I presume you've heard that the goal of the resistance is to defeat the Shogun's Army and repeal the Vision Hunt Decree.
Gorou: This is no easy task. Each who sets foot on the battlefield must be ready to sacrifice their life.
Gorou: Tell me, why do you wish to join us? The resistance cannot accept any who don't possess a warrior's will — you and I must be certain of your decision.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Let me tell you about the seizure of the 100th Vision...
Gorou: You're referring to the ceremony to mark the 100th Vision seized under the decree, right? Yes, we received some new of it here, despite it taking place over in Inazuma City.
Gorou: There was a disturbance, allegedly... Highly unusual, considering that the Raiden Shogun appeared in person...
Gorou: But why do you wish to discuss this all of a sudden? Unless you have some information to share?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png It was me.
Gorou: ...What?
Paimon: Yup, we had a fight with the Raiden Shogun and everything. The, we grabbed the Vision bearer and whisked him off to safety.
Paimon: After that, they added us to the army's wanted list... That's why we came here.
Gorou: Now that you mention it, we did just recover a bounty notice from a Shogunate Samurai defeated in battle.
Gorou: It read "Reward for the capture of a blond-haired traveler and their mysterious flying pet." Hmm... So, this refers to you two?
Paimon: What! Who are they calling a "mysterious flying pet"!?
Gorou: My apologies, I understand your situation well enough for now. On behalf of the resistance, welcome to our ranks.
Gorou: Her Excellency is currently away from the camp. We don't know where she went, but she instructed us to take care of everything in her absence.
Gorou: I will ask Teppei here to should you around the camp first, and then dispatch you straight to the front line. If you are ready, of course.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You got it!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Long live the resistance!
Teppei: Yes sir.
Teppei: I used to be in the Logistics Division, so I'm the right person to show you around — I know the setup like the back of my hand.
Teppei: I'll make sure you get a warm resistance welcome!
Teppei: Let's start with the field hospital. Some of my friends are recovering there.
Teppei: Last time I saw them, I promised that I'd introduce any new recruits. When they're finally back on the battlefield alongside us, we'll all be brothers in arms!

(Talk to Tokuda or Masashi)
Tokuda: *coughing* ...Is this a new recruit?
Masashi: Looks like a strong addition to the troop... Hopefully someone I can spar with after I've recovered.
Tokuda: Whoa, whoa, brand new recruit and your first thought is to start sparring with them? You're getting ahead of yourself. That wound of yours isn't something that's gonna clear up in a few days.
Tokuda: Teppei, did you bring this one in? How are things on the front line?
Teppei: Aha, well... the enemy are much stronger than we could've imagined, but we're holding our own... I've been right in the thick of it.
Teppei: At one point, there were a horde of enemy troops surging towards us like the tide... but I didn't flinch. I drew my blade and charged straight into the fray! Four Shogunate Samurai, and only one of me — but I still managed to fend them off.
Masashi: Look at you! When did you grow nerves of steel?
Teppei: (This guy/lady) stole the show, though. When (he/she) saw me tiring and falling back, (he/she) burst onto the scene and took down a whole group of them in one fell swoop! They were no match for (him/her) at all.
Teppei: I heard (he/she) even stormed the Vision Hunt Ceremony... and that the Raiden Shogun herself failed to take (him/her) down!
Tokuda: Amazing work, both of you.
Tokuda: Still, uh... I can believe most of that, but (him/her) facing off against the Raiden Shogun? I think you might be embellishing the story a little there, Teppei... I mean, we've all heard of the Musou no Hitotachi, right? Haha.
Tokuda: *sigh* Either way, to tell the truth, with all the losses we've sustained recently, I was starting to lose hope in our ability to hold out much longer.
Tokuda: But seeing fresh recruits join our ranks and hearing Teppei's exploits... I'm itching to get myself better as soon as possible, so I can get back out on the front line.
Masashi: Huh, that's a lukewarm epiphany if you ask me. While you're lying there itching to get better, I'm still out there training hard despite my injury... even though it burst open again yesterday...
Teppei: It did? Well, do you need me to get you something to dress it with?
Teppei: I heard about a remedy recently that uses wild bugs. All you need to do is grind Onikabuto into powder, and it makes a very effective dressing.
Teppei: They say it feels cool on the skin and acts fast to completely cure flesh wounds.
Masashi: Sure, I'll take one! Thanks!
Tokuda: Hmm, sounds a little strange to me... I would've thought Wolfhooks would do the trick, but it's your decision.
Teppei: Well, how about we let our new recruit decide? I'll stay here and make some preparations...
Teppei: If you're a fan of weird and wonderful remedies, please gather some Onikabuto for me. I'll take it from there.
Teppei: But if you're more of a Wolfhook advocate, bring some of those instead. Personally, I recommend we try the new remedy — it sounds promising!
(Talk to Teppei again)
Teppei: Thanks for your help! Have you decided which dressing to use yet?
(Opens item submission menu)
(On submitting Wolfhooks)
Teppei: Oh...
Teppei: Never mind, I guess this was probably the safer option.
Teppei: I may need your help in a moment to change their dressings. Here's hoping this'll speed up their recovery.
Teppei: And, uh, thanks for your help gathering the ingredients.
Tokuda: *grimace* ...This really hurts when you first put it on.
Tokuda: It's a standard remedy, but a dependable one. More importantly, thanks for the fresh dressing — much appreciated.
Masashi: Hmm... You may have skimped a little here though. I feel like I could use some more!
Masashi: I'm dying to get out of this place! I just want to be back on the battlefield, with you!
Tokuda: I don't think it works like that... Piling on extra dressing isn't going to make you heal faster. Especially not when you're sneaking off to go train in the middle of night! You have to cut that out, you know...
Tokuda: Thanks again, Teppei... and thanks to our new recruit here.
Tokuda: Speaking of training, that reminds me — they should be doing some archery practice down at the training grounds right now. Why don't you take our new recruit to go check it out?
Tokuda: It'll be a good chance for them to meet a few more of our platoon and settle in.
Teppei: You got it! Alright, let's move out.
(On submitting Onikabuto)
Teppei: Alright! I knew you'd back me on this!
Teppei: I can't guarantee it'll work, but if it does, everyone will be fighting fit again in no time.
Teppei: Why don't you hand me the ingredients — it's a bit of a chore to prepare, so I'll take it from here.
Tokuda: *grimace* Ow, ow, ow...
Tokuda: ...Huh? Just like that, the pain's stopped. Now it just feels numb...
Masahi: Looks like this might actually work. Not bad, Teppei! As soon as I'm better, we'll have to do some serious sparring together to make up for lost time.
Tokuda: Sparring? You have a one track mind, seriously... But good going, Teppei.
Tokuda: When you first applied it, it felt like you were rubbing salt into the wound. But then the pain disappeared and there was just a cool sensation. I swear I can feel my body repairing itself already... Still... I better not start overdoing it quite yet.
Tokuda: Thanks to both of you for looking after us so well. The day I'm discharged, drinks are on me.
Teppei: Hehe, just glad we were able to help. Alright, I'm gonna continue giving our new recruit the grand tour. Rest up, you guys.
Masahi: Don't forget to visit the training grounds! Get some practice in before you hit the front line!
Tokuda: *sigh* Calm down and get some rest...
Teppei: The training grounds... That reminds me, they should be doing archery training over there right now. Let's head over.
(Talk to Masashi or Tokuda again)
Tokuda: I wonder when I'll finally be back on the front line...
Masashi: No one wants the Vision Hunt Decree. The resistance will be victorious!

(Upon arriving at the location)
Shouji: *sigh* Another miss. This sucks...
Shouji: Let's see now... I've loosed exactly ten arrows, and only one—
Hisahiko: Bullseye?
Shouji: ...Only one hit the target.
Hisahiko: *sigh* This isn't good enough. It's evident from these past few days that practice alone isn't enough to improve our marksmanship.
Hisahiko: How hard could it be? Just draw the bow, aim, and shoot. Clearly I underestimated the skill involved...
Hisahiko: With progress like this, who know when we'll be fit for battle. I suppose all we can do for now is wait for the drillmaster's next visit and ask him for more tips.
Shouji: Seems things have gotten tough on the front line recently. All the best drillmasters have already been dispatched to fight.
Shouji: I guess we'll just have to keep practicing ourselves. *sigh* At this rate, who knows if we'll ever become resistance fighters...
Teppei: C'mon guys! Less complaining, more training...
Shouji: ...Teppei senpai?
Teppei: Listen up for a second. I've come to introduce our newest recruit.
Teppei: In battle, (he/she) single-handedly slayed multiple Shogunate Samurai without so much as breaking a sweat.
Teppei: And that was after interrupting the Vision Hunt Ceremony with a feat of stunning bravery, not to mention surviving an encounter with the Raiden Shogun!
Shouji: I—Is that true...? Uh... p—perhaps you'll be willing to give us some... archery tips?
Shouji: We promise not to take too much of your time. A quick demonstration would be all we need. Our previous training was so rushed that we hardly remember the proper technique.
Hisahiko: It would mean a lot!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Okay, but watch closely.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Sure, but pay attention this time.
Shouji: Oh! Y—You got it! We won't let you down.
Destroy a certain number of Blue Targets to complete the training exercise. Watch out, though! Hitting the Red Targets that represent allied forces or leaving the training area will result in failure.
(Upon failing)
Teppei: Aha, pressure getting to you?
Teppei: That's no way to demonstrate. Come on, try again.
Teppei: Let's go — show us what you got!
(Talk to Teppei again after failing)
Teppei: Ready?
Teppei: I'm sure you'll get it this time. Swiftly, now!
(Upon succeeding)
Teppei: Well, there you have it. I told you our latest recruit is pretty strong.
Shouji: Incredible! I think I understand what I was doing wrong now.
Shouji: My posture was off and I didn't draw back with enough force. Seems I also need to focus on keeping my grip steady and monitoring the external environment. If I can get those few down, I'll be hitting my mark in no time!
Hisahiko: Those "few," huh?
Hisahiko: Watching your demonstration was a great help. I learned a lot.
Hisahiko: At least this time I was able to observe some proper technique. As long as I can retain it, I know I'll become much stronger.
Hisahiko: Honestly, before this whole conflict came about, I was just another everyday citizen of Watatsumi Island.
Hisahiko: My wife and I were leading a quiet life together. War and battles were the last things on our minds. That all changed with the Vision Hunt Decree...
Hisahiko: The actions of the Shogun's Army ignited something inside me — that's why I joined the resistance. The road ahead of us now seems like a long one indeed.
Hisahiko: Can those of us without Visions or combat skills really become adept fighters like them...?
Hisahiko: ...There's no use in speculating. Thank you both for your help, we'll keep practicing as much as we can.
Teppei: Stay focused. With us holding the front line, you can continue sharpening your skills until you're ready.
Teppei: Now then, let me show you around some other places.
Teppei: Where should we head next...
Message-Runner: Sir! We've got trouble! The Shogun's Army is attacking!
Message-Runner: There are still many wounded in the camp — we mustn't let the enemy break through! We'll need your help to hold them off!
Teppei: What? Impossible! How could they have reached us all the way out here...
Teppei: We'd better go assess the situation. A chance for us to prove our worth in battle!

(After the battle)
Teppei: Well, we managed to hold them off... But what would the Shogun's Army be doing here?
Teppei: We have sentries and patrols posted all around the perimeter here. The enemy should never have been able to reach us this far unnoticed.
Teppei: Unless... we have a traitor in our midst.
Teppei: They must have an informant feeding them intelligence and helping them to approach unseen. That's the only possible explanation.
Teppei: Our priority is finding the agent and protecting the camp. This is my chance to show what I'm made of!
Message-Runner: Sir, if I may...
Message-Runner: I just returned from inspecting the perimeter. It appears that several portions of our defensive walls were already collapsed.
Message-Runner: The Shogun's Army must have known about this vulnerability and made their way over from the cliffs nearby, before attacking through the gaps in our defenses.
Message-Runner: I suggest we repair the walls and double the guard. That should keep them from sneaking up on us like this again.
Teppei: In that case... Understood, leave the repairs to us. We can make use of the wood and rope nearby to patch up the defenses.
Teppei: Why don't we make this more interesting, recruit! A contest between the two of us. Just don't underestimate me, haha! If there's anything I know, it's logistics, you'll see!

(After repairing the wall)
Teppei: Alright, that should do it. The Shogun's Army will have a hard time getting past this, no matter how determined they are!
Teppei: It seems I've made another valuable contribution to the resistance... But why does it always have to be logistics work!
Teppei: I thought getting transferred to the front line would be a chance to showcase my abilities and square off with the enemy. Instead, here I am doing what I've always done before.
Paimon: Why are you so insistent about being on the front line?
Teppei: It's just like General Gorou said, we joined the resistance because of our warrior's will.
Teppei: There are a multitude of ways to contribute to the resistance, but who wouldn't want to take out a few Shogunate Samurai, given the chance?
Teppei: Anyway, we got more than we bargained for inspecting the camp! Let's report back to General Gorou.
Teppei: If all goes well, we might just be assigned a few missions closer to the action!

(Upon arriving at the location)
Teppei: Strange, I don't see General Gorou anywhere.
Kaida Ryouma: We've had a change of plans. The general has been dispatched to the front line to lead our forces into battle.
Kaida Ryouma: The Shogun's Army is attempting an advance on the main front. Reports have it that Kujou Sara is now personally leading the enemy forces.
Kaida Ryouma: As for us... It's been days since Her Excellency last made an appearance here. We've executed almost all the directives she gave us, but have received no further instruction.
Kaida Ryouma: The situation is becoming grim... If we retreat any further, I fear morale may falter.
Kaida Ryouma: For now, we can only pray that General Gorou will be able to turn the tide... however difficult that may seem.
Teppei: We should go to the front line.
Teppei: Our forces need all the help they can get — we're no use to them here.
Teppei: We mustn't let Tatarasuna fall to the enemy!

(Upon arriving at the location)

You speed toward the front lines, and are just in time to see Kujou Sara, commander of the Shogun's army, trading barbs with Gorou.

Kujou Sara: So you are the only one here? Hm... I thought I might get to meet your grand strategist.
Kujou Sara: She is the one that's been causing our forces so much trouble. The fact the resistance has even held out for this long is thanks to her.
Kujou Sara: But soon, the resistance will fall. They are no match for the might of the Shogun's Army... Her schemes mean nothing now.
Kujou Sara: We have already rooted out those behind the resistance. All who have dishonored the Almighty Shogun will be punished.
Gorou: I have faith in Her Excellency, and in the soldiers of the resistance.
Gorou: The Vision Hunt Decree is a brutal injustice. Our resistance has only just begun!
Kujou Sara: ...It is futile. There is one other thing. I'm sure you've seen the recent arrest warrants. I trust that the blond traveler is somewhere among your forces now.
Kujou Sara: I will make you a deal. Hand (him/her) over to us, and you'll buy yourself some time. A respite from the bloodshed would be advantageous to both sides, would it not?
Gorou: So that's why you brought reinforcements, just to get—
Kujou Sara: (He/She) is of great importance to the almighty Shogun.
Kujou Sara: But the way I see it, (he/she) is expendable to the resistance.
Gorou: That's where you're wrong — (he/she) means just as much to us. As a member of the resistance, (he/she)'s a comrade. I'll never surrender (him/her) to you.
Gorou: "The resistance never betrays its own." Her Excellency made that clear to everyone from the very beginning.
Teppei: General Gorou!
Gorou: Teppei... and the Traveler? What are you doing here?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png We're here to help!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png It's my duty as a member of the resistance!
Gorou: *chuckle* It would appear our time to fight side-by-side has finally come...
Kujou Sara: Well, well... we meet again. This time, I won't let you get away.
Kujou Sara: I thought that you would seek refuge with the resistance in the hope of receiving asylum.
Kujou Sara: That you choose to show up here proves that you have more bravery in you than I had originally thought. And now that you are here, I have a proposal...
Kujou Sara: Why not represent the resistance in a fight of honor?
Paimon: A "fight of honor"...? What's that?
Gorou: Before the battle begins, each side chooses their finest warrior for a match of single combat.
Gorou: To the superior force, there is little significance in such a duel. But for the weaker force, victory could constitute an important boost to their morale.
Gorou: Her motives are clear. She wants to use the match as an opportunity to capture you. Do not feel compelled to participate — we can take the fight to them without such a ceremony.
Paimon: Well, what do you think? Will you fight?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I accept.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I won't lose.
(Upon starting the first fight)
Kujou Sara: Remove all threats to eternity — by order of the almighty Shogun.
Gorou: Be wary, you're up against a powerful opponent.
(Upon starting the second fight)
Teppei: You can take 'em!
Paimon: There's more than one round! Keep it up!
(Upon winning the second fight)
Resistance Soldier: Look! That's two rounds in a row!
Resistance Soldier: The Shogun's Army is not invincible! We can win!
Gorou: The soldiers are rallying... Your warrior's will is bringing them hope, Traveler...
(After winning all fights)
Kujou Sara: Stronger than I anticipated... This contest has served its purpose.
Kujou Sara: Soldiers, attack!
Kujou Sara: Glory to the Shogun and her everlasting reign!
Gorou: Prepare to engage!
Gorou: All of you, with me!
Cutscene's Archive Summary:
The cries of battle rise high into the sky. The resistance is at a disadvantage, leaving Gorou fretful and frustrated. Just then, the core of the resistance, Sangonomiya Kokomi, appears like timely rain from the heavens. The reinforcements who have long lain in ambush emerge and charge at her signal, flooding over the battlefield, with Beidou and Kazuha in their midst serving as mercenaries. Seeing that the moment has passed, Kujou Sara is forced to order a retreat
(Cutscene plays)
Kujou Sara: Now!
Tenryou Soldiers: Chaaaarge!!!
Gorou: Stand firm, hold the line!
Gorou: Her Excellency!
Sangonomiya Kokomi: The wait is over my comrades
Sangonomiya Kokomi: Now is our moment!
Kaedehara Kazuha: Heh, calm as the breeze, my lady
Beidou: I just hope you can afford all these mercs you've gathered
Gorou: Kazuha!
Kaedehara Kazuha: We meet again, old friend
Gorou: *nods*
Kujou Sara: Tch... All forces, retreat!
(Cutscene ends)
(After the battle)
Sangonomiya Kokomi: Greetings, (Traveler). This is the first time we've met, please allow me to introduce myself.
Sangonomiya Kokomi: I am Sangonomiya Kokomi, organizer of the resistance, and also the Divine Priestess of Watatsumi Island.
Sangonomiya Kokomi: Perhaps it's the first time you're hearing that title... To put it simply, I'm the person currently in charge on Watatsumi Island, which is also the home front of the resistance.
Sangonomiya Kokomi: I've actually heard all about you from Beidou and Kazuha. I hadn't expected to find you'd joined the resistance, though.
Sangonomiya Kokomi: Do you have a plan beyond this point?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png No immediate plans...
Sangonomiya Kokomi: Mm... in that case, shall we continue our conversation at the shrine of Sangonomiya?
Sangonomiya Kokomi: Although the Shogun's Army has retreated for now, the war is far from over.
Sangonomiya Kokomi: The Vision Hunt Decree has not been repealed, and neither the Tenryou Commission nor the Raiden Shogun show any sign of stopping... In short, our problems have yet to be resolved.
Sangonomiya Kokomi: I suggest we move to the shrine to discuss our counter-plan. What say you?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Sure.
Teppei: Um... Can I come, too?
Teppei: I know Watatsumi Island very well. I can carry on being your guide, if you'd like.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Of course you can come.
Sangonomiya Kokomi: Gorou, thank you for all you have done.
Sangonomiya Kokomi: Our forces are weaker than the Shogun's Army, and my absence can only have made the recent days all the more trying for you.
Sangonomiya Kokomi: I'm afraid I must still ask you to stay a while longer, to keep eyes on the Shogun's Army and also to see to the wounded. Mm... But I will ask the mercenaries to remain stationed here, and Kazuha is here too. Hopefully, this will serve to reduce the pressure you are under.
Gorou: Well received, Your Excellency!
Sangonomiya Kokomi: ...I must return to Sangonomiya now, I have a few things to attend to... Once you're ready, (Traveler), please rendezvous with Teppei. He will escort you there.
Sangonomiya Kokomi: Thank you for all your efforts so far. From this day on, I fight alongside you.
Sangonomiya Kokomi: Fight... for the future of Inazuma.
(Talk to Beidou)
Beidou: I guarantee you, only the Alcor could pull off an ambush as quietly as that.
Beidou: Did we give you a fright? I gotta admit, I was caught off guard myself. When we dropped you off in Ritou, I wasn't expecting Tatarasuna would be the next place I'd see you.
Beidou: But wherever you might end up, you'll always be part of Captain Beidou's crew.
Beidou: If you're ever in a tight spot, come and find me. I'll have your back.
(Talk to Kazuha)
Kaedehara Kazuha: On the way here, I happened to learn of the bounty on your head. Hehe, as expected, you seem to have given them quite the challenge in that regard.
Kaedehara Kazuha: I hear also that you witnessed the Raiden Shogun? I trust she's as oppressive as ever.
Kaedehara Kazuha: The Musou no Hitotachi... Are there truly those who can withstand it?
Kaedehara Kazuha: Perhaps one day, we will be able to face her oppression head-on... This is the reason I returned to Inazuma.
(Talk to Gorou)
Gorou: Her Excellency never fails us!
Gorou: I must say, I was certainly surprised to look out and see Kazuha joining the fray. It's been quite some time since we last fought side-by-side...
Gorou: At that time, his friend was defeated in a duel before the throne... and executed by the Raiden Shogun. Kazuha came to visit the resistance as he was fleeing Inazuma with his friend's Vision.
Gorou: ...Hard to believe it's been so long.

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishIn the Name of the Resistance
Yí Fǎnkàng zhī Rén de Míngyì
In the Name of The People Resisting
Yí Fǎnkàng zhī Rén de Míngyì
Teikou Suru Mono no Na ni Oite
As For the Name of Those Resisting
Korean저항의 이름으로
Jeohang-ui Ireum-euro
In the Name of the Resistance
SpanishEn nombre de la resistenciaIn the Name of the Resistance
FrenchAu nom de la RésistanceIn the Name of the Resistance
RussianВо имя сопротивления
Vo imya soprotivleniya
In the Name of the Resisters
VietnameseNhân Danh Quân Kháng ChiếnIn the Name of the Resistance
GermanIm Namen des WiderstandesIn the Name of the Resistance
IndonesianAtas Nama PemberontakIn the Name of the Resistance
PortugueseEm Nome da ResistênciaIn the Name of the Resistance

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