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In the Depths, an Unexpected Reunion is the first part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests Chapter II: Act IV - Requiem of the Echoing Depths.


  1. Talk to Katheryne
  2. Look for the miner who posted the commission at The Chasm
  3. Enter The Chasm: Underground Mines
  4. Go to the designated location to investigate



UI Quest.png Quest Description

Katheryne seems to have a new commission for you. Go check it out.
(Talk to Katheryne)
Katheryne: Ah, Traveler. Right on cue, hehe.
Paimon: Hey Katheryne! Got any new commissions for us today? Also... how come you look so happy to see us? What have you done!?
Katheryne: I went to the shrine to draw a fortune slip earlier. The shrine maiden told me that "it is the season for an unexpected reunion."
Paimon: Katheryne? Drawing fortune slips at the shrine? ...Is it just Paimon, or is that the most unusual thing ever!?
Paimon: Wait, no, that's not the unusual part — we're in Liyue! You went to Inazuma and back in a single day!?
Katheryne: Hehe, even I have a private life, you know.
Paimon: Okay, so when you say "unexpected reunion," you mean running into us, right?
Katheryne: Who can say? But the anticipation of knowing that an unexpected reunion is due is making me happy to see everyone I cross paths with today.
Paimon: Fair enough, even though we see each other pretty much every day... Whatever makes you happy.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png An unexpected reunion...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Perhaps...
Paimon: Wait, are you saying... Ohh, Paimon gets it, (Traveler). Well, let's just hope the shrine maiden was right...
Paimon: Fingers crossed we find (her/him).
Katheryne: I'm sorry... did I say something I shouldn't have? You both seem a little down.
Paimon: Oh, it's nothing. Anyway, back to business. Do you have a new commission you want to give to us?
Katheryne: Yes, as a matter of fact, I do. This one is from a miner. It seems to be related to investigating The Chasm.
Paimon: Really? Does this mean The Chasm's not sealed off anymore?
Katheryne: I will leave the requester to fill you in on all the relevant details. His name is Yuehui, and he should be at The Chasm right now.
Paimon: Alright then, thanks Katheryne! We'll head there right away.
Katheryne: Very well. Ad astra... abyssosque. Hmm, this time you are truly bound for the abyss. Good luck to you both.

(Look for the miner who posted the commission at The Chasm)
Paimon: Hi there! You must be "Yuehui," right? We've been sent by the Adventurers' Guild.
Yuehui: Ah, great, good to meet you. Yes, I was the one who posted that commission.
Yuehui: Wait a second... You look kind of familiar. Are you a famous adventurer, or something?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png It's complicated.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Never mind that. Let's focus on the task at hand.
Yuehui: Oh, uh, alright then. I'll start by introducing myself. I'm Yuehui, a miner, and I received a Mining Permit for The Chasm just recently. I have a handful of other guys in my crew.
Paimon: Seriously? They actually give permits out for The Chasm?
Yuehui: Yes, the folks over at Yujing Terrace finally came to their senses and are now allowing a limited amount of ore mining near the surface. We were among the first to gain approval.
Yuehui: But some things have happened recently that put all the miners on edge.
Paimon: Really? What happened? We haven't heard anything.
Yuehui: So... it's hard to say exactly how big an issue it is. Could be something, could be nothing. The main thing is that it's just very... strange.
Yuehui: While one of the miners was on a break, he suddenly noticed a few hilichurls walking his way. They seemed like they were in a daze or something.
Yuehui: They walked right by him without giving him a single glance. They just made a beeline for the depths of The Chasm.
Yuehui: After that, the miner started observing his surroundings more closely, and noticed the same thing happening time and time again.
Paimon: Hmm... are the hilichurls just curious? Maybe they just wanna take a peek inside...
Yuehui: Not likely. The strange part is that in all the time this miner has been watching the hilichurls...
Yuehui: ...he's never seen any of them come back out.
Yuehui: It seems to be a one-way trip. Once the hilichurls go in, they never emerge again.
Yuehui: And it seems to be happening more and more frequently as of late.
Yuehui: "What are these hilichurls up to?" "What happens to them after they go inside?" "Is there a disaster brewing?"
Yuehui: These are the kinds of thoughts going through the guys' heads now. Everyone's driving themselves crazy worrying about it.
Paimon: Uhhh! Paimon's not surprised... Paimon feels spooked just hearing about it.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I don't dare imagine what's going on inside The Chasm...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png "Strange" is definitely the right word...
Yuehui: Exactly. The deepest fear is the fear of the unknown, you know? So we have to get to the bottom of it before everyone can put their minds at rest.
Paimon: Do we... do we really wanna take this commission? Um, thanks Mr. Miner, Sir, we need to consider it first—
Icon Dialogue Talk.png We'll take it.
Paimon: Hey! You could at least pretend to consider Paimon's opinion first!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png When strange things like this happen...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'm inclined to think the Abyss Order is involved.
Paimon: Oh, so that's where you're coming from. Hmm, well okay then, maybe we will find some clues about your twin.
Paimon: You'll really regret it if you don't go, huh?
Yuehui: So, what's your verdict? Will you take the commission? No pressure, but I gotta say... I'm not loving the prospect of my Mining Permit going to waste.
Paimon: Yup, we'll take it. We're kinda curious ourselves now, too.
Yuehui: Great. You're doing me an enormous service here. Now, let me give you the rough location that the hilichurls keep heading to...
Complete "Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering" and find a way to enter The Chasm: Underground Mines.
(Talk to Yuehui again)
Yuehui: It took a huge amount of work to get this Mining Permit... I hope it was worth it. The rest is up to you.

Icon Quest Step.png Step Description

Small-scale mining operations have been approved at The Chasm. At Katheryne's introduction, a miner commissions you to investigate certain anomalies within The Chasm... But you'll need to find a way into The Chasm first.
(Enter The Chasm: Underground Mines)
(Upon reaching a blocked tunnel — if the player hasn't already opened it)
Paimon: Looks like we can't explore any further... Hmm, is there any way to open up this tunnel?
(Complete The Heavenly Stone's Debris in order to open the tunnel)

(Go to the designated location to investigate)
(If Nameless Ruins has not been explored yet)
Paimon: What the... It's a city?
Paimon: A whole city that's... floating in the air... upside down!?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'm at a loss for words.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png This is not what I was expecting...
(If Nameless Ruins is explored prior to the quest)
Paimon: Is this where that miner guy wanted us to investigate?
Paimon: Just look at this place, (Traveler)... Doesn't it remind you of something?
Paimon: Wait, what was it again...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png "The Defiled Statue."
Paimon: Yes, that's it! It's just like that. Just as strange, just as upside-down, and just as spooky.
Paimon: In which case... Maybe whatever's going on in The Chasm really is connected to the Abyss Order.
Paimon: Oh, we gotta get to the bottom of this...
Dainsleif suddenly emerges from a portal beside you...
Paimon: ...Oh...
Dainsleif: ...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Dainsleif!?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I was not expecting that.
Dainsleif: The feeling is mutual. I certainly hadn't expected to meet you here, either.
Paimon: Long time no see, Dain... Wait, but how did you suddenly end up here in The Chasm?
Dainsleif: The Chasm? So, we're in the depths of The Chasm, are we. Interesting... This is one place where I have never set foot before.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I have a lot of questions for you.
Dainsleif: I understand how you must feel. Last time, we met suddenly and parted hastily.
Dainsleif: Now our paths cross again... fate, it seems, owes you an explanation.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png First, tell me what you're doing here.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What was going on with that portal just now?
Dainsleif: That much should be self-explanatory. I came upon the trail of another Abyss Herald recently, and began pursuing it.
Dainsleif: Unfortunately, I got as far as cornering him before he resorted to the same trick that they all do...
Dainsleif: I was hot on his heels when I followed him through the portal, but as usual, it was to no avail. It took me to the wrong place.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png So you had the same issue with the portal last time?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png So you didn't actually catch up with my (sister/brother) last time?
Dainsleif: Correct. Based on my recent experiences, I can only conclude that the Abyss's portals are not simply pathways from point A to point B, but gateways to an entire network.
Dainsleif: Where they emerge on the other side is their choice. It can be anywhere within the network.
Paimon: Sounds kinda similar to how Teleport Waypoints work...
Dainsleif: In short, though I was right behind your twin last time when I entered that portal, the next moment that I realized where I was...
Dainsleif: ...I was all alone, back in the ruins known as Stormterror's Lair.
Paimon: Oh yeah, about that — whatever happened to the eye of the first Field Tiller?
Dainsleif: It's in a safe place. You can be sure that I will learn the truth of the "Loom of Fate" operation sooner than it could ever fall into the Abyss Order's hands.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Why don't you tell me who you really are?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Who is the "Twilight Sword"?
Dainsleif: Hah. So that title stuck in your memory.
Dainsleif: I by no means went out of my way to conceal it from you. It once stood for the glory of Khaenri'ah, but now...
Dainsleif: ...It is but a cruel joke. My curse to bear.
Dainsleif: Twilight Sword was my title as captain of the Royal Guards when I witnessed the destruction of my entire homeland firsthand. I believe my reluctance to raise it in conversation is quite justified.
Paimon: Sounds like your (sister/brother) was right...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What is the history between you and my (sister/brother)?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What happened between you?
Dainsleif: We were travel partners.
Dainsleif: We both partook in a painful journey of searching for our fate, but regrettably... we did not make it to the journey's end together.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png The journey's end...
Dainsleif: Before you continue questioning me, I ought to warn you...
Dainsleif: If my suspicions regarding the portal network are correct, then the fact that there is a portal leading here tells us that the Abyss Order has their eyes on this location.
Paimon: You mean the Abyss Order is plotting something here? Actually, Paimon and the Traveler suspected that, too.
Dainsleif: I mean that it's highly likely that even as we speak, the Abyss Order is watching our every move.
Paimon: Uhh, don't say that! You're giving Paimon goosebumps!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Let's go and investigate.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'll trust you. For now.
Dainsleif: Huh, a wise choice. There appears to be light from a fire coming from near that rocky wall. Let's take a look.

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishIn the Depths, an Unexpected Reunion
Yuāndǐ Bùqí de Zàihuì
At the Bottom of the Depths, an Unexpected Reunion
Yuāndǐ Bùqí de Zàihuì
Yokisenu Entei no Saikai
Unexpected Reunion in the Depths
Korean심연 속의 우연한 재회
Simyeon Sok-ui Uyeonhan Jaehoe
Unexpected Reunion in the Abyss
SpanishEncuentro inesperado en las profundidadesUnexpected Encounter in the Depths
FrenchRencontre fortuite dans les profondeursFortuitous Encounter in the Depths
RussianНеожиданная встреча в глубинах
Neozhidannaya vstrecha v glubinakh
Gan Pob Gun Eek Krang Doi Mai Kad Fan Tee Gon Haew
Unexpected Reunion at the Bottom of the Abyss
VietnameseHội Ngộ Nơi Đáy Vực
GermanUnerwartetes Wiedersehen in den TiefenUnexpected Reunion in the Depths
IndonesianDi Kedalaman, Reuni yang Tak TerdugaIn the Depths, an Unexpected Reunion
PortugueseUm Reencontro Inesperado nas Profundezas

Change History

Released in Version 2.6