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The Imunlaukr Clan was one of the founding clans of Mondstadt,[1] alongside the Gunnhildr Clan and the Lawrence Clan.

Unlike the other two clans, there has been no mention of the clan in present day, nor are any members known besides its namesake, Imunlaukr.



The Imunlaukr Clan is descended from Imunlaukr, the only survivor of the disaster that befell Sal Vindagnyr as he had left the region to find a way to save it. Because Imunlaukr was a foreigner to Sal Vindagnyr, his ancestry and origins are currently unknown. After returning to Sal Vindagnyr empty-handed only to find everyone dead, he decided Celestia only cared to watch the suffering of the people below, and he left to find a war-torn land to entertain them.[2] He likely died somewhere in the land of Mondstadt, based on the context[3] and the fact that his descendants settled somewhere in the area.

During Decarabian's Rule

By the time Decarabian's Mondstadt fell, the Imunlaukr Clan had become known for raising brave and gifted warriors that fought hard and died young. The clan as a whole adopted their progenitor's viewpoint that combat was merely for the entertainment of the gods and as such, would fight anyone and anything for the sake of fighting, and not for any other purpose.[1]

After Barbatos swept away the snow in Mondstadt and transformed it into a land of gentle breeze and verdant pastures, the Imunlaukr clan believed they had found something worth fighting for.[1]

Early Aristocratic Period

During the time that the people of Mondstadt worshipped the gods of Anemo and Time together, the Imunlaukr clan would enact war tales using prop weapons.[1]

There has been no mention made of the Imunlaukr Clan after the formation of new Mondstadt. However, it seems that the origin of gladiatorial combat in Mondstadt as a religious ceremony, accompanied by prayers to the gods, was inspired by the Imunlaukr Clan's culture.[4]

Known Members

Unknown Era

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial Name
EnglishImunlaukr Clan
KoreanImunlaukr 일족
Imunlaukr Iljok
SpanishClan Imunlaukr
FrenchClan Imunlaukr
RussianКлан Имунлаукр
Klan Imunlaukr
Thaiตระกูล Imunlaukr
VietnameseGia Tộc Imunlaukr
IndonesianKlan Imunlaukr
PortugueseClã Imunlaukr