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Idle Teapot Talk is a World Quest that unlocks the Companion Move-In feature for the Serenitea Pot.


UI Quest.png Quest Description

Tubby, the teapot spirit in your Serenitea Pot, seems to have something to say to you...
Tubby: Ah, you arrived quickly. Good, good.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What's up?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You're not going to ask me for help with something again, are you...
Tubby: Hmm? No, of course not. Why was that your first reaction...?
Tubby: I asked you to come here so I could give you a little gift.
Tubby: I do not know if I told you before, but these abodes are private spaces created by the adepti for themselves.
Tubby: Most adepti will use certain methods to seal their abode away from the rest of the world to ensure its purity and avoid being disturbed.
Tubby: Afterward, adepti would create a "Realm Dispatch" for those they wished to invite into their abode.
Tubby: This Realm Dispatch bears signatures of the abode's adeptal energy and that of the adeptus themselves. As such, anyone who has this dispatch can enter or exit the abode freely.
Tubby: Before, this abode was in an incomplete, embryonic state. Those whom you invited into it would only have been able to exit and enter together with you, rather than remain for long periods.
Tubby: But now... Well, take this Realm Dispatch that I have created for you and hold it in your hand -- tightly, now.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What should I do next?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I thought it needed some of my energies...
Tubby: Don't worry. You need only hold this dispatch, and it will draw some of your energy out and into it.
Tubby: Ah yes. I heard Ping mention that you have made friends in a great many places. As such, I suspect that were we to distribute one dispatch to each one of them, we would be here making dispatches for a long time.
Tubby: As such, I have made some modifications to this dispatch. All you need to do is tap the palm of the person you'd like to invite lightly with the dispatch, and your energy signature will remain on them, allowing them to enter and leave your realm with ease.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Huh, it's almost like "marking," isn't it...
Tubby: Huh? Well, sort of? But why did you have to put it so weirdly...
Tubby: Ahem, well, here is the Realm Dispatch. Go forth and invite whoever you wish.
Tubby: It seems that this place shall become lively quite soon...

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishIdle Teapot Talk
Húzhōng Xiánshì
Leisurely Matters Within the Teapot
Húzhōng Xiánshì
Tsubo no Zatsuji
Pot's Miscellaneous Matters
Korean주전자 속 잡담
Jujeonja Sok Japdam
Chattering in Kettle
SpanishLos chismes de la tetera
FrenchPapotage autour d'un théChattering Over a Tea
RussianПраздный разговор в чайнике
Prazdnyy razgovor v chaynike
VietnameseChuyện Phiếm Trong Ấm
GermanGeschwätz in der KannePrattle in the Pot
IndonesianBasa-Basi di Dalam PociChattering Inside the Teapot
PortugueseAssuntos do BuleTeapot Affairs

Change History

Released in Version 1.6