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A soldier encased within a Fatui war machine.
Armed with equipment that can control the elements to a certain extent, their guns are capable of firing jets of water. These skirmishers do not question if they shall live or die as they advance into nations far from home to complete advance missions and lay the groundwork for operations to come.

Hydrogunner Legionnaires are Fatui Skirmishers that attack by launching blasts of water from a distance. Due to their slow speed and low attack frequency, Hydrogunners are not a major threat on their own. However, in many encounters, they're accompanied by other Fatui skirmishers, and because they can heal their comrades, Hydrogunners should be targeted first. Similarly to their Cryo counterparts, they will also perform a belly flop charge attack if the player strays far away from them.[2]

A Hydrogunner can generate Hydro elemental armor to grant themselves a massive incoming damage reduction. Their healing bubbles now split and target multiple allies at the same time. They won't perform a belly flop charge attack anymore when getting too close to them.[3] While the shield can be frozen with Cryo to interrupt them, the best way to strip their armor is by attacking them with Electro.



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  3. When fighting them alone, and getting close to them, they won't attack or move anymore. This might be a bug.